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    I am a keen brevet rider and have recently got myself into ketosis is preparation for a very long (90hour) 1200 km ride over 3.75 days. schedule: day 1:400km day 2 :400km day 3: 300km day 4: 100km. minimum average speed 15km/hr including sleep stops etc. approximately 39000 kcals over the 3.75 days.

    This will all be in searing Bulgarian heat on the 29th June onwards up and over the Balkan mountains twice!

    If I wish to complete this mammoth entirely in ketosis , what sort of food and drink can I use during the event? coconut milk? coconut oil? cheese?

    can I do this in ketosis do you think?

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    Wow - sounds like a beast indeed. I have no experience in that kind of endurance, but coconut oil/water/milk would give you a lot of energy, but I would think you would need to have something solid as well. Hard boiled eggs, dried meat/fish, water and plenty of it.

    Good luck with the ride! Sounds awesome!
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      That sounds like it would be awesome! I am jealous.

      Nice work on getting into ketosis and being fat adapted, that will help immensely. Coconut would not really be the best idea during a workout unless you know that your stomach can handle it while working out. Otherwise things like nuts and cream cheese work pretty good during long days.
      The biggest thing that you will need to watch is your hydration. You will tend to dehydrate quicker being in ketosis because of the fact that glycogen holds a ton of water and you won't be running off of glycogen, soooo bring lots of salt and electrolytes. Add salts to your water bottles or bringing bullion cubes work extremely well too, just make sure that you are taking in tons of fluids.

      Best of luck!