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WTF is my shoe size???

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  • WTF is my shoe size???

    I had to wave goodbye to my NB Minimus the other week as they were literally ran to pieces. I opted to stay with New Balance, ordered a different model, SAME SIZE, and yet somehow, I feel they are slightly small.. I haven't done anything about changing size or anything since I'm still hoping they just need breaking in. I know brands differ in sizes, but within the same brand?? They are NB MT110 in a size 9, as were my minimus'..

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    Yeah, it can happen. You can try using the "shoefitr" on the site. New Balance MT110 Men's Shoes Blue/Orange. Tell it your size in your current shoe and it'll tell you if you should go half a size larger, smaller, etc., even which part of the shoe will be tighter or looser.


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      Have to say, that is an awsome tool! Thanks for sharing


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        As you give your feet more freedom, what feels comfortable will often be a larger size. I know that from when i started to use minimal / no shoes to now the size i would wear in something like the nike free line has gone up 2 sizes


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          I've been running minimalist for a year now, and i know it's now THAT long, I know that isn't the problem. I had all my foot problems in the first 3 months; tight calves, aching feet, at one point i was verging on stress fracture. I think its more a question of lacing. The shoes, I've decided, fit well. However, lacing them so that my feet can move freely, yet still have a shoe that stays where it should is an art in itself!


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            All shoes range, it's weird. I used to wear a 13, then 14, and sometimes a 15. There seems to be no real standard. It's a range instead.