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    Inspired by Ben Greenfield's website I've started to try to adopt more activities into my day to improve my fitness (on top of the typical hour cycle or run every day). I've been a maffetone low intensity fan for a while but it is quite slow progress and requires quite a lot of hours (which most of us don't have) so this page The Best Ways To Build Endurance which discusses an approach of 20% HIIT and 80% low intensity and making that 80% up by adding stuff to your day makes a lot of sense to me.

    I work from home which has many pros so I've set up a simple standing up work station which I'm working at most of the day and also a pull up bar in the door frame and doing 5 every hour.

    Has anyone else got any activities they try to do throughout the day?

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    I'm not sure if this counts-but the only time I sit during the day is the 30 min I get on my computer before my kids wake up until I sit down around 8:30 at night. I am a dog runner and a stay at home mom-so I run 7-10 very slowly over a few hours M-F with several different doggy clients. When I am at home I am constantly doing laundry, standing folding it, moving around the house picking up after my 3 messy kids, going to the grocery where I park the furthest out, then standing cooking the monsters a primal dinner and enough meat for several meals --it is constant motion.


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      yup - it all counts. I'm trying to adjust my training, before I would have it very separate from my life/work. So if training for a triathlon or something would try to do an hour a day and would work out what to do for that hour (based on the majority being low intensity and then some HIIT); whereas if you interdisperse the low intensity stuff throughout the day you can do more of the specifica HIIT type stuff during the "training time", so getting more training done but freeing up more time to spend with the family. That's the theory.

      As well as the pull ups every hour (or push ups) and the standing work station I've started doing 20 squats (or 30 secs planks) every time I have a toilet break. I think I need to drink less!!!!!