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  • Somatotypes

    Is there any real validity to them? Do people have to train/eat different for the same end? I've heard it be described as false information, yet intuitively, it does make some sense, does it not?
    I know people are individual and n=1 and all that, but how did some evolve to not store excess bf, yet others do, despite high training loads? Please help, this has been bugging me for a long time since I've read conflicting evidence :P

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    Much of the stuff out there is BS. I was able to completely change my "somatype" by changing to primal. I've always been an active cyclist, but could never keep the weight off. I am now 20-30 pound less than before and have much more energy.

    I think it is all about changing your metabolism via combinations of diet and exercise. For me the most critical chances were going low carb and adding a small, but effective dose of resistance training


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      Short answer: No.

      Longer answer: Not really. As they are vast generalizations of people. Everyone is different, has different hard factors affecting their body type, such as bone length, attachment points, composition of muscle fibers types, etc.

      In addition, there are a host of more "controllable" factors that can affect changes: hormone profile (sex hormones, ghelin, leptin), thyroid function, exercises performed (type, how much you do, how long you have been doing it), gut health (and your ability to metabolize nutrition and waste), what you eat (which in turn affects hormones), etc.
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