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    A few questions I have regarding intermittent. First off I wanted to provide some info... I workout at cross fit 4 days a week being M-W rest Th and lift F. I eat a high carb diet but still implement a lot of fats including my BP coffee that I have daily. On Thursdays I would like to IF on a weekly basis since I will not be needing as much glucose as say my workout days. I work at a cabinet shop though thus when I'm not cross fitting I'm still utilizing my muscles much more than say an office job. I've listened to Abel James, Dave Asprey, and Mark providing information on HFLC but somehow with my basic week I'm not sure how to go about it. What would a typical IF day consist of? And how would I go about it given the circumstances? I have a shit ton of coconut oil, kerrygold butter, and my BP coffee but want to get the most benefit from it as I heard if done incorrectly will do more ha than good. Thanks my apple peeps!

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    What are you trying to achieve by IF?

    Twice a week I don't have anything to eat on lifting days until after I work out in the early evening. Immediately afterwards I do carbo loading and protein. On weekends I usually do 25 and 35 mile road bike rides in the mornings without eating anything ahead of time. I do bulletproof coffee every morning instead of breakfast, so technically not doing real IF.


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      There is not only one way to do IF, all intermittent fasting means is cycles between fasting and non-fasting. I find on the Primal lifestyle I tend not to get hungry like I did on the S.A.D diet (Standard American Diet) and naturally swing towards a compressed eating window. So instead of traditionally eating when I woke up (bowl of cereal) I tend to eat around 1 / 2 in the afternoon which means I spend about 17 hours fasting between dinner the day before and my break-fast of lunch. Am I on a calorie deficit? probably a little which adds up over weeks and months but primarily I am interested in letting my body consume its fat supplies (ketosis), helping to change my body composition over time. I run twice a week and do calisthenics so I eat well to maintain and grow but eat in a narrow time span rather than eating throughout the day. As Miata said it depends upon your goals and there is no true right or wrong way to do so. (I have a couple cups of coffee with just a dash of milk in the morning but that is it)
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        You may want to cycle carbs rather than intermittently fast depending on your goals. Miata has the same regime as I do by the look of it. If you want your fat metabolism to improve you do need to deny your cells easy carbs one way or another some of the time. If you really want to get your fat metabolism to take off do a week without carbs and then load up on the Weds after xfit. It may feel like hell but you will force cellular adaptation. MCT from coconut oil can help as it is easily metabolised and can help cells make the switch from sugar to fat. As always:do the experiment, check the results and tweak as necessary.
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          I do 16/ 8 with MCT

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            I have tried 16/8, eating from 2 pm to 8pm
            This really helped with body composition. I was eating relatively low carb. My rules being no grain, limited roots, clean primal, natural food only...
            I found also that I was lacking energy a lot of time. My next experiment will be to do the same but have a higher carb day.
            Yet intermittent fasting with a primal diet is cool because you don't need to worry about food during the day, you can get up and get shit done without having to prepare your 6 meals or whatever.
            Then go home and enjoy a load of wholesome natural fulfilling nutrients! IF is cool.
            I wouldn't do it constantly through. just because anything gets boring if you keep it the same long enough. BTW I do this every day not just one day a week.
            I would throw in one 24 hour fast during this general IF 'season' but just having one day a week where you IF will have no effect and will be pointless because the magic is a little cumulative.
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              My current IF strategy for maintaining sub 10% bodyfat while strength training and playing competitive sports

              skip breakfast
              When I get hungry usually between noon-2 pm eat small meal with fat, protein, fiber. example: avocoado and chicken breast or big ass salad. no starchy carbs.

              Evenings I strength train or play hockey sometimes trickle some sugar/carbs (bananas work) pre/during and sometimes I don't depending on where energy levels are.

              If not training or playing or doing something for fat loss then its no sugar/carbs.

              Eat big meal after workout. Fats, protein, fiber, and starchy carb. Usually eggs or beef, spinach or broccoli and bowl rice or sweet potato.


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                MCT from coconut oil can help as it is easily metabolised and can help cells make the switch from sugar to fat. As always:do the experiment, check the results and tweak as necessary.


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                  If you don't do CF on Thursdays, then I'd suggest not consuming carbs post-workout on Wednesday. The idea of carb-loading after a workout is to refill glycogen stores for your next workout, so if you don't have one on Thursday then there's no need. Then on Wednesday, stick with BP coffee with coconut/MCT oil (or both) and/or Kerrygold, but don't eat until the afternoon (IF). When you do eat lunch (which is really your breakfast), keep it low-carb (i.e. chicken breast and broccoli with butter). Then for dinner, add some carbs back in so that you have them for your CF workout the following day (Friday). Also, on your off days, still try to get in a good amount of walking (min. 10,000 steps).
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                    yeah,I do bulletproof coffee every morning instead of breakfast, so technically not doing real IF. thanks