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    August 22

    Day 21

    Saturday -

    Minor crisis, as my hard drive died, and I made an unplanned trip into Manhattan to get a new mac mini. Not sure if anything about this counted as play, but there I was in the Apple store, looking at what basically amounts to toys.


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      August 23

      Day 22

      After push-ups, bodyweight squats and lunges, planks, band pull-ups, and tabata dumbbell swings, my arms and legs were DONE. There was no energy left for frolicking or any such thing, so I collapsed by a fan and read some more of "Cloud Atlas," which is (so far) an awesome book.

      I vaguely remember loving to play roundup and sardines (team hide and seek games) when I was about 9 or 10, but it's hard to get a group of people to do that when you're 32.

      If I ever have children, they may, perhaps, teach me how to play again. It will be just like a John Denver song.


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        August 24

        Day 23


        Brief swinging play with Sir Harold Sledgey in the morning.

        Then I meditated -- I'm still not good at it, but it's very interesting -- the experience of it is different than it was before, but it's hard to describe.

        During lunch hour, I sunned my bare feet in a nearby park.

        August 25

        Day 24


        Meditated again. It continues to be interesting, despite the whole lot of nothing going on. Every so often, I try out different techniques. Usually, I listen to "Restful Rain: Rain Sounds" from Pure White Noise and try to focus on my breathing while repeating the mantra "Ham Sa" or "So Hum," which strikes me as the least likely to make me think "This is stupid." Sometimes I focus my closed eyes on whatever patterns of light and color play across the insides of my eyelids.

        August 26

        Day 25


        Some days I actually enjoy meditating. Today I sort of imagined myself I was outside of my body, looking down from above/to the side. I imagined my thoughts as small, bright floating holograms that approached and receded, very Star Trek (The Next Generation) style. Hmm.

        Sunned my bare feet in the park at lunch.


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          August 27

          Day 26


          BRIEF play with Sir Harold Sledgey in the morning.

          It occured to me what I really want to do is sing...without anyone hearing me. This is TRICKY. How to do it???