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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Philip Mancini)

    My food journal can be viewed here:

    This Primal Challenge Journal will note my workouts, lifestyle changes, conversations with others, and any other musings that come to mind. Enjoy!

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    Chest to bar pull-ups

    Overhead Squats (115lbs)

    Time: 8:42

    A little rough with the chest to bars and the OH's were slightly heavier than I usually go, but a good workout overall (short and sweet).

    My diet was a little off yesterday in that my calories were on the way low side. I didn't get a chance to put together a primal snack and I didn't want to eat too much when I got home. I'll gradually increase my calories throughout the month until I hit the "sweet" spot.

    Felt good all day yesterday and have been sleeping well. I'm focused on getting 7.5-8 hours of sleep every night. The only night that won't be possible is Sunday due to an early Monday morning CrossFit class.

    I spoke with 4 or 5 people yesterday about the primal lifestyle. Some serious and some not, but it's the message that resonates with most people. Oftentimes, we lose sight of the fact that we're motivating by the actions we take, not always the visual perception of what diet and exercise success looks like. The good news is that if we're adhering to the changes we speak of, the aesthetics are a fortunate byproduct.


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      No workout today. I'm still a little sore in the shoulders from the overhead squats.

      No real issues with the primal eating today. Started researching ideas to keep the meals fresh in the sense of not eating the same meal over and over. I don't have a problem doing that, but it seems reasonable to actually learn some new recipes and expand my horizons over the next month.

      My wife and I had an interesting conversation regarding scarcity and the potential effect that ideology has on the diet community. For most of our existence we lived with the notion that there were limited resources for survival. Only with the "advancement" of farming and agriculture were we able to support a larger community, become more "specialized", and therefore move forward as a species.

      I wonder if this scarcity mentality is so ingrained in our subconsciousness that we have severe difficulty simply being aware of our circumstances. Those circumstances being that we live with abundance, or the potential for abundance, in every aspect of our lives. Food, money, material things, social outlets, etc. We advanced in so many areas but our "evolution" hasn't caught up yet.


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        Spent a good portion of the day working on the yard and being outside. My edger and weed whacker went down with mechanical problems, so I had to resort to the wheel and blade method of edging the grass. Primal yard work at it's best.

        Had my first experience of the month being the weird "primal" guy at a family outing. That's one of the biggest obstacles people face. Being the only one eating a certain way amongst a mainstream group. It's especially difficult when it's your family and friends because of the desire to fit in. In any case, I had a hand full of blueberries and 2 polish sausages at the Rivercats game. Calories were still a little low for the day, but not really a concern. I haven't felt deprived, nor will I.

        My wife is still going strong without sweets. She thinks the cravings are going away and I have no doubt she'll last the entire month. She's the epitome of moderation as it is. She's healthy and in great shape but felt she wanted to push herself a little to better understand her food choices. I'm impressed.


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          Spent an off day traveling and spending time with friends and family. Diet was all messed up in regards to calorie content and carbohydrates. Carbs were very low for the day and my eating was all over the map but it felt like what Grok might go through on a given day. Breakfast was the usual fare but then I snacked on beef jerky and organic apple chips until late afternoon. Stopped into a Whole Foods Market for some a chicken fajita mix (no tortilla) and a couple of pieces of roasted and barbecued chicken. Good protein and fat, but the carbs were low. Snacked on more jerky later in the day, but wasn't really hungry for a meal.

          Although technology and advancement may have made us lazier, having healthy options readily accessible is a nice thing. I'm looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow with a tough workout and a more balanced eating plan.


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            Another off day preparing for a "Fight Gone Bad" challenge at our CrossFit affiliate. The event is to support Athlete's for a Cure and the Wounded Warrior Project. The "Fight Gone Bad" workout is a beast and I'm glad I've kept my diet clean over the past week.

            Diet has been on track but the exercise has been sporadic. I'll get that fixed tomorrow when I complete the FGB WOD.


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              Completed the FGB workout and it was a killer!!! Instituted a new standard for the wall ball, which added a whole new dimension to the movement. Nice improvement. The workout went well in that I gave it all I had, no complaints.

              The eating is going smooth and I'm on track. Learning new ways to make food interesting and it's nice to spend time considering what I'm going to eat and prepare, rather than grabbing whatever is convenient. There is a balance in there somewhere.

              I need to focus on getting more sleep and trying to institute a meditation element into my day(s). I want to learn and implement an entire "primal" lifestyle over the next month or two.

              I loaned another "Primal Blueprint" book to a colleague and am prepared to answer any and all questions. The logic is so simple that I think it actually confuses people. Slow and steady progress is the key.


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                Eating is on track but the workout got cut short due to work related issues. Was experiencing some soreness from the day before but everything is going well.

                Maintaining the lifestyle is going smooth. I'm keeping my stress levels in check and I feel great. Every new day brings the possibility for PR's, new experiences, and the ability to spread the word. I'm on a positive streak.