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  • I Miss Pancakes.

    So, I have been researching the Paleo/Primal ways for quite a while now. I have read and re-read articles off of Marks Daily Apple as well as Nerdfitness for almost a year now, and I have only recently gotten the courage to go ahead and start getting healthy. Long story short - I got called out for having a Netflix addiction and I have a strong desire to not be controlled by anyone or anything. I want to be self sufficient and be able to be confident in myself.

    I am 5' (I stopped growing a long time ago) and about 140 lbs. I feel like 115 to 120 is a safe range to shoot for. However, since I started I have been having much trouble with bread and cheese. The cafeteria does have a salad bar, though I never have had a taste for salad and it doesn't fill me up. Lunch is the hardest meal for me, I usually do well for dinner, and breakfast is hit and miss. For an unknown reason I only like scrambled eggs in the summer. Luckily, it's warming up out, so I will try them again soon. Although Idaho potatoes aren't Paleo, they seem to be the only thing right now that I like in the morning that fills me up. Maybe a lettuce wrap? I've toyed with smoothies before, but I prefer more savory tastes in the morning.

    Another hard spot is most of the people around me are born and raised Midwestern eaters, meaning a lot of pizza, bread, and cheese. This means at a lot of social functions I am torn between what to eat. A lot of my friends also don't exercise much - they watch TV together and talk about it often. I like to do Just Dance 2 or 4 some days and a couple days a week I do a WOW. In August I am moving away to NC where I hope to get involved with friends who are wanting to be healthy like me. But in the meantime, people around me plan nights where we all eat pizza together or have a Grand Slam Breakfast for dinner, which means pancakes.

    And boy, I miss pancakes.

    So, any advice for staying Paleo in the meantime?

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    Welcome, Amielia!

    Sounds like you're off to a pretty good start. Just keep making the changes you are comfortable with and keep educating yourself and you'll get there.

    I've been listening to Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib's podcast (formerly called "Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast", now called "Jassafit Podcast") and they have been mentioning their new e-book/program, "The Jassa Method" . Jason (co-author) says it was written for people who knew what to do, but had trouble actually making the changes. It's basically a week-by-week program telling you exactly what to do. Here's the link if you are interested:
    The JASSA Method | How to Achieve Everlasting FAT Loss | Jason Seib | Sarah Fragoso

    Also, these make some pretty ballin' pancakes: Perfect Paleo Pancakes
    As a bonus, they don't require any flours or anything. Just plantains, baking soda, eggs, coconut oil, and salt.

    Also, I moved to NC about two years ago and I love it here. There definitely seem to be lots of active people around. There is also great hiking and good farmer's markets. I guess it will depend on the city you're moving to if you have a similar experience as me or not.
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      Awesome! Thank you so much for the link and the pancakes! I bet the podcasts will help a lot. I think I just need to be patient, and struggle through the first few days/weeks of adjustment. I'm looking forward to the hiking and farmer's markets when I move, here in the Midwest I do what I can, but when it comes down to it there just aren't a lot of outdoor activities available.


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        Potatoes aren't paleo? Most paleo gurus have accepted those as paleo alright. Think about it... why would tubers not be a whole food that's been natural and perfectly healthy to eat?

        In any case... you can try rice wraps for "wraps" of things... they're only about 20-25 calories of "safe starch" (see Mark's post on rice in general as being a "neutral" substance). Plus they make damn good burritos, etc.

        OR you can try wrapping things in a thin slice of roast beef/smoked turkey/etc. Cheese is good this way, or perhaps some avocado and crab/bacon rolled in turkey with buffalo hot sauce is also good.

        You can also make omelettes, breakfast pizzas (flat-faced omelette with pizza sauce & cheese/toppings on top!!!!), baked egg cupped in toasted shredded nests of sweet potatoes ("hashbrown nests") or avocados, "porridge" with coconut shreds and diced apples/bananas, filling soups, stirfries, "egg scrambles"...

        Easiest pancake: 1 banana + 2 eggs. Add vanilla, cacao, coconut, dark choco, nut butter, whatever as needed.
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          I never thought of roast beef wraps, I'll need to experiment with leftover dinners being breakfast.