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    I came across MDA a while ago, and did some dabbling with what I was reading in the posts. Now I'm all ready to make a legitimate personal experiment out of these concepts.

    I'd read that some other people had gotten rid of some health issues, ones that are way too familiar to me. I'm excited to see if my issues will go away, too.

    Here's a list of bad stuff I've got:
    1. knee and elbow joint pain
    2. irritable bowel syndrome
    3. dysmennorhea/menorrhagia
    4. depression
    5. allergies
    6. chronic fatigue
    7. stubborn belly flab

    I'm only 26. Almost 27. So I shouldn't have a bunch of issues like an old person. Right?

    So the game here is, I get to do the Primal thing and still feed my family and do all the other wife and mom stuff, cuz that's my job. Grok on.

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    Well good on ya!! : )


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      Day 1

      B: water

      L: salad w/ romaine, chopped up chicken drumstick, chopped up turkey bacon, tahini dressing

      S: water

      D: small handful of almonds, bowl of broccoli stir-fried in a little butter

      Exercise: None! The kids and I ran a couple errands, but the kids were sick and I didn't want them getting worse by running around, so we stayed inside for the bulk of the day. The Comcast guy came because our internet connection had problems. Today was pretty boring. I hope the kids are better tomorrow so we can DO stuff.

      Today included moderate joint pain in knees, elbows, fingers. Medium energy in the morning. Lethargic in the afternoon. Back to moderate in the evening after the broccoli I had at dinner. Emotions corresponded to physical energy. No IBS. No allergies. Mild stomachache after lunch salad, and another mild stomachache after dinner. Mild headache only for a couple hours in the afternoon.

      I didn't eat much today. But all we did was run two errands, I made a marinade for some beef and threw it into the fridge, and I got up from sitting or lying down occasionally to help the kids with things. It was really a lazy day with no opportunity, desire, energy, or motivation for much in the way of real physical activity. But I ate Primally, and I feel better tonight than I did waking up this morning. So, not a great day, but that was probably due to a lot of factors. And the odds are in favor of tomorrow being better.

      Was excited to find that Costco sells organic beef, although it isn't grass fed; and organic chicken. But I would still rather buy local. I've got a serious love/hate relationship with Costco.


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        Day 2

        B: scrambled egg

        L: salad of romaine, chicken, turkey bacon, raspberry balsamic vinaigrette, sunflower seeds; a handful of almonds

        S: another handful almonds; half a pork chop

        D: carne asada (SUPER YUM)

        Exercise: 5 minutes of tennis. Walked to the park and back. Tried taking my son to play tennis, but he was uncooperative so we didn't play for long. Then I got a call from my daughter's school telling me she was running a slight temperature and her ear hurt, so we picked her up. Made a pediatrician appointment. The ped confirmed double ear infection, prescribed amoxicillin. Haven't filled the prescription yet as I hate antibiotics. Went and got ear drops from the natural foods store instead. Came home, put ear drops in her ears, and hung around the house the rest of the day. I think the boy is getting her same illness.

        Today, moderate joint pain in elbows, knees, mild in fingers. Medium energy all day long. Headache around 6pm but gone now. No IBS. No allergies. Emotionally neutral. No digestive issues. Sick kids again proved an obstacle to physical activity, but not going to kick myself. The carne asada for dinner kicked some primal butt. It was good. Today was better than yesterday. I think maybe the almonds are aggrivating my joint problems - is that possible? The avocado in the salad really hit the spot tonight.

        I want to try some new cuts of meat, and seafood. Venture into new horizons.


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          I had almost finished composing this post when my 4-year-old decided to come and hit the power button and lose everything. He's in BED now, so this should work this time!

          Day 3

          B: egg, green bell pepper, zucchini, salsa

          L: broccoli, pork chop, almonds, lettuce, chicken, raspberry vinaigrette, sunflower seeds

          S: almonds

          D: flank steak, zucchini, bell pepper, lettuce, chicken, tomato, avocado, tahini dressing, salsa

          Exercise: 30 minutes walking with short bursts of running.

          My 5-year-old and I walked to the pharmacy and back this evening because we had run out of children's tylenol and she's got this ear infection. That was nice. We had galloping races and short running races, and walked fast, and slow, and picked some flowers up that had fallen on the ground.

          I've got to start getting to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and do some actual exercise before the kids wake up, because once they're awake, the chances are slim, especially with everybody being all sick lately, that I'll be able to get any real exercise in. I want to weight train, I need to get stronger.

          Moderate elbow pain, mild finger joint pain today. Medium energy all day except for a slump between 2 and 5pm (typical). No headaches. No IBS. No allergies. Emotionally fair, better than yesterday.

          Husband and I watched the documentary "The Future of Food" last night. It is excellent. We are going to adjust our budget and make some sacrifices in some areas to allow more spending on clean food rather than feedlot, hormone-ridden, GMO, conventional, Monsanto stuff.

          Gotta do some homework now. How awesome is it that I am almost 27 and still haven't earned my undergraduate degree? Yeah, awesome. Ok, night.


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            Day 4

            B: no time!

            L: almonds, a few strips of leftover flank stead with some leftover sauteed green bell pepper strips and zucchini

            S: more almonds, some chicken

            D: salad of romaine, tomato, a cut-up hot dog, avocado, and tahini dressing; more almonds!; collards cooked in butter with cut-up turkey bacon

            Exercise: Walked to the post office and back. Followed the kids around the park, pushed them on the zip line and the tire swing. That was it.

            I set my alarm to do real exercise this morning at 6:20, but my husband is sick and was coughing last night, and I came down to sleep on the couch, brough my phone (alarm) with me, but the A/C downstairs was loud enough that I didn't hear my phone and slept in until 7! So there went that.

            Wasn't hungry today until about 2pm, then I ate a lot and made up for it. Seeing a little foggy after all the fat I've eaten this afternoon and evening, at least I assume that's what's making me see foggy. Not bad, though. I made the kids and hubby a fruit smoothie and took only a single bite and left the rest alone. Victory. I saw the bag of chocolate chip cookies I'd made a while back, in the freezer, and didn't eat any. Victory again. Score. I have to celebrate these, I'm not trying to be a snot and say 'yay me'...just need to think about what I'm doing right to give me motivation to keep on going.

            Today moderate joint pain in knees, elbows, fingers. Medium-low energy all day. Feels like some lactic acid buildup in muscles, and I really have no energy to do cardio. But seem to be okay doing low-key stuff. No IBS. Very slight allergies at one point. Emotionally mixed, but okay.

            I was surprised at how the cut-up hot dog in my salad was really not bad at all!

            Everybody in the family is sick today except me. My fingers are crossed that I don't get's like a cough that turns into an ear infection.

            Gotta finish bathing the kids now, and put them to bed. On to Day 5 tomorrow, woohoo!


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              Just stopped by to read--saying hello.

              Keep at it. I know I feel a whole lot better these days.


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                Thanks for reading and saying 'hi'! Makes me happy to hear another person say they feel better eating Primally.


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                  Day 5

                  B: no time!

                  L: omellet of 2 eggs, zucchini, spinach, salsa (yum!)

                  S: 3 oz almonds (yeah, a lot i know), 5.2 oz pork chop

                  D: chicken soup made from the rest of the chicken i boiled so the meat got loose on the bones, then separated meat and bone and added veggies: carrots, spinach, onion, zucchini, bell pepper; and I had yet another ounce of almonds....sheesh enough with the almonds, i know

                  Exercise: For some reason I can't even remember what all happened today. The kids and I ran some errands - Trader Joe's, Best Buy, Safeway. We walked to the park and back...just the one near our house. I did Pilates beginner mat this morning - the kids did it with me lol.

                  Had to resist some chips and salsa the rest of the fam was chowing down on, today. But it's easier to resist carb stuff on this diet, knowing I can have a lot of other things that are filling if I like - fat and veggies and meat and eggs. I don't feel starved, so it's easier to resist. Hum, my joints still hurt, but it's not unmanageable. I am not sure how long I can expect it to take for Primal nutrition to help that out. I'm hoping that being off of grains and sugars will get rid of the arthritis-y stuff. Today, moderate arthritis in elbows and fingers, mild in knees. No IBS. No allergies. No energy for cardio (can't bring myself to race the kids home from anywhere). But emotionally good today. Had some good moments with husband and kids. Positive. And in tracking my eating, the last few days have been more constant, in my consumption of calories, than they typically used to be when i was eating all kinds of carbs or doing the vegan thing. I used to swing from one day of eating not much to the next day eating tons and feeling full and bloated...just back and forth, and emotionally was about the same, tended to be. This is much more even, steady, and without me focusing on that much. Interesting.

                  Limiting my time on the computer. Need to get away from screens and do more meditation and just being with my kids/family, or observing my surroundings.


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                    Day 6

                    B: salad consisting of romaine, turkey bacon, chicken, and tahini dressing

                    L: a single grape, a cheese stick (b/c the kids were having them and I wanted to see what a bit of dairy would do to me...see below); chicken soup with veggies (leftover from last night's dinner); and some strips of chicken breast that I'd cooked for my salad earlier, from the fridge, just plain

                    S: almonds

                    D: coconut pancakes with hot dog inside; three grapes

                    The cheese stick caused me to feel like my intestines wanted to expel something but couldn't, so then felt kinda stopped up. Still do. It was organic (the cheese stick), but part-skim rather than full-fat...wonder if a full-fat cheese would've acted differently. Anyway, dairy and I are not chummy at present. Hopefully we'll become better friends at some point in the future, but that future may be quite a ways off.

                    Exercise: Went to farmer's market and Whole Foods. Walked to the park later. That about sums up exercise.

                    My knees feel really weird - kind of hot and swollen, these past few days. But they actually hurt more when I just sit doing nothing rather than when I'm moving in certain ways. That's somewhat different. I can't decide if they hurt more, or less, or the same as before I started this diet. But they most definitely feel DIFFERENT. Weirdness. IBS, slight allergies after dinner. Mild pain in elbows, fingers. Hot or swollen-feeling mild pain in knees.

                    Tried to get a lot of sun today, and burned my legs. Sure doesn't take me long to burn. Wonder if that means I got enough Vitamin D? I need to be less stressed out. I'm like stressed out by default - my muscles are tense as a general rule, from head to toe, I swear. I've got to relax, but the first part of that is realizing I'm tense so that I can consciously relax all those muscles, which I can't do when distracted, which is a lot of the time, because I have other things to do all day besides think about whether I'm tense. Emotionally...fair, today. Husband is still sick. Kids are getting better, so went to two parks with them today. But joint pain makes me not feel like taking them anywhere where I'll have to walk around with them. Even though it might be good for me. My energy is a little better today, like maybe I'm starting to get out of the carb flu.


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                      Hope the family are on the mend.
                      Do you take fish oil? You seem to have plenty of Omega-6 from the nuts but no mention of Omega-3's?


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                        SRMnM: Thanks...the family does seem like they're on the mend. But feels like I might be getting what they've got. Hopefully not. Thanks for reminding me about fish oil. I had some, and took some tonight. I didn't even know almonds had a lot of omega-6 - you're smart.

                        B: a few raspberries from the farmers market; swiss chard sauteed in butter, 2 eggs, and a little chopped tomato

                        L: a few more raspberries, a small bowl of cantaloupe, a peach (how did I manage all fruit for lunch!)

                        S: salad with romaine, a little chicken, a little bacon, and tahini dressing

                        D: cooked collard greens with chopped up turkey bacon; a hot dog (grass-fed, organic) wrapped in a coconut pancake, scrambled egg w/zucchini and a tsp fish oil, a little salsa on top

                        Exercise: Somehow miraculously managed to get to sleep early last night, so woke up at 6 this morning and jogged for half an hour - felt AWESOME. Tried a few sprits, but immediately tweaked my knee slightly, so decided no sprints today. Then went home and did pilates and yoga for another 40 minutes before the kids woke up (they slept in...hooray!). Walked to and from the farmers market this morning and the "sprayground" this afternoon for a total of about 80 minutes of medium/slow walking (kids in tow).

                        I ought to figure out how to do some real weight training, maybe. But I really like Pilates and Yoga. Slight IBS in the morning today - could be because of yesterday's cheese stick, or maybe not. No allergies. Took the kids to the spray park - husband felt well enough to come nice to have him back! Celebrated Father's Day...the kids made cardstock necktie bookmarks for Daddy and we got him a Star Wars Lego set to play with, with the kids of course. Mild joint pain in elbows, fingers, knees.

                        I seem to feel better with more vegetables and less meat. If I eat a meal that's just meat with no veggies, especially if the meat is BEEF, I tend to lose energy and really miss the veggies. Emotionally: REALLY GOOD today. After exercising this morning I felt absolutely fabulous and was ready for anything and everything. I thought how silly of me to have previously thought that I should wait until I have energy to exercise - rather, I should've just exercised to make the energy come! Energy: good all day, slight slump mid-afternoon when we got home from the sprayground, but otherwise very good.

                        My belly isn't getting any flatter on this diet. It's not like my stomach is so gross, and I'm not overweight, but it's ugly enough that it would not be attractive in a 2-piece swimsuit. But it's only been a week, so maybe I shouldn't worry. Besides, today is the only day I've exercised, out of those seven days. And honestly, the belly thing is the least of my concerns. The energy thing and the arthritic stuff are much more important. If Primal fixes or significantly helps my other issues without doing a thing to my body composition, it would still be worth it.

                        Feel like I'm getting a cough. Better go to bed early again tonight. I'd like to exercise again tomorrow morning like today - that was so awesome.


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                          Have you considered the possibility that you may have Lymes or some other tick-borne disease?

                          If you have it and it's diagnosed, you can flood it with good antibiotics and most likely come out of it 100 percent; if you have it and it goes undiagnosed, it will get worse and worse... and that's bad news.

                          Worth a look.


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                            re the fish oil... I was reading (somewhere on the boards) about it and have realised that I am not taking anywhere near enough fish oil. so have started to up my intake, so if you have been forgetting you may want to increase yours quite significantly for a while as well.

                            oh oh hope you are not the next one in the family to get sick. When I first started a hard out exercise regime, I was hugely sick, it was kind of like the body was all inflamed from the exercise (sore muscles.. and i mean SORE) and it just couldnt fight the head cold I got. But after I recovered (and gave it the right amount of recovery time) I got straight back into it and was fine! So what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is keep up with the exercise but wait till you actually feel better.


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                              gottaluvalab: Could I have been bitten by a tick without knowing it? Lyme's Disease would be bad. I have an appointment to see a doc tomorrow and have added that to my list of things to suggest we check for. Thanks.

                              Suse: Can you OD on fish oil? How much are you taking now? Thanks for the advice about the exercise. You are right. I will try not to overdo it. I feel okay today...still not sick...knock on wood!

                              Day 8

                              B: egg, swiss chard, half a tomato

                              L: handful almonds; salad of romaine, turkey bacon, and 2 oz buffalo!

                              S: a peach

                              D: another two handfuls almonds; swiss chard saute with raisins, toasted walnuts, and balsamic; 3 more oz buffalo meat

                              Exercise: Half hour of run/jog around the neighborhood. Came home, did pilates, yoga.

                              Bought fish oil tablets today, so can swallow it easily instead of trying to find ways to make the bottled oil palatable. Took two tablets. Knees were really good today. Elbow and fingers not so much - moderate pain basically all day. Made an appointment to see a doctor, for tomorrow afternoon. Going to ask if we can check my levels of c-reactive protein, vitamin d, and for Lyme's-causing bacteria antibodies. Also read on Mayo Clinic site that if I've got rheumatoid arthritis, taking zinc in addition to fish oil might help. The diet I was following previously was "Eat to Live" which, I learned only several months into the diet, that often people eating that way are deficient in zinc. I started trying to follow that program in January, and my elbow and finger joint issues started in February or March. Possibly a connection there.

                              Yesterday bought a buffalo steak at the farmers market. It was expensive ($15!). But it was really yummy. Cooked it on the stove with dry mustard, chipotle chili powder, and coriander, salt and pepper. Husband and kids had some too. I felt good after eating it, much better than those steaks from Costco we finally polished off. I'm a buffalo meat fan now. Also, swiss chard cooked with onions, raisins, walnuts, and balsamic vinegar is AWESOME.