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    I decided to keep a journal to stay motivated. I'm 2 weeks and 1 day into the Primal lifestyle, and I already feel better for the most part. The whole thing makes perfect sense to me, but is a little overwhelming because there are so many changes that need to be made. I've decided to be patient with myself, and try not to worry about tackling everything at once.

    Here's a little background about me... I've struggled to maintain a "healthy" weight since I was a child. Food was always (and probably always will be) a comfort to me. While I've never been obese, I've pretty much always have had an unhealthy relationship with food. Most of my adult life I've lived under the low fat, high carb umbrella, and was ALWAYS hungry. I've been on Weight Watchers countless times, the Grapefruit Diet, diet pills, etc, etc, etc. I'm 45 years old, so I've spent the better part of 20 years on the yo-yo train. I've also had psoriasis my entire life.

    Four years ago, my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. I was determined to get this under control, so I went to a diabetes nutrition class, and learned more about portions, carbs, and proteins. During this process and over course of 5 months I lost 50 pounds by following a low carb diet. I was also very active at work at the time. I did manage to keep the weight off for about 2 years, but then life was getting stressful due to a job change, and I completely fell off the wagon.

    The last 6 months have been the worst. I began eating sugar, grains, literally everything. During the last year, I've put on 20 pounds and have outgrown nearly every piece of clothing in my closet. In an act of desperation, I tried the "Fast Five" mail order food (failed), counting calories (failed), eating frozen box meals from the grocery (failed). The common denominator for all of these "diets" of course, are sugar, wheat, and preservatives.

    So, 2 weeks into Primal and I've lost 5 pounds, my psoriasis is beginning to clear (love the sun!) and the fog is finally lifting in my head. I have a lot of work to do (being more active and getting more sleep), but this just has to be the way it is for me. I cannot moderately eat the SAD way- ever. My body rejects it, and that all there is to it.

    I'm so grateful to Mark and his staff! Finally an end to the diet madness!!!

    CW: 130
    GW: 120

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    Best of luck and congratulations on your early success.
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