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    Mark's post today was hilarious! I think we should create a new disorder called "obsessive banana disorder", or OBD for short.


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      Election results came in today and the GOP only picked up about 60-65 seats in the house and only a few seats in the Senate. The country is heading down the tubes fast. There is hope in that it sets the GOP up nicely for a big win in 2012. I just don't know if I want to stay in this country for another two years. I'm better off moving to another country and sticking this massive debt to the older generation. I wonder how worthless the US dollar will be in two more years...

      Main problem: people are uneducated.
      Cause: State run education.
      Solution: It appears the only solution will be to let the currency collapse to the point where the executive branch of government collapses upon its own weight. This appears to be the approach we are taking atleast. I'm just not sure how long the process takes...
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        Some female administrator, probably on PMS, censored my post about S_V having penis envy.

        I swear, some people are so up tight. These forums have become lame.

        It was pretty cool posting here for a while, but now it's just becoming lame.

        I was considering buying the Primal Leap, but I don't think I will be buying anything from Mark any more. This place has just become too stupid to deal with.

        The forums will be reduced down to Shrinking_Violet and a couple prissy uptight admins.


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          Knowing What Ain't So, Part 1 - John Williams


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            This morning I watched the new Jacob Hornberger show. I cannot believe that he can talk for an hour like this every week, but we will see. I really liked this first episode. Too bad those who need to watch it (those educated by the state) will probably never watch it. Americans are going to wake up one morning and find out they are all dirt poor.

            I am starting to formulate plans to leave the country before things get really bad. I know it is just a matter of time before people are leaving in droves and President Lincoln's monolithic state will have to build fences to keep people from leaving rather than coming in.

            A breath of fresh freedom...

            Last edited by Grok; 11-08-2010, 09:50 AM. Reason: Clarify that today's central government is brainchild of Lincoln/Hamilton achieved by slaughtering 1/2 million Americans


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                I've tried several different nogs at the store, and Evan Williams is the best.


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                  Quantitative Easing Explained


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                      I noticed today that P4P has put out another workout video, this time for the chest (I use the abs workout.) These are generally pretty good. I was doing the abs workout before Mark's e-book and my abs were by far the strongest muscles in my body.

                      Unfortunately this video is not embeddable.

                      Chest Workout Level 2:


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                        Can corporations use leaked wikileaks cabels to blackmail government, or simply get away with anything they want now?

                        If wikileaks can get all this secret information for free, just imagine what secrets are sold to foreign nations.



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                          Economics 101:

                          The link below shows a clip of Caroline Heldman, an Occidental College professor [1]. The link starts at 8:12 into the clip where she says the problem [with our economy] is lack of demand. The full context of the question starts at 7:40, have a listen...

                          "Lack of Demand"

                          This woman teaches political science and not economics (however today there is not much difference between the two professions.) However, she is clearly 100% incorrect. The problem with our economy is not lack of demand as you may often hear in the main stream media today. The problem is lack of supply. The reason our trade deficit is so large is because we do not produce enough goods in this country to trade with China. This means there is a supply problem, not a demand problem. The only way we can solve this problem is to remove as much government regulations from businesses as possible (especially the minimum wage.) We must also drastically cut taxes on businesses. We must do these things in order to effectively compete with the Chinese.

                          The reason why we are able to maintain our massive trade deficit with the Chinese is because when we buy Chinese products with US dollars, the manufacturers of those products in turn want to exchange those US dollars with Chinese Yuan. In a normal free market society this would occur by Chinese people buying American products with the US dollars, in other words there would be a very small trade deficit/surplus between the two countries. However the way things work today when Chinese manufactures cannot get rid of the US dollars they get from Americans, they exchange these US dollars for Chinese Yuan through their banks which in turn exchanges the US dollars with the Chinese central bank (the PBoC.) The Chinese central bank must print up new Yuan in order to exchange those dollars which in turn creates inflation in China. The Chinese central bank then takes all these excess dollars accumulated from the trade deficit and uses them to buy US government Treasuries in order to get some interest on those dollars. This in turn allows our government to grow out of control in size and borrow money well beyond its means.

                          Will this ever change? Yes, it has to. If it does not change, what it will mean is that the Chinese will labor endlessly to make products for Americans in exchange for worthless paper dollars. I say worthless because over time that is what happens, and if the Chinese keep this up indefinitely and our central bank keeps doing the quantitative easing those US paper dollars will eventually become worth less than the electrons streaming in the computer used to create them. In effect, we are essentially exporting our inflation over to China. The Chinese are currently experiencing 10% food inflation and high energy inflation as well (I forget the percentage amount.) Their government has recently said they are going to change their monetary policy *next year*.

                          What happens in America when the PBoC stops allowing the Chinese to exchange their US dollars for Chinese Yuan? Well, basically it means that the US Central bank (the Federal Reserve) is going to have to pick up the slack where the PBoC has left off. That means a lot more quantative easing, or money printing to buy US Treasuries. If the Fed does not do that, then the US government will be forced to fire all their government employees, end the wars, and abolish all entitlements. Between those two choices (extreme austerity or extreme inflation) the government will *always* choose extreme inflation because it is the most politically expedient choice to make.

                          How to protect yourself? If you have some US dollars saved up, you can preserve the purchasing power of that money by converting it to another currency or commodities such as precious metals. If you convert to another currency such as Canadian dollars, you can then purchase stocks on the Canadian stock exchange to put that money to work. If you don't have that much money saved up, you can buy things that you normally buy now like shaving cream, toilet paper etc. in bulk now before prices start to sky rocket.

                          I hope this Economics 101 lesson is helpful to someone.

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                            Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!


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                              Bar Stool Economics


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                                Silver just hit $30/oz. It is the highest price since the Hunt Bros. tried to corner the market in the 1970s. I would not be surprised to see silver hit all time highs next year. I heard somewhere that Bernenke is already discussing plans for QE3.

                                Lojasmo (or however you spell his name) thinks I'm a "Paultard".