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    Hi All,

    Yes, I’m back again with a new journal. I didn’t intend to be away for so long-over a year. I have missed journaling here, but I never really left. I have been silently stalking all of my old friends and even some new people. I will be wiser about my personal posts, but hope this journal can still be a place of mutual support and understanding. I believe strongly in The Primal Blueprint and am finishing my Primal Blueprint Certification soon.

    In my next post or two, I plan to recap my Primal journey with quotes from The Bedrock Journal. That way those who do not know me can get to know me better. Feel free to read or skip it. Old friends, if you have any specific questions about the past year, please PM me.
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    From: The Bedrock Journal - ( Pebbles67) 2011

    Happy New Year!

    I have been thinking of starting this journal since I first started primal eating in September. Now you know that I am a terrible procrastinator. I don't think that bodes well for the success of this journal, but here I am anyway. My goal here is to have a place to put down my thoughts about the primal life as opposed to the insanity of life on the SAD. I hope that posting here will help keep me honest and help me analyze some of the things that cause me to go back to eating badly even though I know that I am killing myself. I intend to post at least once a week.

    A little about me - I am a 43 year old wife and mother of three sons ages 6,12, and 15. I am also a high school Spanish teacher. I hope that didn't bring up bad memories for anyone. I know language teachers are sometimes the most hated. We have special ways of torturing students like conjugating verbs. You may want to check out Adam Sandler's "Beating of a high school Spanish teacher" just for a laugh.

    I have been fat since age 8. I had been fed a high carbohydrate diet from the start, but that was the point that pictures show that my body could no longer fight the carb overload. Both of my parents were obese. My father was probably 450lbs when he passed away two years ago. My Mom has weighed over 300, but now she is eating primally and doing well. Let me be clear, I do not blame my parents for my food issues. I just wanted to set the background so that the reader will understand that I have a looooooong relationship with food. My parents had many hard things happen to them in their lives. They became used to coping with emotions, stress etc. by smothering bad feelings with food. Food was their and my drug of choice. I find myself incredibly grateful that they were not alchoholics or drug addicts, but the underlying behaviors are the same. It just takes longer to die. Food addiction is easier to hide and more acceptable in society.

    I know that the primal way of life is the answer to all of the above. I have played around with every diet with some success, but never any permanence. This way of life fights the addiction to carbs, stabilizes my emotions and build my confidence with exercise. That said, I wish that I could honestly write that I have been faithful to primal since I started in late September, but I lost it in early November and just cleaned up my act three days ago. More on that another day.

    As of Dec 29th I am Grain, Sugar and Dairy free again. I even had a primal NYE feast last night. I lift heavy things 2x a week at the gym and belly dance 1x a week for play. I am not sprinting yet.

    I have lost 17 pounds, even with all the messing around. I am 5'10" inches tall and hope to lose 100 pounds total, while building muscle of course.

    Friends, feel free to comment on anything that you wish. Your thoughts will help me in my journey, knowing that I am not alone in this fight. I will strive to be thick skinned and take criticism where its given, knowing full well that we are all here to help each other.

    Note: I am now 48. My boys are 11, 18 and 20. My Mom Died of Ovarian cancer in Oct. 2011.
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      From: The Bedrock Journal 2011

      So, lets review 2010 and declare a plan of attack.

      This past year was full of great strides in my health: I lost 25 pounds (17 through primal eating)
      I joined a gym and have lifted heavy things 2x a week pretty consistently since April
      I discovered the Primal Blueprint three months ago

      * I had my best and worst health experiences this year. Three weeks into my primal journey, I nearly died from pulmonary emboli. (I'll talk more about that experience in another post) I sort of lost my momentum after I left the hospital, but now that I have fully recovered, I am ready to get back to it in 2011.

      Note: My plan of attack was to stay Primal which I did fairly well. See below for the full story on the pulmonary emboli episode.

      Thoughts on Health and Illness

      I have been obese since elementary school, but I always considered myself a "healthy" fat person. That belief may have been true up until my mid-thirties, but after that time I was probably lying to myself. The high level of grains and sugars that I ate on a daily basis made me generally tired and emotionally unstable. It got tougher to be a good wife, mom and teacher. Little did I know that underneath the surface the inflammation was damaging my veins and setting me up for sudden death.

      January 1st 2010 I hit my highest weight (280), and decided that it was time to make a change. I joined a gym in April and started doing WW there as well. ( I liked the Weight Watcher's meeting and still attend even though I am not doing their plan.)

      In September my chiropractor introduced me to the Paleo diet. I chose Primal after reading about it here at MDA.

      By October 15th I had done three solid Primal weeks. My gym workouts had made me strong. I was feeling great. As I left my school on that Friday afternoon I was looking forward to a great weekend. I was approaching my car when I suddenly felt short of breath. At first I thought it was asthma, but by the next day I knew I was in trouble. I went to the emergency room.

      It turns out that I had bilateral pulmonary emboli blocking my lungs and my heart was filling up with blood. I was a hair's breadth away from death. They kept me in the ICU for two days. I was not allowed out of bed and they didn't feed me for 24 hours in case I needed emergency surgery. (My first IF). I spent six days in the hospital.

      I am now on Coumadin, a blood thinner, to prevent clots from forming. Other than that life is pretty well back to normal. I was able to stay primal in the hospital by requesting gluten free meals. I was determined to stick with this way of life because now it was really a life and death issue. I got back to the gym in mid november and have just gotten back to lifting the weight I had reached before the crisis.

      Physically, I feel fine. Mentally, I struggle with alot of emotions around my illness. I am grateful to be alive, but I have also felt fear, anger, self pity and rebelliousness. It was the rebellion that set me off on an eating binge that lasted through most of November and December. I finally got ahold of myself on December 29th. I was feeling physically ill and was able to really ask myself "Do You want to die?". I was certainly acting like I had a death wish.

      So here I am, trying to save my own life.
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        Now I am back trying to save my life again.

        My primal journey was not a straight road. Over the four and a half years of The Bedrock Journal’s existence, I tried every incarnation of Paleolithic eating out there. Hint: All of them work as long as you stay the course. I had many binge episodes within that period. (I’ll talk more about BED later as that may become a focus of this new journal.) On June 7th 2014, I finally hit “onederland” and a total loss of 80 lbs. That was a great day. I am still proud of that accomplishment even though it did not stick.

        The last year and a half has been rough. I have lived more in my BED than within the Primal Blueprint and my body shows it. But as I said earlier, I believe in this way of eating. I can and will get back to health again.

        My current plan includes 16-18 hours of fasting with fats allowed (Ie. Bullet Proof Coffee), one snack and one large meal between 1pm and 7pm. My worst binge periods are mid afternoon and evening therefore I am packing most of my food into that time frame. Another main goal is to improve the quality of the food I eat.

        I'll be popping into some journals soon. I can't tell you all how hard it has been to refrain from commenting at times.
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          Good to see you back!!!! I'm looking forward to enjoying your posts again.


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            Welcome back.
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              Great to see you back. I'm glad that you're going to be talking about BED, because I'm learning that so many people have some form of disordered eating.


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                Gosh I was asking about you in my journal some time this year or late fall. I could not remember Pebbles just the name of a woman with P in her name. Of course, I also remember PaleoBird but cannot remember when she left any longer.

                Glad you are back. Hope you reach onderland again soon.
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                  Welcome back!
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                    Nice to see you back, Pebbles! I just recently posted a couple of links to your posts for a member who was asking about the use of amino acids in fighting BED.
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                      Welcome back Pebbles. So timely with many of us talking about our issues to have a wise woman available.
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                        Hi Pebbles
                        My first journal -


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                          Good Morning and Happy Easter!

                          Thanks for the warm welcome. I am thinking today about rebirth and renewal.

                          I find my choice to return to MDA this weekend very interesting. I had been debating myself for several weeks and intended to wait longer...To wait until had a good handle on my BED and had lost some of the weight I have regained. The thing is, I don't see regaining weight as a failure anymore. I see it as real life. It does not invalidate the knowledge I have gained over 5.5 Primal years. The story of my fight back to health might be valuable to others who suffer as well.

                          More later. I need to go grocery shopping. I find while on spring break that getting out of the house daily is important for my psychological well being. Unstructured time is time to over think and binge.
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                            So glad you are back. Look forward to following your journey and being able to offer support when and where I can. I also look forward to again having your support on my journey. Missed you.
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                              Welcome back, Miss Paula!

                              You have been severely missed!

                              Looking forward to your posts,