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Restarting the Primal Adventure

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  • Restarting the Primal Adventure

    So for the last couple of years I have on and off experimented with Primal living. I bought the book, I read the blog, I listened to podcasts and occasionally I would start to live it. Unfortunately each time some life event would get in the way, or I would be offerred pizza and couldn't refuse. My job as an airline pilot is pretty sedentary and also involves lots of resteraunt food, and trips to Italy (pasta is my first love).

    As a teenager if I wasn't running or playing football I was sleeping. I was incredibly active and had the lean body to go with it. Unfortunately this also meant despite eating a healthy (by conventional wisdom standards) diet, I was throwing down the pasta, bread, and rice.

    Despite aged 18 being the fit sporty one, I'm now 23, 185 pounds 5ft 10inch, and the person people think can't exercise or run to save their life. In the last year or so, I started a primal challenge and lasted about three months. And I felt amazing, truly incredible, but as most people do, I took my new found success a little far, I didn't listen to mark. Because I felt so good, I was running daily, going to the gym hard, and it will be no great surprise to you I over trained, my immune system went down, and I ended up with labrythinitis.

    Labrythinitis sucks. I felt horrific, and food became whatever I could reach for, so it ended up being pasta, and bread, and the simple home foods I had enjoyed as a youngster. I fell off the primal wagon. Fast forward 5 months and I'm back to feeling lethargic, unmotivated, and was noticing some love handles starting to appear.

    So what's different this time?

    Well I'm sure as many of you have found, the journey toward primal for me has been a series of stop starts, each time becoming closer and closer to the Grok ideal. Last time I got pretty close. This time I'm hoping with a little bit of accountability, I can nail it, hold on to it, and go primal as a way of life. I yearn to regain that feeling of just being fantastic every day I have lost over the last few months, with a return to cravings, lethargy, malaise.

    So here's to the next 30 days! Right now I'm going to go throw away the amazing tacos and refried beans I made yesterday for dinner, and eat a big plate of eggs and bacon (I'm easing myself in with bacon bribes).

    Thank you if you read this, I'm stepping up.

    All the best,


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    Congratulations on your renewed commitment. We are glad you're here and hope you'll keep us in the loop of your experiences and success.
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    Old Paths ... New Journeys


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      This is definitely a journey with its ups and downs...good for you for getting back on the Primal program!