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    So I am just curious on some input about this meal plan I have set up:

    Breakfast- Primal fuel shake, scrambled eggs cooking with coconut oil, and some ham

    snack- protein bar with 21 gram protein and 1 gram suger and carbs are 4 grams fiber is 15 grams

    Lunch- pretty much anything such as salads, hamburgers (with lettuce wraps and paleo approved condiments), and poultry

    Snack- about 15 macadamia nuts, or another protein bar

    Dinner- meat, salad, fruit, fish

    snack- dark chocolate

    I am really new to the paleo and I'm I tend to get hungry a lot so I'm just curious if this is to much food for the day but any inputs on this would be very helpful

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    Hi Atreus, it looks like most of your food is suitable on primal.

    I am thinking though that you should not need to eat six times a day if you are getting sufficient food, especially protein, at each meal. Three meals plus the dark chocolate in the evening should be ample. If it's not enough food then drop the protein bars and add an egg to lunch and/or dinner.

    All the best.
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      Agree with Annieh.

      You are just launching into Primal, I highly recommend that if you have not done so, you should read the "What is the Primal Blueprint" info that is linked off the home page.

      I think you will find that you will not need to eat between meals and the snacks for sure will go away. I am a strong believer in eating only when you are truly hungry, and eat enough at those times to satisfy your hunger. Over time, I've moved to being a 2x day eater, I break-fast around noon, have dinner late in the day. Occasionally have some nuts or fruit in between.

      Primal definitely does not go along with the eat frequently concept of CW.
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