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  • From Whole30 to Primal

    I'm on Day 27 of my first W30. It's not my first ATTEMPT at completing a W30 but, in three days, it will be my first SUCCESS. I've been thinking about life after W30, which is only meant to be a short-term reset to help identify foods that might be causing health issues. I have identified some problem foods, I feel great, and I think I've lost some weight (no scale until Day 31), or at least my body composition has changed as I've transitioned to burning fat for fuel. There aren't many items I want to reintroduce into my diet, especially since I still have weight/body fat to lose. I considered continuing to eat a W30 diet the majority of the time with a few scheduled off-plan days over the next two months (i.e., the Holidays), but I don't know if that will get me to my weight loss goals, and I'm not sure it's sustainable, at least not for me. I've dabbled in primal eating in the past, so I'm familiar with the tenets. I think it might be a good lifestyle transition from W30 and, with a reduction in carbs and enough protein, is more likely to get me to my goals. I don't want to go the hungry-all-the-time, no-energy, super-low-calorie desperation route, because that's definitely not sustainable, and I know I'll gain all of the weight back. But I really need to lose a bit more weight (20-25 pounds) and change the way I eat for good.

    I kept a food log on the W30 site and found it very helpful, so I'd like to keep up the habit of chronicling my meals, thoughts, activity, etc. as I transition to primal eating. I can't imagine going back to the SAD lifestyle. I was gaining weight at a rapid pace. I could envision easily eating my way to obesity. I had already moved into the low range of the overweight category. I have high blood pressure (though it seems to be dropping since I changed my diet) and was afraid that my next stop was diabetes because it runs in my family. I ate a LOT of carbs and, after reading Grain Brain, I now realize how much damage I was potentially doing to my neurological system. (I already have epilepsy.) And I just generally felt like crap and had very, very low energy.

    So this is my starting point. I'll see everyone in three days!

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    Hi bbuoy (again)
    I responded to your other post as well. Wondering how your epilepsy is going with the w30. I know just going gluten free helped my husband a great deal... (he has not decided to go primal or toward a keto lifestyle so far...)

    "Live in such a way that when others speak evil of you, none will believe it."