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    Well, that fullness must've not lasted long... went for a walk to the grocery store and back (with haul) - abt 12 minutes each way - and back home, saw fruit bowl left on table from lunch. Could not resist - tasted one, two pieces, and finally decided to eat all of this cut up fruit (about a cup-worth) with greek yogurt and some pecan pieces. SO yummy. But why this meal - when I know I have dinner coming in less than 2 hours?! Pure gluttony.

    I just adore summer fruit (this was nectarine, blueberries, strawberries, and mango).

    Also had iced Americano w/hnh.

    Dinner: 2 beef meatballs with some tomato sauce and parmesan, caprese salad (tom/mozzarella/basil).

    Good night, big vacuum to which I write daily...


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      Good morning, 8/13

      Coffee w/hnh

      WO: ran outside ~4 miles.

      Brunch: leftovers - crustless quiche lorraine and pepper/cheese omelet. Another coffee w/hnh.


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        I'm feeling munchies hunger all day long. Quite irritating.

        Snack/sml lunch: 2 slices plum tomato, slice mozzerella, fresh basil leaf; 1 slice smoked wild salmon w/1 T cream cheese; snacked on 1/2 or 1 T butter, 8 hazelnuts.

        Snack: few more hazelnuts.

        D: 1/2 avocado; 3 homemade beef meatballs (sml amt of tom sauce), shredded cheese, couple more slices tom/mozz salad; blueberries and champagne grapes, slice brie cheese, 1/4 T butter. tea. sml square dk chocolate.

        I feel a need to munch, trying to manage it through distraction/refutation.


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          What's the point of this journaling? I'm not really getting much out of it...


          Skipped breakfast.

          No workout today - need rest

          L: few hazelnuts, ham/cheese omelet. Coffee w/hnh

          S: sliced tom/mozz, hazelnuts, 2 strawberries w/1.5 T sour cream

          D: 1/2 prime rib, 1/2 c salad greens w/olive oil, tomato. Resisted french fries, ice cream (my sons had - NEAN!!); coffee w/cream, plus 1/8c fluid cream (yum - not half-n-half like most restaurants).

          my weight was up a lb this morning compared to yesterday morning, and I don't have a clue as to why but I'm annoyed about it. My stomach looks and feels bloated. Hmph.


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            weight 149.2 this AM. A bit down from yesterday but still higher than I'd like. I'm seriously stalled and annoyed about it. I'm also feeling very low motivation to exercise. I need to get back to my routine! Can't wait until the boys go back to school...

            Bkfst: strange concoction of eggs,cottage,sr crm, vanilla, cinnamon, blueberries, cooked like a pancake. Tasted 'okay'. Primal sun at the pool.

            lunch: leftover prime rib on the bone, blueberries & strawberries, butter, hazelnuts. Experiencing unending hunger lately-what gives?

            Dinner: At my parents' house to celebrate my uncle's visit. roast beef (or was it prime rib?),braised purple cabbage, carrots w/peppers, eggplant salad. NO blck rice! NO chocolate cake (despite fact taht it was made with almond flour - still - it had sugar in it. Felt so strong about resisting it! ) Had about 1 cup of watermelon... maybe a bit more. For me, that's too many carbs. With my luck, I'll probably go up on the scale tomorrow despite all that self-control. Grrr... I hate being so carb-sensitive. It feels unfair and restrictive.

            But - it is what it is, and I need to just deal with it.

            I think tomorrow I'll fast all day - from this evening until the morning of Monday. We'll see how I hold up.

            NEANed on the chocolate cake at parents' house! #primal


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              SALSA dancing sounds fun!!

              NEAN is kewl

              Have a great Sunday!



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                Thanks Stacey!

                Well, just wanted to note that I can't stop feeling hungry and looking for munchies. So friggin annoying. I'm not sure what my body is trying to tell me.

                Snacks this evening: tomato/mozzarella, smoked salmon w/crm cheese, and some sunflower seeds. 1 sml cube dark chocolate.

                In recent past, this would have been a full-blown carb binge. I should at least be glad about how I kept it 'good' food, despite the fact that the best thing would have been to just zip them lips!


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                  Intermittent fast today. We'll see how long I last given that I'm starting out hungry. Hmph. But I want to stay the WHOLE day and night until tomorrow morning.


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                    Danced fast salsa for 2 hours, fasted.

                    Drank 3 coffees w/hnh today, and tea and water. No food. Holding on strong.


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                      Weight down to 146.7 this morning - wow, almost 3 lbs from a one day fast.

                      Broke the fast after about 35 hrs with a 1/2 cup of whole-milk cottage cheese with 1 tbsp of pecan bits in it and cinnamon. Of course had my obligatory 2 coffees w/hnh.

                      abt 3 hrs later enjoyed a bunless bacon cheeseburger at Fudruckers, with some shredded iceberg lettuce, 2 thin slices tomato, some pickles and jalapenos, and maybe 1/2 teaspoon of mayo. Yum.

                      Dessert back home: 1/2 cup coffee w/hnh, 6 hazelnuts w/one small cube of 71% cacao chocolate.

                      Planned dinner: chicken leg quarter thawing. Probably add cukes on the side.

                      Good day!


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                        Snacked in the afternoon on some extremely ripe and delicious nectarine. Irresitibly good. And a handful of blueberries, plus slice of cheese and some hazelnuts, and tea.

                        Ran outside for 4 miles. Felt noticeably stronger than usual right on the start - felt I was going faster and feeling less fatigue very early. I ran with a smile on my face and enjoyed the whole thing. I also made it in 5 minutes LESS than the same route on Thursday last week - that's a little over 10% off!! Woot!

                        Dinner, not that hungry, so gave the boys some leftovers and fried myself three eggs in some butter. Also had more nectarine - probably a whole one (1/2 earlier, 1/2 now), which is more than I usually let myself. But it's so good. Also had some pecans, and some green tea.

                        Good night, Primal peeps!


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                          Weight up 1 lb this morning. 147.6

                          Decided to fast until lunch. Broke my fast at about 12:30 p with some pecans. Lunch didn't come until 2 p: grilled chicken leg quarter, 1/4 red pepper and 1/2 avocado. Handful blueberries.

                          3 coffees w/hnh today (I'm trying to only have 2, oops)

                          No workout - too busy doing back taxes (double oops).

                          Feeling less hungry today than the previous couple of days, and thankful for it.

                          Dinner: my husband's bastardized version of the Ethiopian dish 'Derek Tibs' - bottom round cubes sauteed with onions, bell peppers, chili peppers, olive oil and seasonings. Yum. The family enjoyed them with low-carb tortillas (we have no access to Ethiopian injera) and I was proud that I totally avoided grains, even the low carb kind. Just ate them plain.

                          Dessert: 1/2 nectarine, 3-4 blueberries. Mmmmm...

                          Food wise, a great day on plan!!

                          Oh - I'm noticing, that aside from the half-n-half in my coffees, I didn't have any dairy today.



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                            My weight is exactly what it was yesterday morning. I'll take that.

                            Fasted crazy hard workout at the gym with my trainer and workout partner. lots of box jumps, squats, pushups of all varieties, jumpropes, and some chest and abs work. So much fun, it went by too fast!

                            Brunch: 3 hardboiled eggs chopped w/half avocado, salt/pepper. 6 hazelnuts. and coffee, but of course!

                            Watched the kids eat non-primal lunch at a pasta place. Had an Americano from Starbucks instead, and water. Not particularly hungry for lunch anyway.

                            late afternoon snack: few hazelnuts, ~3 oz smoked wild Alaskan salmon w/2 T cream cheese and other half of avocado (these are quite small, actually). YUM!

                            Later, will have 'derek tibs' leftovers for dinner. Probably some fruit and tea, too.

                            Another great day, feeling good, strong, and committed. YEE HAW!


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                              I like your journal! :]

                              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                              -Raymond Peat, PhD