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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Sargey6)

    i'm currently 85.8kg and 14.5% bodyfat, my fighting weight is 72-74kg with which i usually cut around 5kg for weigh ins the day before a fight.My aim is to get to around 78kg as a walkaround weight all the time using primal living.I aim to have under 100g carbs on my non muay thai training days and between 100-200g carbs on muay thai training days as my sessions are 2 hours long.After the 1st week i aim to add some IF into things like a skipped meal to start eventully leading to 24 hour IF towards the end of the challenge.

    The main foods i'm trying to cut out are:-


    -chocolate(anything under 70 % if u can actually call it chocolate)


    -ice cream

    i dont really eat much grains anyway but the above list is my main problems when eating is concerned.

    I am allowing myself 1 bar of 80% organic dark chocolate a week so if the urge is there its better than the previous chocolate i have been buying but once it is gone there wont b anymore till shopping day.I'm also looking to cut my caffeine intake down, i've been living primal today but have found myself drinking 5 cups of coffee with cream today, i'm going to try and limit to 4 this week,then decrease the amount until i'm at 1 cup a day 1st thing in the morning.I'm also starting working with a strength & conditioning coach for my upcoming fight(11th oct) so i hoping the challenge will help with an increased performance as well as weight control which will lead to me having a healthier lifestyle which i will eventully try and get my family to follow