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    What I posted to my 30 day challenge

    I've been loosely following the PB for many months now but have only managed 7 consecutive days of near 100% adherence. However, during that week I lost 7 lbs. I know it works but it's hard to do with the wife and kids around when they don't like much of the food that the PB has to offer.

    My challenge to myself is to follow it "near" 100% for the entire month of August.

    <ul>[*]Lose the first 20 of 40 or so pounds that I need to lose[*]Lift twice a week[*]Run/Sprint twice a week[*]Eliminate sugars and all grains[*]No Pizza :-([*]Continue with the PB after the 30 days are up[/list]

    I will do this and I will reap the benefits for the rest of my life.

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    Did fairly well yesterday.


    Nuts and berries for breakfast.

    Jimmy John&#39;s unwich for lunch.

    Bun-less roast beef and cheddar and ham and cheese from Arby&#39;s for supper.


    Too much Diet cherry vanilla Dr Pepper from quick stop.

    Cliff bar for breakfast.

    Cheddar cheese on Arby&#39;s roast beef was from a can, there&#39;s nothing good about that.

    I had about 12 M&M&#39;s after lunch but they&#39;re all gone now so don&#39;t have to worry about them today.

    I ate out way too much.

    Today I&#39;m going to focus on limiting the Diet Dr Pepper/Coke to one at lunch. Cold turkey would probably = fail and I don&#39;t want to fail.