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  • Primal Challenge Journal (jalense)

    Day One

    Food: Started at the tail end of a 24-hour intermittent fast, so only dinner.

    D-Broiled lamb chop marinated in olive oil, garlic, and thyme. Giant green salad with dijon mustard vinaigrette.

    Mood: Excellent, excited to get started.

    Physical Activity:

    20 minutes Turbulence Training as found on Fitness Black Book:

    20 minutes of chopping wood.

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    Day Two

    Sleep: Woken up by a bad dream at 5:30am and could not get back to sleep. So sort of a rough start to the day.


    B-One jumbo scrambled egg, nitrate free "lardons" (sort of French bacon cubes", salad.

    S-It's plum season, and I was outside and picked a fallen one and popped in my mouth without thinking. True gathering, though! So added a slice of ham and 6 almonds to round the carbs out with some fat and protein.

    LL-(late lunch) Stir fried "lardons", small left-over chicken breast, chinese cabbage, and a few sesame seeds. Just used the drippings from the lardons, no additional fat.

    D-Skipping it, cause just aint hungry.

    Mood: Still feeling excellent.

    Physical Activity:

    45 minutes heavy gardening. About 15 minutes pruning fruit trees and 30 minutes chopping wood.

    Made myself a 1.5 liters of sun green/mint tea and drank that all day long.

    Got a great idea for the workout video contest. Hope it flies.


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      Day Three

      Sleep: Much better. Woken by the sun and the sound of the birds. Felt a bit sore from all the physical activity over the last two days.


      B-Still was not hungry so skipped it.

      L-Stir fried chicken breast, chinese cabbage, and a few sesame seeds. Used some lard rather than oil. A small square of chocolate (85%).

      S-2 small plums, tiny bit of "conté" cheese, and 6 almonds.

      D-Some left over pulled pork with a little added pesto. Generous helping of cauliflower with butter. Half a square of chocolate (85%).

      Noticed how much I want to eat out of boredom rather than when I am truly hungry. Need to keep that in check.

      Mood: Feeling a bit overwhelmed with work.

      Physical Activity: 30 minutes of light gardening. Needed a bit of rest.

      Looking for ideas for the Recipe video.


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        Day Four

        Sleep: woke up again at around 5am, strange, but was able to get back to sleep. But slept until 8, must past my usual 7.

        LB-(late breakfast)-Two scrambled eggs with a small scallion and about a 1/4 small leftover chicken breast. Some lettuce without dressing.

        S-(really my lunch, as not feeling very hungry) 2 small plums, tiny bit of "conté" cheese

        D-1 cup freshly made gazpacho (blended home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, basil with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a bit of garlic, and shallot) plenty left over for tomorrow.

        Mood: Excellent

        Physical Activity: 20 combo TT and sledgehammer. Tried some sprints but could only do two.


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          Day Five

          Sleep: Much better today.

          B-2 scrambled eggs, one small shallot, 1 organic sausage.

          L-Cup of gazpacho. 10 almonds. Small piece of comté cheese.

          D-Cup of gazpacho. 1 scrambled egg. 1 sausage.

          It's Friday, not much left in the house to eat. Tomorrow's farmer's market.

          Mood: Very good. Feeling better about work.

          Physical Activity: 30 minutes light gardening.


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            Day Six and Seven


            Had house guests this weekend, so could not update for day six until now.

            Sleep: A nice good long sleep.


            LL- I am lucky that the village next to mine transforms itself into one of the biggest most amazing farmer's market in all of France. Anything and everything one could imagine. Many of the stand's are organic. Unfortunately, none of the butcher's are, but the meat from the one I frequent is of extremely high quality and very fresh. So lunch was late because the guests arrived late. But we had 2 Hand made pork sausage, salad with vinaigrette, yellow tomato salad with basil and vinaigrette. Vinaigrette is homemade always at my house. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and dijon mustard.

            D-Very late dinner as we went sightseeing. But I had made a crockpot curry that had simmered all day. Ground beef and pork, cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, and coconut milk, curry, and cumin simmered together for about 10 hours. Before dinner we did have "aperitif". I showed an amazing amount of self-control in that I served margaritas to my guests but just drank sparkling water myself. Served deviled eggs instead of the typical chips and dip. At 3 halves. For my guests I did serve rice with the curry for my guests but did even have one grain myself. They also ate a plum tarte. None for me. I did eat some cheese though. Although for my challenge, I want to cut down on it, I don't feel too bad cause the cheese in France is not pasteurized or processed. And everything we have is locally made.

            Physical Activity. Again hard to anything because of the house guests but we did walk for about 90 minutes or so throughout the day.

            Mood: Excellent. Although I really wanted one of those margaritas!!

            Day Seven

            B-one hardboiled egg.

            S-6 almonds

            L-Roastbeef. And steamed, then sauteed patty pan squash flowers. A bit of cheese. Small square of chocolate.

            S-3 small plums.

            D-cucumber gazpacho. A bit of cheese.

            Mood: excellent.

            Sleep: woke again with start.

            Physical activity. Difficult again cause of the guests but walked about 60 minutes throughout the day.


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              Day Eight

              Sleep: greatly reduced cause I had to stay up late for an unexpected work deliverable. Only 4.5 hours sleep.


              Even if I am very proud of myself for staying primal despite my house guests this weekend. I still feel as though I ate more than I should. So, today was a perfect day for a 24 hour fast. So, had dinner last night, so only dinner today.

              D-Lettuce. Small bowl homemade evertyhing-organic gazpacho. 1 small avocado. About 1 cup of leftover vegatable and beef curry. Tiny square of 85% chocolate.

              Mood: a bit peeved about work. But otherwise excellent.

              Physical Activity. None, as the work deliverable has eaten into my entire day.


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                Day Nine

                Sleep: Through the night!!


                B-two jumbo eggs (they both had double yolks) with four slices of bacon and chives. I was hungry.

                S-4 tiny plums directly from the tree.

                L-Cup of leftover beef and vegetable curry. .5 cup of gazpacho.

                D-1 small avocado, handful of cherry tomatoes, cup of leftover beef and vegetable curry. 100g of fresh raspberries from the garden.

                Mood: Excellent.

                Physical Activity

                25 min TT

                30 min light gardening.


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                  Day 10

                  Sleep: woke with the sun.

                  B-Two jumbo eggs (they both had double yolks) with some fried smoke pork tenderloin, cherry tomatoes, and raspberries. Took a picture for the contest.

                  L-Enormous salad with added leftover roast beef, one hardboiled egg. Vinaigrette dressing and some almond slivers. Small square of 85% chocolate.

                  D-Finished the leftover beef and veggie curry with some almond slivers and 1/2 small avocado.

                  Mood: Good and getting much more done at work.

                  Physical Activity: not much. A short 15 minute walk.


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                    Day 11

                    Sleep: stayed up too late and paid the consequences.

                    B-Two jumbo eggs (they both had double yolks) and a cup of gazpacho. 4 slices bacon.

                    S-3 tiny plums.

                    L-Sautéed mushrooms with some fried smoke pork tenderloin, cherry tomatoes.

                    D-Two hardboiled eggs and a cup of gazpacho.

                    Mood: Excellent.

                    Physical Acitvity: 45 bike ride.


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                      Day 12

                      Sleep: Okay.

                      B-Two jumbo eggs (they both had double yolks) 4 slices smoked pork tenderloin.

                      S-3 tiny dried plums.

                      L-Sautéed carrots and 1 "crepinette" sausage. Small square of 85% chocolate.

                      D-1 small tomato and 1 "crepinette" sausage. Small square of 85% chocolate.

                      Mood: Excellent.

                      Physical Acitvity: 20 min TT.


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                        Day 13

                        Sleep: Excellent.


                        S-1 tiny dried plums.

                        L-Enormous salad with added pork loin, avacado, cherry tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds. Small square of 85% chocolate.

                        D-Wow. I am very proud of myself. Aug 15th, today is a holiday in France. Was invited to friends. I agonized a bit all day about how it would go as I was planning on staying primal. Turned out okay. No one got too wierded out when I drank water during the cocktail and took none of the carb-ridden snacks. Dinner was a barbecue so I lucked out. Some lamb, two sausages. I did eat a few of the green beens in the green been salad with vinaigrette. Ate the cheese with no bread. And for desert there was an apricot tarte. I had none. Did have a tiny "shot glass" full of thyme sherbert. Almost no sugar. It was meant to accompany the tarte. Proud, proud, proud.

                        Mood: A bit anxious about eating at friend's house.

                        Physical Acitvity: None.


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                          Day 14

                          Sleep: Okay.


                          L-Steam patty pan squash, 2 lamb chops.

                          D-Sautéed patty pan squash and 1 "crepinette" sausage. Small square of 85% chocolate.

                          Mood: Excellent.

                          Physical Acitvity: 1 hour bike ride.


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                            Day 15:

                            Sleep: had a hard time getting up.

                            B and L: Decided to do a 24 hour IF. Made it to dinner no problem.

                            D: Another victory. It was my friend's birthday and that meant going to a restaurant. I did some careful research on the web before reserving. At on the terrace, unfortunately next to smokers but... Appetizer: Veal carpaccio. Delicious. Came with some bread. The most wonderful smelling bread. I put it down and left it alone. Can blood sugar go up just from a whiff? I wanted it, it really smelled so good. But hey this is a "challenge" right? Main course: Steak tartare served with a salad and vinaigrette and some lovely sautéed new potatoes. I did not touch one of those potatoes. For desert, some fresh raspberries, strawberries, and cherries. Wine? None!!! Phew.

                            Mood: Excellent.

                            Physical Activity: 1 hour walk.


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                              Day 16:

                              Sleep: Good, but it is heatwave here in France so got woken up by the heat a few times.

                              B and L: Another 24 hour IF.

                              D: Cup of gazpacho. 2 scrambled eggs. Half very small avocado and a cup of homemade vegetable curry.

                              Mood: Good.

                              Physical Activity: 30 minutes walk.