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    This is going to be a sparse journal. I would like to post progress reports on intervals of about 15 days or so. Any sooner and there is so much noise in the measures as to confuse. Secondly, I need a place to record progress should my computer die! Windoze does that!

    The following entry is clipped from a mail note I sent a friend this morning and it contains all the elements of me going primal on June 19th until today, my 16th day on the program. My alarming Doc's visit was June 22nd and just served to reinforce my willingness to continue.

    The oblique reference to low cost health care in the following paragraphs is a reference to Medicare and the fact I just went on it. It is non existent for all intents and purposes and so any choice to avoid intersections with the health care community can only be viewed as cost savings. Doctors are not accepting new patients with Medicare Insurance. Hence my alarm with my BP and other markers for an early death!

    Here tis, enjoy:

    Today is my 16th day on my quest for cheap health care. By that I infer I am losing weight and exercising to avoid disease and infirmity. My initial readings at the Doctors office on the 22nd of June 2010 were:
    Weight 264 lbs
    Systolic 160
    Diastolic 91
    Waist girth 50....all markers for atherosclerosis and an early death.

    My new "normal" regimen is low carbs and generally a diet of protein, fats and less than 150 grams of carbohydrates per day. This from fruits and vegetables mostly. Absolutely no salt save that from food.

    Additionally I am walking .8 miles each morning and I am being anal about all of this. Yesterday it was raining and I felt cheated until I could get my walk in.

    No grains, sugars or legumes/tubers or the like.

    Today's readings were:
    Weight 253 lbs
    Systolic 119
    Diastolic 70
    Heart Rate 83

    I don't know my girth but it is certainly smaller. My flab quotient is certainly smaller!
    I keep wanting to move the sticks and extend my walking distance but have refrained from that. As long as I can feel a soreness or tension in my back muscles from holding myself erect while walking I wont push it. After my back becomes accustomed to erect walking again I will move the sticks out to perhaps 2 miles a morning. That should have a decided effect on fitness levels and help adjust my resting heart rate lower. I would like to get it to 70 or lower.

    With my BP measures I am resting for 30 minutes following each morning walk and then taking the readings . I take three readings and use the middle reading for my spreadsheet. This morning's reading quoted above is my middle reading.

    The wonderful thing about this change is that I am not hungry at all. I have very few cravings (once I wanted salt on something and one day I lusted after a piece of toast and jam but I refrained each time). Energy levels are constant all day long and walking is a breeze save the back muscle issue I have mentioned.

    I will of course, take stock after 30 days and re evaluate any changes I need to make. 20 years ago I went running every day and weekly accumulated about 30 miles/week over the course of perhaps 1.5 years. During that time I dropped to about 193 or so and could manage no further weight loss. Then I suffered a stress fracture so I stopped. The rest is history. During my running I did not change my diet. That is key here. I would like to get to 160 or so and be fit enough to walk many miles. I cant say if I will make it but I will try as hard as I can.

    Cyndi(wife) is participating along with me. She is not walking but she is supportive of the eating plan. I took her BP the other day and I asked her if she was alive! BP: 106/65///sheesh!

    We are learning to poach salmon and steel head once per week-something we never did in the past. Im taking some supplements like omega 3, vitamin c etc.So far so good.

    And that's it. So far so good. I am encouraged by all of this. Today is 4th of July and we are having lots of BBQ brisket with fresh fruit and eggs. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday. Best, Chas
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    OK I've changed my mind. I will keep food consumption info here. No numbers just stuff I jammed down my gullet. Its 4th of July so a guy should be able to celebrate right?

    Bfst: hard boiled egg and a small navel orange.
    Lnch: Some slices of Swiss cheese (maybe 3 oz.) from Sprout's and an apple. I wonder how much salt is in the Swiss Cheese?
    Dinner could be problematic...there are two completed briskets fresh off the BBQ smoker in the oven holding forth at 100 deg F. Ill report back when the damage has been done after dinner. If you guys are nice I may include a pix or 2 ....the rest is planned to be a squash casserole with onions, tomatoes and shredded Monterrey jack cheese and a nice fruit salad with deviled eggs. Best, Chas
    They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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      I like how you call it cheap healthcare! Your dead on
      Great progress so far, keep it grokin' !


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        Oh sigh! Dinner was more than I anticipated. Oink.... bottle of water, 2 deviled eggs, 2 helping of squash casserole w cheese (Monterrey Jack), fruit salad 1 helping abt 8 oz, smoked brisket 8-10 oz. I abstained from homemade ice cream sandwiches. Cannot send pix of the smoked brisket cuz its all gone-both of them! Yikes. C U tomorrow. Chas
        They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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          Thanks Evita

          When you reach a certain age Medical Expense management becomes a very large financial problem. We never have been a family to run to the Doc's for every sniffle. Ten year lapses are not unusual between Doc's office visits. That said end of life meds management is critical to financial health. It is not unusual to have retirement (corporate) medical insurance bills of 700 dollars per month. Transitioning to Medicare provides cheap insurance but very little coverage, hence out of pocket expense rises. That isnt bad for a Doc's office visit, however, for a large hospital emergency, the whole family could be wiped out financially. Now that Advantage is gone and health care solution will be managed by committee, I needed to take matters into my own hands. Those consideration are what drove me off the couch. Anyway I hope you find this of some interest. Best, Chas
          They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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            July 05 2010...consternation over lack of weight loss. Been stuck at 253 for four days now. I shouldn't look but I want to keep a spread sheet and a graph when most is said and done.
            BFST: three egg scramble with chorizo, chives and some grated Monterrey Jack.
            Lunch: Skipped
            Dinner TBD and Reported later.
            They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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              Mmmmmm ..... steelhead. It's on our menu frequently, though I don't poach fish b'cse each time I do it's an epic failure. In case you're looking for a little change on preparation....I wrap it in parchment paper that has been prepared with coconut oil or butter, then wrap that in heavy foil. An average fillet will be done in about 10-11 minutes (approx 5 - 5 1/2 min per side). Sometimes the parchment paper chars a little so it imparts a bit of a smoky flavour. Very yummy with a squeeze of lemon or capers and dill or a relish that I make with chopped artichokes, white balsamic, and capers.

              Welcome, and keep up the great work!


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                Thanks Autumn!

                I had forgotten about tenting with parchment paper...I watch Jacques Pepin a lot!

                5 July 2010 dinner was two lean hamburg patties and a nice salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing.

                I will post bfst and lunch later today. I finally broke through the 253 lb area. Four days is an eternity. Today was 252.2 lbs. BP still running around 117/76 with HR at 81-83. I still believe fitness level and continued weight loss will adjust resting HR.

                My calorie expenditure daily is supposed to be 3050 calories. I'm sure I'm not eating that much so the lumpy way weight comes off is puzzling. Frustrating too. I feel like the little engine that "could" but wasn't sure.

                They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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                  Reporting BFST and Lunch...Nada. Was not hungry. So water is all for the record until dinner which will be Chicken Caccitoi (sp?) ala crock pot from the recipes section in this forum. Also dinner tonight will have a big pile of Brussel Sprouts. Yumm.
                  They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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                    7 July 2010...last evenings chicken crock pot dish was great. Lost a pound by fasting much of yesterday. Im not hungry at all. Cut back on fruit a lot because I got stalled in weight loss. This morning is an omelet with chorizo, onions and some shredded cheese on top. Dunno about lunch yet. Oh yes I was just delivered some cubed cantaloupe (small custard cup amount). It is funny how weight sloughs off at irregular intervals. Not linear in the least. I bet I didnt eat a thousand calories yesterday but then Im not counting, just eating when I feel hungry. My trips walking each morning are getting easier and quicker. I suppose there are fewer old pizza pies to shed every day. Glad I dont get a bill from the city for cracking the pavement.
                    They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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                      8 July 2010: I really pigged out yesterday. Nothing non-primal but just more than I am accustomed too eating of late. In addition to bfst reported on above I ate a lunch was an apple followed by dinner which consisted of two LARGE bowls of homemade chili. Today should be loaded with green stuff. I plan on trying to find some spaghetti squash to make homemade spaghetti sauce and have sans pasta. Barring finding the squash I don't know what I will end up doing for supper, which seems like it is our main meal. Continuing with the morning walk of .8 miles every day. This morning I was fantasizing about jogging again by the time I was approaching home after my walk. Good grief.
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                        Had small cup of blueberries and a hard boiled egg for bfst 8 July 2010....
                        They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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                          8 July 2010: Meals this afternoon were no lunch, a dinner consisting of zucchini julienne used for a noodle replacement and home made spaghetti sauce and shrimp. The amount of squash that I could make with our lame mandolin regulated my consumption. This completes 8 July reports.
                          They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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                            9 July 2010; time to up the ante. After three weeks of walking .8 miles each morning I upped the ante to 1.5 miles this morning. Walking time went from average of 17 minutes to my one off time of 36 minutes. It is so very hard to comprehend how unfit one can become sitting in front of a computer all day, every day for 8 years. I wasn't the paragon of fitness when I began sitting in front of a computer either. It sure seems a long way from here to 160 lbs. I haven't been 160 since 1970. I wonder if exercise is truly the elixir I am hoping it is. Hard to imagine reversing atherosclerosis by simply diet and exercise.
                            Oh well, so far so good. Down a vast amount of weight and hoping for a lot more. Wish I could overcome this constipation issue though. That is annoying.
                            They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.


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                              9 July 2010; Breakfast this morning was a custard cup full of cantaloupe cubed and a hard boiled egg. Feeling lighter now (!) and can actually tie my shoes sans assuming weird contortions. Amazing. Not hungry following this breakfast at all. It should be understood that I always have a mug of un creamed un sugared coffee in the morning but since it has no food value I don't report it.
                              They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.