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boundless energy or bust - a journal of discovery

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  • boundless energy or bust - a journal of discovery

    I started PB 4 weeks ago as an experiment.

    I went into it with 2 goals - to lose weight (i was probably 20lbs or so overweight) and to increase my energy levels.

    I haven't been 100% primal - I've had beer, one pizza, several slices of cake, cookies and a few other exceptions, yet on the whole I've changed a very significant part of my diet. Breakfast used to be a bowl or two of cereal (frosted mini wheats usually) and milk. Now it's bacon and eggs. Lunch and dinner now has more veg and meat, no pasta or rice. Sandwiches are gone. Bread is gone.

    I don't count calories, and I've been eating a lot. I think mostly to make up for my sugar addiction. I still have 1 or 2 fruit smoothies a day. Lately I haven't been that hungry, yet have been eating out of habit - my short-term goal for this week is to only eat when I'm hungry.

    So far, I've lost a decent amount of weight (sorry, no scale, I don't actually care about the lbs, just the way I look and feel). I took photos in the mirror on day 1, and will keep taking them to document the weight loss.

    My energy levels have drastically shifted. I don't have ebbs and flows anymore - just a solid state of energy all day long. I had some slight concerns around energy during mountain biking and tennis - that seems to be resolving itself now as well, on my last ride I had more energy than before. I'll keep a watch on this too.

    So far, I'm super happy with the results (if a little impatient for the weight to come off a little faster!).

    More so, I have, for years suffered from on again-off again mild depression and social anxiety. Those seem to be greatly diminishing - something I had never attributed to diet, and one of the reasons I decided to start this journal. I never expected this. I slowly seem to be getting more productive, and finding myself more interested in things after this past year of being particularly depressed.

    I'm actually enjoying cooking for the first time in my life, and so far rather blown away by the changes I've noticed in just a month of eating primally. Can't wait to see how I feel in another month!

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    I also find the psychological side effects PB to be the most interesting part. I think I used to exercise in part to curb anxiety. Now that my fairly mild anxiety is gone I really don't feel like exercising much anymore.