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    Normally I would set big fitness goals for myself, but I'm halfway through the ultimate frisbee season, so my main fitness goal is to not get injured and not skip any team workouts or practices.

    Other goals:

    1. Body weight below 140 lbs

    2. Absolutely no grains!

    3. IF at least once per week

    4. try a completely new recipe at least once per week

    5. Stop procrastinating and actually look into getting some vibram five-fingers

    6. Pivot more with the frisbee, and look to hit the around flick break more

    7. sign up for a farmers co-op and/or cowpool

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    Still recovering from spending all weekend out in the heat playing ultimate frisbee. A bit of a headache all day that I think was lingering dehydration and fatigue. Took it easy but didn't feel like napping, so I'll go to bed now and get a nice full night's sleep.

    Went to the store and loaded up on good foods. Broiled lamb shoulder chop for dinner, never tried that before. (either broiling or cooking with lamb, I really don't know how to cook meat except for stir-fry.) I overcooked it a bit but it was definitely edible, and I got to practice sucking on the bone marrow... a skill that requires some practice I think.

    Ended up "binging" a bit after dinner because I was still hungry. Half a cup of raspberries with a quarter cup of heavy cream poured over top. And a couple of squares of very dark chocolate. That pushed my carbs a bit high for the day- around 80g total- but again, trying to let my body recover, not feel deprived. All in all a good start for me.


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      Intro post!

      Age: 26 years old

      Gender: Female

      Height: 5'6"

      Weight: 145 lbs

      Measurements: (from March, but probably still accurate)

      Bust: 36"

      Waist: 27"

      Hips: 39"

      Thigh: 24"

      Diet history:

      Well, I pretty much lived entirely on candy, chips, and sugary soda all through high school, and crept up to around 155 lbs. In college I discovered the world of "dieting", ate pretty much only boneless skinless chicken breasts, canned tuna, egg whites, and whole grains, (with binging cheat days) and managed to stay around 145 lbs. Stayed active after finishing college, but slowly came to accept that my diet wasn't sustainable. I'd stop counting calories, drink sugary lattes, and watch my weight start to creep up again. When I got close to 160 lbs I'd freak and count every single calorie (but still drink sugary lattes) until I was down close to 145 lbs again. And then the cycle would repeat.

      I eventually discovered the Zone, which gave me the first clue to just how much carbs and sugar affected my appetite and cravings. Eventually moving to the primal lifestyle was a pretty natural step. I tried going grain-free on January 1 of this year, and have been cleaning up my diet more and more ever since. I haven't actively tried to lose weight since switching over, instead I've reveled in the fact that I can eat without counting calories and maintain. I would like to lose some body fat though, which is why it'll be a goal for this month.

      I really somehow avoided ever having to learn to cook, so it's been a big step for me to move away from living off of microwave dinners and ramen. I generally fry bacon and eggs for breakfast these days. I get through the day with several cups of coffee (with half & half, and no sweeteners). For lunch I plan to start bringing leftovers more often, but at the moment I'm more likely to get a fast food cheeseburger or sandwich and toss the bun/bread. For dinner I also tend to eat out a lot. One of my big focuses this month is to really start cooking my dinners. I'm learning how to broil steaks and use my slow cooker. I'm also learning how the heck to work with fresh produce. I don't have any plans to cut back on the coffee for now, but I think mid-month I'll take a look back and see if maybe it needs to go.

      Fitness history:

      Well, my only physical activity growing up was ballet, which set me up rather poorly in terms of healthy diet and body image, but set me up well in terms of body control and good movement form. Anyway, dropped the ballet in high school, and did nothing physical until I discovered weightlifting my senior year. In college I joined the ultimate frisbee team, and eventually adjusted my weightlifting to better support my frisbee goals (instead of just "mirror muscles"). I've kept up playing ultimate competitively, but in early 2007 I discovered Crossfit. For a while that was my "sport" of choice. I've pretty much tailed off that for the past year now, as I've re-focused on ultimate, but I've taken a lot of the Crossfit theory and training methodology to heart.

      So right now I'm not really going to the gym at all. I have two ultimate frisbee practices, a scrimmage, and a group track workout per week, with weekend-long tournaments every 2-3 weeks. The season ends in early October, so my plan for now is to just survive, try to stay uninjured, and rest my body as best I can until then. I do a fair amount of walking every day, and have two growing kittens that keep me on my toes at home, so I think my moving frequently at a slow pace is covered. I have a doorway pullup bar at home, and would like to be able to do dead-hang pullups, so that will probably be my only other fitness goal.


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        I was unfortunately thwarted in my dinner plans last night- making sausage & kale soup- due to not actually having all the ingredients. I instead made a delicious mini crustless quiche- threw in some deli ham and sundried tomatoes. Unfortunately my little quiche pan is really far too small, there's really only enough room for one egg. So I whipped out the mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes I had bought the other day and mixed them together with some olive oil and dried basil and kosher salt. Mmmm. Who says I can't manage dinner on my own at home?

        This being a Primal challenge and all I do worry that I rely a bit too much on dairy products. But they really are full-fat, hardly any lactose to speak of. Well, I plan on making that sausage & kale soup tonight, that's pretty darn primal!

        My track workout yesterday ended up being the old Crossfit standby- 400m of walking lunges. youch! Did it in 14:35, which is a PR for me. And I can still walk today. Excellent.


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          Eating on a tight budget yesterday, so my food consisted of mostly eggs and more eggs. Oh, and some bacon. Mmmm. I'm way sore today from the 400m walking lunges, but it's the good kind of sore. I'm stopping by the grocery store tonight so hopefully I'll finally be able to make my sausage and kale soup. woot!