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  • Primal Challenge Journal (peggyblah)

    i recently finished a 5 month goal program on, where i got really bummed and discouraged because i had made my goal numbers-oriented, and when i plateaued (as you do), i got so discouraged that i stopped all the good behaviors that had gotten me so far and basically gave up. so for this, the only numbers will be numbers i can actively control as opposed to the scale.

    1 - 15 minutes of outdoor activity 4 days a week (this doesn't sound like a big deal, but i'm in texas, and it's really freakin' hot out here even at 9 am)

    2 - workout 20+ minutes a day, 3 days a week, concentrating on strength training/weight lifting

    3 - limit myself to 75 carbs a day (in my 3 weeks of paleo eating, i've already gotten pretty used to not having bread, rice, or pasta, but SUGAR is a 20-year addiction that has a stranglehold on me)

    4 - 20 pushups a day (i want to move the ratio of modified-from-the-knees-pushups to full-body-from-the-toes-pushups so that more of them are the latter than the former, but every full-body pushup i do is 1 more i couldn't do last year)

    5 - 15 minutes of ME time a day at least 4 days a week to help reduce stress and improve sleep (i'm a work-at-home mom with 4 part-time jobs and a very active, extremely bright 8 month old) through yoga, meditation, solo walking, bubble baths with trashy novels, driving around with my windows down & the stereo up, whatever.

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    Day 1 Foods:

    since it appears that these entries can be edited, i'm going to try to remember to add my foods as i eat them so i don't have to carry around a notebook or keep track of floating pieces of paper. i am not going to be OCD about this since that always gets me down when i fall off of perfection; i am striving for slightly better than 80/20 primal, but i will not defeat myself by looking for excuses to give up.

    the legend: B: breakfast; S#: snack; L: lunch: D: dinner (it seems obvious, but i wanted to remind myself for reallllllly tired days)

    anyway, here's what i've eaten today:

    BF: ham and cheddar 2-egg omelette

    S1: two paleo pancakes (made yesterday) with a smear of almond butter each

    L: fasted

    S2: didn't have

    D: almond-crusted salmon, handful of roasted almonds, 1/2 glass of whole milk (ate dinner early due to skipping lunch & hubby planning to fast for dinner)

    got a few minutes of sunshine, but it was late in the afternoon, so those few minutes were realllllllly warm. haven't gotten in the exercise or "me" time yet, but the pushups are done, so that's good.


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      okay, so i did the thing i hate most about food and used it as comfort. i was upset, so i went to whataburger and got a cheeseburger. argh. and it wasn't even that tasty, but i did take the top bun off. then i ate two squares from a lindt 70% cocoa bar. since i was really good about carbs the rest of the day (only 24 carbs total from the milk and almond butter), i think that i still fell well within my limit for the day since the whole bun appears to be 58 carbs, and i removed the top half. so there is some consolation, anyway.


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        Day 2 Foods:

        okay, so i fasted this morning 'cause that was today's challenge from mark, but then i remembered that (for me, at least) fasting is stupid because i can't control myself when the next meal comes 'round, and i eat just as much as if i'd eaten two meals. so, yeah, no more of that!

        BF: fasted

        S1: handful of almonds

        L: steak, string cheese, blueberry & banana yogurt smoothie with protein powder, cutie orange

        S2: 1/2 dark chocolate choxie bar (num num num!), handful of almonds

        lots of water

        no exercise yet (except pushups) and not much on the sun side, either. i'm hoping to do some lifting tonight when sweetie gets home, but we'll see what happens. if i need to focus on getting my eating back on track this week, that's while i'll do.


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          Day 3

          i don't know why i thought i could edit posts, but whatever. for dinner last night, i had a sad little grilled chicken (from the freezer, but i forgot to put a cup of water in the microwave with it, so it came out like shoe leather) and a giant boring-ass salad. man, i don't know what's up, but this batch of romaine is really bleh. i don't know if it's just because i'm used to spinach salads at this point, or what, but even when i jazzed it up with a little dried fruit, nuts, orange slices, an apple, some feta, and i can't remember what else, it was still dullsville. hope that'll change soon since i have a big huge bag of it and hate to waste food. okay, on to today.

          B: 2 eggs, 1 paleopancake with nut butter

          S1: other half of yesterday's banana-blueberry protein smoothie, chocolate square

          L: steak, cottage cheese, big ass salad with romaine, orange slices, blueberries, feta, a bit of spinach, and some plain yogurt (this one is better than yesterday's even w/o the higher GI dried fruits)

          for dinner, i'm planning to make tuna steaks, but i haven't decided on the side yet, whether we'll have spinach salads, broccoli, fauxtatoes (erin's wonderful word for cauliflower mashed potatoes), or faurice (ditto). it probably depends on how much work i get done this afternoon!


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            IF is about reduced meal frequency and is not a calorie reduction regimen. Eating twice as much in your next meal is fine and should bring about the same benefits. I have been doing IF for a couple months with a 16-18 hr fast on weekdays and a carb up on weekends. My weekdays I usually only eat two meals around 1000-1200 calories each, which total to my target of 2000-2500 a day. Inadvertently, sometimes this does lead to a calorie reduction, since its might be hard to eat 1000-1200 cals at a meal of "primal" food, so I will have days of around 1800 cals sometimes.

            Here are some links to Mark's posts on IF:




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              thanks, jostle! i didn't know anyone would actually read this! i did look for info on IF, but i was mostly looking to see how it related to nursing mothers, and when i couldn't easily find that (time IS a premium with an 8 month old on the loose!), i just moved on in my head.

              new topic.

              okay, for dinner last night, we did have the tuna steaks, and they were very, very boring. bleh. the ones from sprouts were YUM, but these from super target were blaaaaaah. and expensive! let's just say, i'd rather have had tinned tuna considering how much of a disappointment it was. and i still don't like broccoli, so dinner was an all around let down last night. but the melon we had for dessert was DELICIOUS. ohmigosh, it was so fabulous. and the baby had some for the first time, and he quite enjoyed it!

              here's today:

              BF: ham & cheese ommellette (how the heck is that spelled?), 2 paleo pancakes with peanut butter (i know, i know, it's not actually a nut & isn't paleo, but, damn, it costs 1/4 of what almond butter costs), cut of chai

              S1: chocolate square (but now i'm almost out & didn't buy anymore today!)

              L: steak, string cheese, ham & cheese roll-up

              S2: blue berries & plain yogurt

              dinner was supposed to be this pesto chicken & sweet potatoes, but i just noticed that i forgot to turn on the crockpot. ugh! luckily, the chicken i got out this morning was too much for our little crockpot, and i was already in the process of making a paleoish version of chicken cordon bleu when i realized dinner was a no-go. so now they're both cooking, and we'll just eat the pesto chicken tomorrow or this weekend. i've also got cauliflower going to make some fauxtatoes, and that sounds just yum! this is actually what i wanted for my birthday dinner so i'm glad i'm finally making it, even if it's a week and a half late. hopefully it won't suck.

              i still haven't done any workouts at all (except my 20 pushups a day, and i'm trying to add 20 squats a day, too, after reading that they are one of the best exercises when done properly). i did manage to squeeze in 10 minutes of sun today, but it's just so freakin' hot outside that we went at 6:30.

              okay, gotta figure out what the heck i'm gonna do for desert so i'm not tempted to go out and get more chocolate (or break into the supersecret easter candy stash).


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                fauxtatoes...ha! Sorry your meals are feeling a little blah, that's never fun. I've had really great luck with the recipes from this site, each one I've tried has been either good or great!

                You are what you eat,
                and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                  I can't take credit for fauxtatoes Peggy but I can't stop saying it either. Fauxtatoes! pesto chicken sounds yummy. We can talk food (or not) tonight, looking forward to seeing you! Also the almond butter I buy is around $6, it seems that you and Mama are both spending about $9-10? Tom Thumb has it cheaper, just fyi.


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                    PS have you tried making the cauliflower pizza crust yet? I think that's my next project.