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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Holly)

    What I hope to get out of this challenge is to lose my sugar cravings, and lose 10 lbs. I have had operations in both knees for a conditions called OCD. It stands for your bones chipping away and breaking off. If I don't lose the weight and get my knee to heal, they are suggesting knee replace. I have a follow up xray in October so I would like to lose weight to take stress off my legs. I am starting with one meal at a time to slide into eating primal, starting with breakfast.

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    One thing about the challenge is it makes you think twice about sticking something in your mouth one don't want to record in this journal.

    Here's my menu for today.

    BK 3 pc Bacon

    2 oz pineapple/coconut juice w/ vitamins

    1 Lo carb monster drink

    2 boiled eggs

    L 1 sausage link

    1 raw red pepper

    1 c blueberries

    Sk 1/4 cup raw almonds

    D 1 NY strip grilled

    1 cup raw baby carrots

    1 1/2 cup salad greens

    1 oz ranch dressing

    I will run this through fit day and see how many carbs.



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      Day 3

      BK Lo carb Monster

      2 oz pineapple/coconut juice w/vitamins

      1 sausage link

      L 1 NY strip

      1 cup raw carrots

      1 oz ranch dressing

      Sk Almond & Coconut bar

      D 1/2 roasted chicken

      1 cup pico


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        Day 4

        BK 3 strip bacon

        2 boiled eggs

        2 oz pineapple/coconut juice w/ vitamins

        L 1/2 roasted chicken

        SK IF

        D IF


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          Day 5

          BK IF

          L Grilled Shrimp

          1 cup raw carrots

          Ranch Dressing

          Cocktail sauce

          SK Nut Bar

          D Ribeye

          Stir fried Broccoli

          2 fresh peaches


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            Day 6

            L 3 fried eggs

            4 strip bacon

            i nut bar

            SK 1/2 Ribeye Steak

            1 raw red bell pepper

            D 10 hot wings

            Carrot & celery sticks

            Blue cheese dressing

            SK 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks


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              Day 7

              BK Lo carb monster

              2 oz pineapple/ coconut juice with vits

              SK Bottle of 100% grape juice.

              L Hamburger steak

              Lettuce salad and blue cheese dressing

              Nut bar

              SK Bottle of 100% grape juice

              D Salad with sliced turkey and blue cheese


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                Day 8

                BK Lo Carb monster

                2 oz pineapple juice w/ vits

                1 bottle grape juice

                1 sausage link

                L Hamburger steak

                SK Nut bar

                1 oz peanuts

                D 20 hot wings w/ Blue cheese