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  • Specialised Primal Blueprint for (Seraffa)

    I started out on Thursday - so I'm doing a double-posting today. Now that I've only just started, I realise how extremely important tracking all this stuff is.... in my other posts on this site I mention that I have pre-existing health issues. They are auto-immune in nature. I hope that my own Blueprint my be an aid for other folks with bulimia and hyperthyroidism, should they need the extra help to overcome these obstacles too in their lives. My goal is to finally conquer the weight that won't budge, and hope to heal completely from hyperthyroidism through Primal and any other means at my disposal. 40% of hyperthyroiders can in fact, heal, if the nutritional/toxic contaminant/parasite side of things is tested and (if positive) fully addressed. Bulimia? I don't know. I think I need to volunteer myself to go to Sweden for a nice 6 month in-house medical study with their cutting-edge Doctors, and let them do some "observation" while I get a long-deserved vacation from New York f*****g City! I hear Sweden is THE place to retire in style!

    PS: In order to help my thyroid, I am going off of decaf coffee and dairy of all sorts, except for special occasions at Church, once a week. I am also going to tame the "sour-cream craving monster," and opt for a cup of kefir every few days to restore my intestinal bacteria lost through extreme stress, intermittent bulimia, and thyroid meds.

    Thursday 7/15/10 "FAILURE" *felt like I fell down a flight of stairs doing this......*
    * Eliminated today many non-caffienated diet drinks, out of concern for manufactured sweeteners.
    Weather extremely hot and humid. Comfortably fasted with NO hunger pangs WHATSOEVER until 6 pm. Got to dinner very late (7pm) and blood sugar crashing dramatically.

    Chinese House Special Soup (clear): 3 oz chicken, 1/2 oz shrimp, 3/4 cup veggies.
    Blood sugar still crashing after 25 min. of eating.
    Lightheaded with brain fog.

    Grabbed 1 bottle blood orange/mango MASH 2% juice/ 25 gm carbs (fructose sweetened only)
    Craving kicked in for sour cream. Brain fog still present and bulimia building now.

    Ran to store to grab non-dairy stuff in helplessness.
    4 cups unsweetened "So Delicious" Coconut milk (completely consumed)
    8 oz slivered almonds (completely consumed)

    "Didn't feel normal" rest of evening; fell asleep at 10 pm.
    Woke up 1 AM feeling "off" only to binge and vomit on starchy carbs.
    Complete dinner and large quantities of acid coming up from stomach due to "low-carb" fruit drink. Food was never basically digested, in other words.
    Teeth hurt afterwards due to acid sensitivity.

    No exercise done today to speak of, except for walking around.
    Since I am truly obsese at 197 pounds, I have been advised to get the food down "pat" and used to it until I start exercising.
    But I do have an exercise plan I have thought long and hard about.

    FRIDAY 7/16/10 *SUCCESS* (success meaning no blood sugar dropping, or bulimic urge)

    * KEPT all my sugar-free diet drinks intact, knowing I can't take fruit in any form ANYMORE (bulimia)
    Sipped them whenever I wished throughout the day, iced. (We have no air conditioning here)

    Comfortably fasted till about 4 pm. Had dinner at 5, comfortably:

    Chinese House Special Soup (clear) 4 oz chicken, 1/2 oz shrimp, 3/4 c. veggies.
    Avoided fortune cookies without much thought
    1 whole avocado

    Late night snack:
    6 oz cooked chicken only (scooped out of donated pot-pies from down the street)
    3 lightly fried eggs (using nonstick pan coating: no butter or olive oil was around)

    Bedtime (with medicine, vitamins)

    No exercise to speak of, except walking around.
    Good progress!

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    I've so been down that road. *hugs* the eating disorders, the autoimmune stuff and more. You might want to have a look at my journal.

    Be sure you're getting plenty of vitamin d. Probably 8000 IU per day is appropriate if you're not getting middaysummer sun with most body skin exposed.


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      Thank you so much, cillakat!! *hugs back*


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        SATURDAY 7/19/10 *MODERATE SUCCESS* (in other words, did the best I could, and avoided binges, but still felt "off" many times.)

        Breakfast: 1 whole avocado plus vitamins and meds

        Lunch: none (I think this is the culprit, here) Socially stressful day; felt isolated most of the day

        Dinner: Waited another 8 hours, for some not-so-good reason. 9 oz of pork sausage with a bit of lamb, 1 raw carrot,
        Blood sugar still spiking downwards, and feeling *off*, so
        1 cup of doulbe-strength decaf coffee, 4 splenda, plus coconut cream creamer.

        I felt like I was off the roller-coaster but by midnight.....didn't feel satisfied.

        3rd meal: Pork ribs (Chinese sweetened sauce baked on), plus eggplant in garlic sauce (sauce was already somewhat sweet.)

        No exercise except walking to and fro.
        This bothers me that I don't eat earlier, when I'm unhappy or busy. It must set up all the "off" feelings in my system. Stress.