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    My primal challenge is to bridge the gap between my current quasi-primal lifestyle and one where I can hold my primal head high.

    I've made a lot of changes over the last three years. First came "the big decision." I was a 31-year old ex-smoker and reformed vegetarian who still ate too many carbs and didn't exercise enough, though most people thought I was fit. But I KNEW I had so much more potential. It started with Crossfit. Then came the Zone diet. Then Mark Sisson. A year in, I had lost about 5 lbs., looked good, and felt better.

    Then, in 2007, cancer blindsided me. I went through six months of chemotherapy (and lost another 10 lbs). When I could, I kept Crossfitting. I found out I was gluten and lactose intolerant. (And had been for a long time--funny the things that a naturopath can tell you that allopathic doctors cannot.)

    I'm now over a year out of chemo, and (fingers crossed) marker free. But the surprises haven't ended, as I recently discovered that I have a rare immunosuppressive disorder which leaves me susceptible to infectious diseases. Pig flu, yikes!

    Add on top of that a 9-month old baby boy (ain't he perfect!), and a move to a new city, I've been more than a little stressed out lately.

    That brings us to today, the start of my Primal Blueprint Challenge. Recently I've been slipping in my commitment to the Primal lifestyle. Though my meat and veggies are mostly organic and free-range, I've been taking Mark's advice to enjoy red wine, dark chocolate, espresso, and old cheese a little too liberally. Add in not enough sleep, a few "whole grains" and too much work, and it's literally a recipe for death.

    With all this in mind, I wrote down a few things to be doing in addition to all the good things I already do:

    sleep 9 hours a night

    limit coffee, alcohol and chocolate consumption

    no dairy (even with lactaid!)

    de-stress with laughter, family, meditation, saunas, massage, great sex and sunshine

    no eating after dinner (usually 6 pm)

    try intermittent feeding

    cut the carbs (150-200/day)

    no sugar, processed foods, nitrates, hydrogenated oils, etc., or things with more than 5 ingredients

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    Link to Fitday:


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      9 hours sleep last night (thanks to the baby!). One coffee, no chocolate, but 3 drinks @ night. No dairy, no food after dinner, and only 100 g carbs. Mostly clean food.

      No workout (kind of a rest week, after some heavy cycling last week and before next week's camping trip). No workout today either.


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        Posted to Fitday again. I can't believe I'm eating less than 100 g of carbs a day without even trying. And that's with a few tablespoons of Nutella and a beer. And I'm eating my veggies, honest. Had a sugar crash after the nutella. Why do I have to re-learn that lesson over and over?

        Looking forward to the two video contests. Going on a camping trip with primal baby and not-so-primal wife (and not-at-all primal friends) this weekend, and will showcase my firestone baked loin chops, as well as some suitable bush workout.


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          Here's a link to my Primal Blueprint Recipe video:

          Hot rock pork chops


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            congrats on all your changes and esp on making it through chemo - YAY !! .. yeah, you have had your fair share of the stress, and then some - babies are the best .. good luck on the camping trip !

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