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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Girl Gone Primal)

    I already record my daily eats on Girl Gone Primal, with images, but what the hey - gotta support Mark's valiant and important efforts!

    B: 1 egg omelet with ham and a little feta cheese.

    L: Can of Alaskan salmon, some Camembert cheese, and a taste of lumpfish caviar (ick)

    D: Chicken salad - sliced breast, egg yolk & parmesan 'cake', on a bed of cos (romaine) lettuce, with a little lemon juice

    S: Almonds and walnuts

    Exercise: a very active drama class, a long afternoon on my feet promoting my senior subjects to next year's students, including lugging around a large box of books. Too cold and wet to walk to and from work. Can't wait for the miserable weather to break!

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      Hi hi!

      Mini version of Today's Tucker (at Girl Gone Primal):

      Ran late this morning, so I whipped up four sausages to cover breakfast and lunch -

      B: two beef sausages

      L: two beef sausages

      D - Entree: sauteed calamari, cabbage, capsicum & carrot

      D - Main: two lamb forequarter chops

      Walked to and from work. Taught an impro class at lunchtime as well, which was very active. Utterly knackered.

      Really hoping this random 1.5kg that has attached itself to me since breaking zero-carb and resuming my BCP will go away soon...


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        B: Two eggs and some bacon fried in lard

        L: skipped.

        D - Entree: cabbage sauteed in coconut oil

        D - Main: scotch fillet steak (rib eye) and four chicken drumsticks, coated in lard and roasted.

        My Vibram fivefingers arrived, at long last! So we went out walking on a surprisingly balmy evening (18 deg C). Sprints are very comfortable, except they already have a hole??!?! Am hoping to get them replaced, but I shipped them in from the US... Meanwhile, I'll wear my KSOs on my work walks - I'm wearing my toeless stockings in preparation for the walk home!