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Primal Challenge Journal (Moon, Purplo)

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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Moon, Purplo)

    This is my first Journal Entry! How exciting!

    The final goal is to:

    - get used to the primal diet

    - 'embrace and let go off' condescending remarks about this change of diet from skeptics

    - become leaner overall and reveal my six pack abs (i know it's somewhere there! :P)

    - Stop doing only long distance runs. Add some sprints in my workout.

    Let's see how that work out!

    Give me your blessings! *hahaha!*

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    Day One 4/8/09:

    What I had yesterday...

    Breakfast = Two Handfuls of cereal + Milk + Banana

    Lunch = Chicken Wing quarter + Kang Kong + Sambal Goreng + Anchovies w Peanuts+ Teh Tarik

    Dinner = Chicken Leg + Mashed Potatos w Greens

    After Dinner = One Pint Hoegarrden + popcorns

    I've only realized the wheat in that pint when I'm half-way through it. Dang! No more beers! :P

    That beer also made me sleep through my plans to run this morning. Bad bad bad...


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      No been posted but I have been tracking my diet and looking out for what i'm eating.

      Three weeks into the challenge.

      I wasn't sure if it's the initial change of diet, My skin started breaking out alot the first two weeks. But most of them are all good and it seems like it's condition had gone back to how it was before going primal. But I'm curious. Does going primal help with better complexion too?

      The lethargic phase has now passed and I have been loving my food.

      I added sprints into my workout but I'm still running long distance cuz I'm going for a marathon at the end of the year.

      I actually do feel really different. I dunno if it's the right word to use but i feel less 'junkie'. No cravings for rice/noodles/pastas/pizza/bread at all. Finding it easier to do things too.

      I used to think i look good in clothes. Now, I think i look even better. Hahaha...

      I love the way i look and feel now, but I'm sure it will be even better as time passes.

      Yooo Hooo!!!!