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    So today is the first day of being primal. I actually gave it ago at the end of March for about 3 weeks and felt great and lost a kilo which was fantastic, then gave it up and fell into the thoughts of CW again. It was something a figure competitor said to me at the gym about eating all "that" fat and I just fell back into CW. I now know that I need to give this a good go and stop listening to people. What I love about it is that the food tastes delicious. I don't have to worry now about not cooking in butter, or that I can't add cream to this and that. Basically since I was 16 my whole life has been based around low fat cooking and food. No wonder I am always hungry, and the more I try and stick to a CW healthy eating plan of 6 meals a day the more hungry I am.

    Now a little about me, I am from Perth in Western Australia. I have 2 young boys aged 3 and 21 months. With both pregnancies I gained 20kgs but managed to get it all off as I am a bit of a gym junkie, so exercised and dieted and so I am back to my before weight. The problem is although I workout and train with weights hard and watch mostly what I eat, I am still not happy with the lower half of my body, my lower half looks likes its never seen the gym in its life, and now also I do struggle with a bit of fat on my tummy area. If you saw me at the gym you would probably say I am small and don't need to loose weight, but for me its not so much the scale weight, its the bodyfat. I am sitting around 30% bodyfat and for someone who works out so hard I would like to be in at under 20%, and to be honest since I have had my boys, spending so much time working out is just plain exhausing me.

    I love exercise and I love how it makes me feel, but whilst other people can train and eat what they want and look great clearly I can't, so this brings me to the primal blueprint. Since March I have gained 2.5kgs, not sure how or why but I am sitting 2.5kgs above the weight I like to sit at. I also want to have effortless weight loss, or maintenance without working out so damn hard. The boys take up alot of my energy and I want to enjoy my exercise not do it because I feel I have to, so by doing this I am hoping to reduce my bodyfat and enjoy my exercise.

    My family think I am crazy as i am always starting and trying new diets and I think they believe this is taking up alot of my energy and is very time consuming, so hopefully this lifestyle will put an end to this.

    As for getting my children primal I don't think it will happen at the moment, as it is I am struggling with their food, they don't eat this and don't eat that and really I don't need any more pressure, I can only try my best but at the end of the day they will still have porridge for breakfast.

    So today so far I had 2 black coffees as I was up at 4.15am with one of my boys, that is when he thought it was time to get up and wouldn't go back to bed, then around 9am I made some muffins consisting of almond flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup cream, and 1/4 cup of cheese. Oh my god, I only needed 1 with some pureed veg I had made and it completely filled me up![SIGPIC]

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    Congratulations on giving it another shot Sarah! It really is hard to buck CW, but once you get in the groove of Primal, it gets a LOT easier to stay there! Good luck with everything!
    Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. - Fortune cookie that changed my life


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      OK so today went something like this:
      2 black coffees
      1 Cheesy muffin with vegetable puree (muffin batch made from almond flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup cream and 1/4 cup of cheese, made 8)

      1 cheesy muffin
      steamed vegetables

      2 dried apricots

      steamed vegetables
      Pastaless lasagne (from diana carpenters low carb book made with mince, ricotta, egg, pepporoni and cheese)

      Now I am sitting here and I am still hungry. I have not plugged my food into any nutrition database as I really am not into counting calories, the whole purpose for me is to eat and not worry so much about the calories. I am thinking of maybe having some berries with cream or coconut milk. Any feedback on today would be appreciated![SIGPIC]


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        So I ended up having some berries with 2 teaspoons of yoghurt and 2 teaspoons of nut butter. Completely filled the spot![SIGPIC]