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    30 year old woman in Chicago. I live near the lakefront, which thankfully provides plenty of space to move around (when it's not 10 degrees below with the wind).

    I've always had a love-hate relationship with food; I love food. I hate that I've always battled a weight problem. I've never reached the point of being classified as obese, but I've toed the line a couple of times. The college years were a yo-yo for me, where I gained a lost weight quickly. At times, food was a friend that I indulged in mindlessly.

    In my senior year in college, I figured out that I'm sensitive to wheat. It was trial and error, since, as most people with food allergies/sensitivities will tell you, doctors don't do well in diagnosing food related problems. I've heard that if you are allergic to a food, you either love it or hate it. Well, I could eat wheat products until the cows come and my stomach yell uncle, and probably then some more.

    Long before I found primal, I knew that my body reacted well to a low-carb, low-grain diet. The simple lack of wheat probably improved a bunch of low-lying wheat intolerance symptoms. In fact, I spent much of my life thinking that everyone has daily digestive problems and always feels bloated. I think I had suffered symptoms for years and never thought anything of it.

    At some point late last year, my Mom mentioned reading some blogs about "primal" lifestyles and diet. I had tried some low-carb diets before, but they just weren't livable. The short story is that since Feb. 2010, I've easily dropped one full dress size. It's been nearly painless, but I think I've reached a plateau on weight loss, and now I need to really get into it.

    Even though I'm not much for posting my innermost thoughts, I'm starting this journal to give myself some accountability. I'll post specifically on certain aspects, like primal exercise, and IF, in the next few days.


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    So the whole blog it didn't really pan out. Actually it didn't work out, at all.
    But here are some things:
    I've been experimenting with intermittent fasting and I've definitely lost weight. I've also learned:
    -you can't start a fast with carbs in the "last meal"
    -cold water makes me feel bad (it feels like heart burn)
    -hot liquid doesn't bother me, so I'm drinking my way through a shelf of tea
    -it's amazing that I can reach a point where I don't feel so hungry that I'm ravenous. i can make it home and carefully prepare a meal without grabbing the first thing I see in my kitchen that's edible.
    -because of the previous point, I'm eating more veggies.