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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Luke)

    6í 5Ē


    BP: 132/69

    Pulse: 58

    No Alcohol since: 21 March

    Monthly Cigar

    Fitness: Regular Cross Fitter with 3 on 1 off routine

    I was raised in a large Italian family. My aunts and cousins saw it as their mission that I inhale as much pasta based meals as possible. They took being thin as a sign that my mother was not feeding me. When my family was not trying to pack on the carbs with pasta, my friends were expounding the benefits of the Louisiana cuisine I was surrounded with. So my knowledge of good food was pasta made every way you could imagine, everything fried, and a holy host of dishes hard to pronounce but even harder to put down (gumbo, ettouffe, jambalaya, boudan). For the past year a co-worker has been harassing me by calling me girls name for eating pasta, fried food, and Louisiana meals. Over the past six months I have dropped the sandwich rolls for Pita Bread, drink only water, eating more vegetables, and eliminated pasta (this is in-comprehendible for my family). Over all I feel that I am fairly fit and healthy. For this challenge I have set down certain personal goals. I believe that if the good Lord grew it then the good Luke will eat it. For the sake of taunting I will cut out the legumes and other plants that are hard to pronounce, but describe past staples.

    1) Iíll dropping Fat Boy Sunday, which is the one day of the week I eat whatever I can fit in my mouth. Pancakes, ice-cream, bread, pastry

    2) Iím dropping the morning cereal. Two bowls of Special K

    3) Iím dropping all bread, fried things, and ice cream.

    4) Iím dropping the one Double Cappuccino I have a week.

    5) Iím dropping my coffee intake to 12oz. a day. Normally it is 24 to 36 oz.

    I am expecting to gain nothing from this experience, other than my co-worker stop calling me girlsí names for not trying this.

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    3 Aug

    B Bacon, Two Hard Boiled Eggs, Half plate of grapes

    Small coffee

    L 2 Chicken Breast, Half Plate of Salad (olive oil dressing) 2 Pears

    D 2 Slices of Roast beef, Half plate of salad (olive oil dressing) 4 plums

    WO Rest day, what a way to start a challenge.


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      4 Aug

      B Omelet (ham, bacon bits, green peppers, mushrooms) half plate of grapes, mango, pear

      12 oz coffee

      S 8oz bag of beef jerkey (probably not too primal)

      L chicken stirfry (cabbage, green peppers, carrots, mushrooms) mango, 2 peaches

      D Baked Fish, Half plate of Salad (olive oil dressing) two peaches

      WO run 800m, run 400m backwards, run 800m, run 400m backwards for time. 13:03

      Only 12oz of coffee apparently make people around me more annoying. The concious decision to not put bread and cheese on my plate is more difficult than originally thought. Girls names continue.


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        5 Aug

        B Omelet (ham, green peppers, mushrooms) half plate of grapes, one pear

        S Two Peaches

        L Two Chicken Breast, half plate of salad, two peaches

        S Two Plums

        D Two Pieces of steak, Green Beans, bowl of salad, two plums, one pear

        WO 21 65lbs Squat Snatches, 42 Kipping Pullups, 15 65lbs Squat Snatches, 30 Kipping Pullups, 9 65lbs Squat Snatch, 18 Kipping Pullups. For time 18:30.

        Stress wise, this was quite possibly the worst week to start a primal challenge. Continue to stick to earlier goals and hope that the days will get better. I am concerned that looking at other peoples post that I am eating a significant ammount more than some others. Thoughts?


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          6 Aug

          B Four Fried Eggs, Bowl of cantelope, 12oz Coffee

          L Vegatable and Steak Stirfry, Bowl of cantelope, Three plums

          S Cashews and 16oz bag of jerkey

          D Four Pork Ribs, half plate of salad, peach

          S Peach

          WO slept in and loved it!

          My daily cup of coffee has assumed the high point of my day. I'm always hungry.


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            Based on your activity level and size, I would say your prob around the right amount of calories. You can enter in your foods on to get a rough estimate of how much calories your getting daily. Judging from a quick glance at most peoples menus, I agree that it looks like most people are in a caloric deficit, but that's probably due to them trying to lose weight, which I don't think applies to you. One thing I would suggest is to reduce the amount of fruit your eating and try eating more fat. This should probably lead to you eating less since the fat is more filling.


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              7 Aug

              B Omelet (ham, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes), four strips of bacon, two eggs, bowl of cantelope

              L Two chicken breast, salad, two kiwis

              D Two slices of roast beef, salad, four peaches

              WO rest day x2 due to yesterdays sleep in.

              Still hungry but not as bad as before. First day where I did not want to yell at anyone due to the lack of coffee. May pull back on the fruit.


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                8 Aug

                B Four Fried Eggs, four strips of bacon, two hardboiled eggs, small bowl of grapes

                L Steak Stirfry, two pears

                S strip of beef jerkey

                D Two chicken breast, salad, peach.

                WO hang squat cleans 135lbs x 9 handstand pushups x 9, 5 rounds for time. 13:30

                I have started to fill my coffee all the way to the brim to maximize the one coffee requirement. I may just have a coffee addiction problem. My hunger issues are not as bad anymore.


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                  9 Aug

                  B Two fried eggs, two hard boiled eggs, four stirps of bacon, bowl of grapes

                  L Baked fillet of trout, two eggs, four strips of bacon, grapes, bowl of salad

                  D Roast beef, salad, two peaches

                  WO 5K 24:16


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                    10 Aug (1 week down)

                    Weight: 190

                    Blood Pressure: 115/80

                    Pulse: 64

                    B Four hard boiled eggs, bacon, bowl of grapes

                    L roast beef, salad, two peaches

                    S two peaches, two handfulls of cashews

                    D Salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives green/black, celery, green/red peppers, half a breast of chicken.

                    WO: I didn't

                    WTF: Everything I didnít want is happening. I lost six pounds, my blood pressure went up, and my blood pulse went up. The hunger pangs are down, but my stress levels and weight are going the oposite direction than I wanted.


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                      Luke, the only comfort i can give you is, as you have transitioned from high carb to low carb the weight loss this week is most likely pretty much all just water and not to be worried about, though i would agree with a previous poster that more fat would be good for satiety for you. As for blood pressure and pulse rate, how and when in the day are you measuring these?