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  • Primal Challenge Journal (tabargas)

    Day 1 (8/3/09

    B- Eggs + Spinach + Sweet Peppers

    S- Green Tea + Almonds

    L- Homemade Vegetable Soup + Celery with Almond Butter

    S- skipped

    D- Salad with Spinach, romaine, cucumber, celery, tomato, sweet peppers, walnuts & olive oil + 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

    Walked at a moderate pace today for 45 minutes and did a quick sprint workout.

    My copy of the Primal Blueprint arrived today... just in time!!!

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    Day 2 (8/4/09)

    B- Eggs + Bell Peppers + Onions

    S- Tea + 1 oz cheese + apple

    L- Homemade Vegetable Soup

    S- Tea, Celery with Almond Butter, 1 oz cheese

    D- Omelette with cheese, small bunch of grapes, mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts)

    I thought it would be extremely difficult to refrain from consuming bread & other starches (as they have long been favorites of mine) but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be!

    For some reason I had a mild headache for the last half of my work day. I was a bit tired on the way home, which isn't out of the ordinary. Normally, I would head straight to the gym and push through it but, since reading the PB, I decided to take a quick "power nap". It was only about 20 minutes but I felt MUCH better afterwards. My headache was mostly gone and I felt very productive during my workout. Thank you for alleviating the guilt regarding naps!!!

    DWO- 45 minutes alternating walking and sprinting.


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      Day 3 (8/5/09)

      B- Large apple and handfull of mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts)

      I was running behind schedule this morning and didn't have time to make eggs for breakfast, as planned. Generally, in this situation, I would make toast or grab a protein bar. Instead, I used this as an opportunity to test my true hunger level in the morning. I was sure that this small breakfast would not be enough to sustain me but, surprisingly, it was!

      I noticed something curious this morning... though I never thought I was retaining a lot of water, I must have been. My face is less puffy (hadn't realized it was until now) and my waist is less puffy too. I generally only weigh myself about once per week but decided to weigh myself this morning, just to see. I was shocked to see that I'm down three pounds... Since monday! Clearly this is all water weight but is this normal???


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        Day 3 Continued (8/5/09)

        S- Tea & 1 oz cheese

        L- Salad with spinach, romaine, tomato, red onion, olives & cottage cheese + broccoli & pomodoro sauce

        S- Watermelon & mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts cashews)

        D- Big Salad with tomato, fresh mozzarella, pine nuts, kalamata olives, basalmic vinegar.

        S- Fresh raspberries

        DWO: Taught class until 10:00 pm, so no workout today!


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          Day 4 (8/6/09)

          It's day 4 and I am shocked to report that I have still not had strong cravings for starch like I feared I would! Though the amounts I'm eating are likely smaller, the high fat content is definitely keeping me satisfied for longer than my normal high-carb fare would have. Very interesting! Can't wait to see how the rest of the 30 days go...

          B- Omelette with cheese & small handfull of grapes.


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            Day 4 Continued (8/6/09)

            S- mixed nuts (almonds & walnuts), raspberries & grapes.

            L- steamed veggies (peppers, onion, zucchini, celery) & salad with cottage cheese, couple bites of watermelon.

            S- 1 oz cheese and one small square of 72% dark chocolate

            D- omelette w/ cheese, small handful of home made trail mix (walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries & sunflower seeds).

            DWO: 50 minute walk (at moderate intensity).

            Took a 15 minute nap after my walk and felt great!

            Day 5 (8/7/09)

            B- handful of home made trail mix (walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries & sunflower seeds) with raspberries.


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              Day 5 Continued ( 8/7/09)

              S- Celery & almond butter, apple

              L- Omelette with cheese, peppers, onions

              D- Salad w/ grapes, 2 glasses of wine

              DWO- 50 minute walk @ moderate pace

              It felt great to end the work week on a good note! I feel pretty confident that this is something I'll be able to turn into a lifestyle change.

              Day 6 (8/8/09)

              B- 2 eggs & small handfull of grapes

              S- handful of homemade trail mix

              L- Salad with hard boiled egg, cucumber, peppers, celery, tomatos, sunflower seeds & olive oil

              S- Small handful of trail mix

              D- Piece of cheese pizza and 1 light beer.

              I now see why it is so important to have a backup plan, or primal snacks on hand... I caved today and had pizza and beer. I am disappointed that it happened this early in the challenge. Normally this would set me back- I would feel extremely guilty and hit the cardio like crazy tomorrow. Instead, I think I'll keep the 80% rule in mind and take a nice long walk tomorrow.


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                Day 7 (8/9/09)

                B- Scrambled eggs & coffee

                S- skipped

                L- skipped because I had a late breakfast

                S- skipped

                D- Big primal salad w/ hard boiled eggs & nuts, 2 glasses of wine.

                I wasn't terribly hungry today, which kind of shocked me as I was busy all day. I was away from the house running errands, etc. for about 5 hours so I brought snacks with me, just in case. I never ended up eating them because I wasn't hungry until I got home.

                DWO- While I didn't have a formal workout today, I did a deep cleaning on my house. It took about 3 hours... I also did lots of running around so I feel like I was walking or moving all day long.

                Day 8- (8/10/09)

                Oh my, am I sore today! All the bending and reaching from cleaning my house caught up with me. It really is a full body workout if you do it right!!! Kind of "fell off the wagon" this weekend with the pizza and alcohol intake. I'm hoping to make this a great primal week!

                B- 2 hard boiled eggs, small handfull of mixed nuts & sunflower seeds and herbal tea.


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                  I lost 3 pounds in the first 3 days, too. I was shocked because I started out at 130 lbs and was hoping to lose 5 lbs over the whole challenge! I weighed myself this morning and I lost 4.8 lbs this week (even with a pretty big restaurant meal) - crazy!

                  Best of luck to you!


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                    Good job getting the house clean! Sadly anything more than about 2lbs per week of weight loss is water. but so what! Water takes up space, too and it feels great when the pants are looser I haven't weighed yet, but I know I am 'thinner'. Still a long way to go! I 'fell off the wagon' this weekend, too with two mugs of beer and two glasses of wine...oh well..that's the '20' in 80/20!

                    Keep up the good work. Peace!