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  • First Day of Challenge

    I have been intermittant fasting for about a month. I usually go from dinner to dinner with no food. So far I haven't had any major physical changes and I want to bump up my committment to health. Ii currently workout using a cross fit type of workout and incorporate some sprints and play.

    I do very minimal cardio. Like 20 minutes about 2-3 days a week. I do walk my dog every day about 1-3 times a day.


    Day 1

    B: Apple

    S: Apple and peanut butter

    L: 2-3oz of chicken

    S: nothing

    D: 4 oz chicken and broccoli

    I didn't really start the day well but I was just listening to my body and althogh I ate peanut butter I did keep my carbs and calories low. I was really not too hungry today.

    861 calories

    67 g protein

    60 g carbs

    43% calories from fat

    My workout today was super quick.

    5 minute warmup on eliptical

    3 sets of shoulder press 5 reps 25lbs

    3 set of dips 10 reps

    3 set chin ups 10 reps

    5 sets squats 5 reps 85lbs

    3 sets deadlifts 10 reps 90 lbs.

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    Day 5: 2 eggs and muchrooms with spinach

    hand full of almonds

    2 tilapia fillets

    3-4 almonds

    a grass fed burger with zucchini and asparagas and broccoli

    2 margaritas

    I did 8 sprints yesterday with abs and I am sore today.

    Today we went for a little hike with kids and dog and the to the pool for some swimming with kids.