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    Recovering Carbivore...

    Learned about MDA/PB from an acquaintance's blog (he happens to be a professional endurance athlete, go figure!). Ordered the PB book immediately, read and re-read many of Mark's posts from the last few years.

    Currently: 6'3 300lbs, moderately active.

    In less than a month of Primal eating, I've lost almost two inches from my waist, and a total of about 6 pounds.


    1. Re-learn the power/Oly lifts.

    2. Cut out the Splenda entirely.

    3. Eat more leafy greens,along with my broccoli.

    4. Get in my daily Walkabout.

    5. Get my 12yo son off the computer and play with him.

    So far, I've noticed that my moods are way more stable, that after the first few days, I no longer crave sweets, and no longer HAVE TO eat every 3 hours.

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    B: 4 strips bacon, 2 eggs cooked in bacon grease. 16oz (two small cups) of coffee with half/half and one Splenda each.

    S: Handful of almonds. (1130)

    At work, and I am feeling mildly annoyed with a coworker that I normally really like...I also weighed myself and was heavier than I expected (with my pants fitting looser). I wasn't really hungry, and I think that the snacking is a holdover from my eating habits of a month ago.


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      L: 6 oz of GF beef (a bone-in NY) and 2 TB of Nuttzo! 1245


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        I've convinced the Missus...Yay!

        Tuesday 11 Aug was truly non-Primal. Had my son with me at work and the lunch I bought was horrid. And I ate candy. Then, without self-flagellation or hatred, got back on to proper track.

        D: Chicken sauteed in EVOO with Cauliflower Mash and butter.

        12 Aug.

        B: 2 Lamb patties in butter. Baaaaaahhhh.