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  • Hey shadgal,

    Nice to hear from you too!! Funny thing with the weight I have lost it's not changing my hip measurement one bit!! It's good to finally have some serious sun around (disregard the Friday/Saturday weather - no Guy Fawkes for me!) here lately...went to the beach yesterday and the park today for some sun looking forward to hopefully having a real summer here this year! I still have that post baby fat too...and my baby's 11 1/2!! Hehe But I'm a lazy thing...should try harder...slow but steady is becoming my motto!! Catch ya next time!


    • What happens when you eat to much sugar, there's too much stress, not enough sleep and don't take your vitamin D and your kid gets a cold?? Ya get sick! It's just a cold but it's the worst cold I've had in first in about six months and my first trip to the doc's today in over three years - last time was for flu. The result? A week off work. Really can't be coughing all over customers, needing to wash my hands every five minutes or so, etc. At least my body will have time to repair itself somewhat before next Tuesday. Usually I'm in a hurry to get back to work but not this time. And from now on I will be more vigilant about what I let in to my body. I don't need to be sick and I was doing a good job of staying well since starting with the Primal Blueprint. I shall be more vigilant from now on! Nothing like making some mistakes and seeing some serious consequence for it!

      On the bright side...I've not eaten much the last couple of days and I've finally hit my first magic goal of 110kg (242lb) this morning! Not the best way to lose weight really. I'm finally beginning to feel hungry and am contemplating frying up some bacon and eggs. Pretty much all I've eaten the last two days have been potato chips with a little bit of meat in the evening to keep me going. And a cup of a fermented lemonade I made a week or so back. S'posed to be good for the gut!

      I'm going to go outside shortly and lay in the sun for some free vit.D - waiting for my next order from iHerb to arrive. Then I'm going to have everyone taking some each day!

      Once I'm better next week I'm getting back in to some light exercise a few times a week and i really want to do the body-weight exercises to build some muscle as I'm pretty sure all my weight loss recently has come from muscle, which concerns me.

      And that's about it for now!