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A primal journal of unsuperb(ulous-ness!)

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  • A primal journal of unsuperb(ulous-ness!)

    So, a few months back, I took up a challenge to become primal-ish. And that first month went relatively well if one did not notice the massive sweet tooth I have. See, I love sugar. Love. And when I have one thing with it, I'll end up having more because it's a domino-effect and that's how it topples. Which brought me to the following month of "I will epic-ly cut out sugar for one month! (and limit fruit intake, because I can pack away fruit like none other . . . as in, I will gladly devour pounds of dates at a time, no joke)" whiiiich didn't go well after three weeks. I seem to follow a cycle of three weeks good, one week bad, ad nauseum.

    So I continue my journey to cut back on the crack and am moving to make my dietary habits public as I'll be more accountable (or maybe I'll think twice, who knows). This will probably be fairly boring as I tend to eat the same thing for a week before switching it up.

    B: Three eggs, 1.5 pieces of turkey bacon, chaaard, arugula, dehydrating mushrooms (so chewy, so sad), garlic and a splash of olive oil. Oh yeah, I'm starting fish oil . . . it is . . . interesting. Coffee with HWC.

    L: MEAT CAKE! (loosely following the recipe posted by the Wilderness Childe) topped with avocado and some sauteed miscellaneous veggies and a splash of fish oil (which is likely the only way I'll be able to partake in it). Small handful of blackberries and a baby nectarine

    D: Shredded chicken in a sauce I have dubbed Nightshade Death because it's comprised of eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, a head of garlic, and an onion (plus some tahini for extra nom). Another splash of fish oil.

    S: Some macadamia nuts and the bad: chocolate-covered ginger balls (which made me feel like puking afterwards, but they were so tasty going in).
    Strawberry tea with HWC to help fight off more sugar munchies later in the evening.

    Movement: Plodding around blueberry fields for work (usually I incorporate sprints, but I felt pretty beat after yesterdays sugar-fest D and taking my dog for a few walk-abouts. I played around with the grok-squat which was rather entertaining and definitely easier when done on blueberry mounds (because I'm a cheating Nancy)

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    I have the same addiction to sugar...(sigh)

    For about 3 months I had almost no sugar and after awhile the cravings subsided almost 100%. I went to Iowa to see family and ate very non-primal all weekend. (not to mention this was one week before egg recall...I had omelets there every day!) Was very sick for a few days.

    Cravings returned with a vengeance! I'm back on track now and will NOT do that again. Next time, I'll plan ahead!
    Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
    Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
    Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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      That's what happens to me. Provided I can go one day without eating sugar, I'm pretty good about resisting temptation on following days. Family visits almost always correlate with me falling off track (I was visiting my sister, and she wanted pizza. I turned it down, but my partner was interested in trying the gluten-free crust aaand somehow I managed to eat about half of the pizza which then led to "Oh, well I'm already being bad, why not have the brownie-sundae at the local bakery!").

      (side note on the recall: for the longest time, I was buying my eggs in bulk and then randomly decided to switch over to some local egg providers; I'm so glad I did)


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        Food was pretty much the same today, with the exception of a few more macadamia nuts to munch upon and blueberries, not blackberries.
        However, no ginger balls! Hoorah! I was even offered chocolate which I turned down. Epic. Need to find a better way to transport fish oil as it leaks from my food containers which sucks...

        25 Kettle-bell swings
        15 burpees,
        3 rounds for time.
        It.was.brutal. and I nearly lost the kettle-bell on one of the swings, but held on at the last moment.

        I also walked to and from work because it's starting to become nice and cool in the mornings


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          Yesterday went mostly well. Until the evening. Isn't that how it always goes? Food was roughly the same as what it has been (though there were some sardines in there as I forgot to thaw out extra meat-cake for protein goodness). I hit up the farmer's market for the coming week's produce. I'm thinking some carmelized baby onions are in order.

          But yes, I ended up driving to another town to visit a friend and go to a concert with her. However, we got to the venue two hours prior and she and the friend she brought wanted to grab drinks. Sooo, I figured I'd have one, which led to another (and fortunately, ended there, we tend to feed each other's vices). I had an overly-sweet margarita and then a very sad, sad gin and tonic. Then it was time to head over to the stage, which was outdoors, which meant being exposed to all the food smells. After having the two drinks, the scent of the fried potatoes was SUPER appealing so I ambled off in search of it . . . only to be distracted by the frozen chocolate-covered bananas dunked in a nut topping of your choosing.

          I got the almond-butter toffee one.

          It was delicious.

          But I had enough restraint to avoid going back for a second-one, even though it would've been very amusing to have it and smear it on the overly-endearing fans who were practically grinding against my back D: I also avoided purchasing Voodoo donuts when a post-show run was made. Now that's restraint.

          No work-out yesterday, but lots o' walkin!

          Today, I plan to pick many blackberries and possibly do some hill sprints as they sound really appealing.


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            Blackberry gathering was amazing and led to much indulging of said berries. The rest of the day went fairly well, food-wise. I'm going to have to scrounge up some protein for the rest of the week as I'm running low on my shredded chicken night-death and meatcake. I supplemented some salmon in with some spicy mustard.

            The down-side to the day was hanging with a friend of mine who's quite the heavy smoker, and even though we were outside, I still inhaled waaay too much of it :/


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              Fuuuuuu, I need to vent (even if it's just to myself).

              Today was terrible. It started off when I got drenched walking the dogs (I'm watching my partner's dog). It reminded me that I need to invest in some good rain gear, which I've put off for years, despite living in a place that rains all the time. I don't mind the rain, but I hate being cold and wet (the combination is just 'ech). But slowly, I managed to lift myself up and cheer myself on with thoughts of making a blackberry cobbler with the berries I picked this weekend. And off I went to work.

              And then I get a text from my landlord saying he wants to talk and when I get off work, I get chewed out because I'm the only one in my house who gives a damn about the yard (or really, any cleanliness regarding the house). This brought the bad mood on full force. And of course, I take care of the things my landlord wants, but since it was just more alone time, I had plenty of time to stew and steam about what slobs I live with (the partner at least tries, however). Ugh, and now I feel sick to the stomach and don't want to eat. But I suppose that's an improvement as before I'd be face first in a gallon of ice-cream by now (I don't deal well with criticism; I always go above and beyond what's expected just to avoid it). I also don't really feel motivated to do anything else (well, I did clean the kitchen, but only so much I can do in it's current state).

              I can't wait to move, ugh (next week, it better be next week)


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                Yesterday's update:
                Had the usual breakfast despite feeling rather lackluster, probably should've just skipped it, but whatever.
                Had waaaay too much coffee (why is it so, so tasty?)
                Meatcake for lunch
                And then dinner, The Partner and I went out for Thai. We both got the bbq thai chicken, which is amazing and meaty (as in half of a large chicken for one portion). Of course, we devoured it all...and then had the amazing coconut icecream that the restaurant makes. I enjoy it so much better than the store-bought kinds as they all seem to use agave which has it's own issues and somehow, there's always a slight bitter taste. Our waitress was very impressed with our gluttony. (side-note: I really need to make my own coconut icecream as it will be amazing)

                And then we went to the Co-op as I'm running low on meat stuff, but I was indecisive at the last moment and walked out with a chocolate bar :/ I ate the majority of it.

                Despite gluttony-fest last night, my weight stayed the same (158). I was rather surprised to see that this morning 'cause I usually blow up to 160-something when I over-indulge in carbs. It has been the bane of the past few months; mayhaps I'll actually kick this rut I'm in? That'd be swell.

                I'm IF'ing till lunch'ish time as I'm feeling a bit heavy this morn'. Plan on aquiring chicken and other random stuff for a stuffed/rolled chicken experiment. Perhaps harass people about my turkey log that I special-ordered and make more meat-cake (or at least a meatloaf)


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                  How you make your meatcake? I've never tried that. Coconut ice cream...ditto. I must live in a damn bubble!

                  Don't let the landlord get to you. It's totally not worth it---especially since you'll be moving soon!
                  Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
                  Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                  Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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                    I followed Diana Renata's recipe that she posted on her blog
                    I made a few changes to it: all poultry meat instead of beef/pork.
                    Chopped up head of garlic added to the "dough" along with chili powder, cumin, pepper, and only a smidgen of salt (the bacon and cheese were in there, why overdo it?)
                    Used only 1/2 c. of the almond flour
                    Used all the cheese, but kind of wish I didn't (damn lactose intolerance). Might try it next time with a harder cheese.
                    Half the bacon amount, and for the veggie filling, I did 3 onions, arugala, and jalepenos.

                    As for coconut icecream, I haven't quite decided. I've seen a variety of recipes, and I'm kind of intrigued by doing a more traditional, custard style icecream using the coconut milk. We'll see how that turns out (I do know that I'll use honey as the sweetener as my grandmother keeps sending me orange blossom honey that she picks up from a local man)

                    And thanks! I'll try not to :/ it's just made slightly more complicated since the partner and I are friends of the landlords so it's mixing of the various roles we play.


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                      Lala, fasted till lunch'ish time. Munched on a few macadamia nuts, blackberries, and meatcake (which was topped with fish oil)

                      Puttered around work until the farmer's market opened up and swung by there to pick up extra ingrediants for the stuff I plan on making (also had to swing by the store to grab the items I couldn't grab). Walked to and from both places. I tried an AMAZING honey-dew/cantaloupe melon...thing, but did not buy one as I am overloaded with fruit and need to figure out something as I'm not eating it nearly fast enough.

                      Also decided pick up some nom at the hot-bar at the store. They had a curried apple chicken dish which I loaded up on and topped it off with some artichoke hearts, mixed olives, and a smidge of tomato bruschetta topping stuff.

                      Came home, putzed about before heading out to work-out (became pissy due to loosing out on super cheap, good-quality furniture at the uni's surplus store, hmph).
                      Work-out included warming up to a 3-rep max in the front squat (whiiich, I've never been able to do because my shoulders are not terribly flexible, and I've torn the AC ligaments on both sides playing rugby, ahem). Managed to work up to 100 lbs, could've done more, but I was still feeling miffed.
                      Main work-out:
                      8 wall-ball shots
                      18 Kettlebell sumo-deadlift highpulls (most awkward movement least with the kettlebell)
                      4 rounds for time.
                      Time wasn't awesome, still miffed and blah'ish.

                      Came home, ate last of meatcake (nom) and made up an amazing meat-chili (sans beans) using ground emu and chicken thighs. It shall be amazing with the avocados I purchased earlier in the week (which I need to stop purchasing)

                      AAAND YAY THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE!! (to start soon) Debating on whether or not I should eat something epicly bad before the 7th o_o like a hot fudge sundae, oh man, amazing.


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                        I like random ramblings. Keep it up. and dont eat the sundae!


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                          Yay! I'm glad you like random ramblings! And I didn't eat the sundae (very tempted and invisioned it all morning, but ended up with an iced Americano instead)


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                            My body feels as though it was run over by something fairly large and heavy, oie. Definitely feeling yesterday's workout, especially as I was trying to ensure my depth was decent in the squat. The hips don't lie today. Aaand, front squats do not make torn AC joints feel good, no bueno. The leg death also did not help with my work schedule today. I have the good fortune to go out to blueberry fields once a week and plod through them, collecting fruit and insect traps. Usually, it's pretty enjoyable. I throw in some sprints, here and there, keeps things exciting (and it's kind of fun to watch the berries explode out in front of you, ahem). But today I was without Minion, and so while the first hour was enjoyable, uh, it definitely was not by the fourth hour. I have no idea how much I walked/sprinted, just that it was a lot.

                            Food-wise, not too bad:
                            B: Egg scramble with chaaard and garlic; coffee with HWC
                            L: Copious amounts of macadamia nuts to try to distract from sundae, meat-chili with avocado, and a couple of blackberries
                            S: Iced Americano with cream (but since it was from Dutch Bra's, uh, it was more like cream with an essence of coffee, but better than the fudge sundae I was jonesin' for)
                            Dinner'ish: Can of tuna mixed with some mustard, green olives, garlic, and coconut oil... and more macadamia nuts.

                            AND I WANT CHOCOLATE SO BAD RIGHT NOW. Or gelato. Poop. And I'll likely have a second dinner as my sister is in town and wants to go out to eat after she works out with The Partner. I'm hoping the pub will have a decent special that'll be primal'ish, because they've slowly started contaminating their goodies with gluten and one night, I nearly cried when I had a dry turkey burger with a plain salad, no lie.

                            Aaand, I wanted to get on a soap-box in regards to the recent post on Local food and how it became Local vs. Organic, but now I feel lazy (but suffice to say organic does not equal no-spray aaand therefore could be argued not all that much healthier than conventional. local allows you to find out that shiznit, the end)


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                              Second dinner was possibly slightly unsatisfactory <_< I got the "Brewer's Board" which, this month, consisted of chicken sausage, gorgonzola cheese, pickled onions, apple compote with merlot soaked cranberries and a huge loaf of bread. I passed the bread onto my sissie <_< There may have been two margaritas...which were dreadfully sweet. and I might've sampled a couple of sweet potato fries.
                              And then the alcohol lowered my inhibition
                              gelato D: (it was tasty goodness, oh goodness)

                              Now I'm chugging water like a fiend and looking forward to tomorrow morning and hopefully, not so bloated tum.