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    Originally posted by isaboblue View Post
    Ugh, I hate being soon as I start feeling icky I start drinking some home made elderberry tincture, it knocks it right out or if I didn't start early enough it shortens it considerably. Although, now that I think about it, it's loaded with sugar to offset the nastiness of elderberry. that I'm Primal I'll have to start experimenting with alternatives. Stevia maybe.
    Never even heard of elderberry tincture. . . I'm going to have to look this stuff up. My husband has me on cherry-chewy zicam--which works good as long as you have eaten. Otherwise, you vomit. Powerful stuff. Not sure how I feel about it.

    And is it just me, or does a cold seem to come with more sugar? I drink OJ (sugar, sugar), and eat lots of grapes to cool my throat. Maybe I just need more ice water.


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      ooo yeah, juice is a lot of sugar! Maybe you should try some hot tea instead...throat coat tea made with slippery elm works wonders on sore throats, it doesn't taste all that fabulous though....better than elderberry!!!
      i've never heard of zicam before, *lol* I don't think i'll try it though!!!
      elderberry is easy to make. i buy dried elderberries (wild crafted so there's no pesticides) and soak them in a glass jar with 80 proof rot gut vodka and sugar for about a month. Then i strain and voila! elderberry tincture! Although from now on i'm using stevia since i'm a primal disciple now.
      hope you feel better soon!
      "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

      "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith


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        Day 6 of 30

        Alright. I cheated today. I don't feel bad, because this is so within the 80-20 rule it could cozy up to a 95-5 rule. I had a sandwich for dinner--meat, veggies, and bread. My husband brought home Subway because he knew I was in no mood to cook. I don't mind a good cheat now and then. . . but I think tomorrow I'm going to look up so stupid fast and easy recipes and stock my pantries so I can make them when minor plagues come calling.


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          Subway is so hard to turn down! I miss the smell of the place when you walk in the door! Simply heaven!
          Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
          Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
          Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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            Originally posted by Just4ME View Post
            Subway is so hard to turn down! I miss the smell of the place when you walk in the door! Simply heaven!
            Oh, very, very true.


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              I loooovvveeee Elderberries! A close friend of mine was about to chop down 3 trees in his yard because the little berries made a mess.... then we researched and found out they were Elderberry Trees! It is known as the Medicine Chest of Mountain Folk!

              Hey, Subway should pay royalties to PB..... we truly EAT FRESH! LOL Hang in there!

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                Day 7 of 30--

                Much better today. No cheating. Or . . . at least nothing I'd count as cheating. I've noticed I'm not anything close to the most passionate of Primal People. I have been know to eat processed meat, and count it as meat. Ah, well.

                I'm feeling some-what better from my cold. This is really important because colds KILL me. I get lung infections and sinus infections 9 out of 10 times I get a cold (actually, thinking about it . . . I can't remember the last time I had a cold and didn't get a lung infection . . .). Last cold I had landed me in bed with pneumonia. If there is one thing I want my health to improve by--I would pick a better immune system. 28 is too young to be dying of pneumonia every year. I can tell that the cold got down into my lungs . . . but we'll see how many days I have to fight it. Come on Primal Blueprint, don't fail me now!

                On the plus side, having the cold means I couldn't tell anything about carb flu. And since I am on day 7, it's probably over.

                Eating is still going well . . . for lunch and dinner. But MAN, am I getting sick of scrambled eggs for breakfast. Gonna have to go over to the recipe forums for some not-scrambled eggs ideas.


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                  Day 8 of 30

                  Carb-flu definitely gone. I could skip breakfast--no problem. I feel far more even-keel. I have energy all day. And just to add . . . bacon on top (as opposed to cherry), I'm feeling better-ish from the lung issues.

                  Now, knock on wood, cross my fingers, and pray, but I think I might not have to suffer for much longer. If this does solve that issue, than I don't think I'll have much problems staying Primal.

                  Had buffalo meat tonight. Tasty stuff. Kinda like beef . . . but just different enough to make a difference. Oh! I love this. End the night with some tea and dark chocolate, and I'm in seventh heaven. Tomorrow maybe I'll weigh myself and see how I'm doing there.

                  Goodnight Primal world! Hope you're feeling as good as I am!
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                    Day 9 of 30--

                    When it rains, it pours, ya know? The infection isn't so bad. . . if it didn't come on top of my tooth ache! Lol. Thank goodness I have Primal going for me. I'm passed the carb flu and feeling good. I have lost 2.6 lbs (or something--my scale has issues some mornings).

                    I did have a moment of some pretty serious temptation. Being the Mom means I often feed the kids before I feed myself, and they aren't Primal. Not yet. Goldfish crackers look really good when you're super hungery. Thankfully, my will power lasts just long enough for me to haul out and prep my own snack. This is why fast snacks are so essential.

                    Pre-hard-boiled eggs
                    Sugar-snap peas . . . (are those primal? I thought they were a vegetable, but I think I remember reading that peas aren't?)
                    Cucumber slices
                    Apple slices.

                    Grab small plate--fill with selection of the above. Consume. Don't eat children's treats.

                    I do wish I had developed a taste for olives. Sadly, this is not coming naturally. But we'll see.

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                      Day 10 of 30

                      Wow. I'm one third of the way there. That is a beautiful thing. I'm feeling good and looking forward to more.

                      Today's topic: the cave-man clutch. It's the tortilla-less wrap. You've all seen it. I took three green-leaf lettuce leaves, and three roman lettuce leaves, and piled them with meat, a little cheese, baby-spinach, peppers, cucumber, and shook on some oregano. It was AWESOME. My favorite alternative to a salad. My husband named it the clutch because after I managed to wrap my hand around the massive offering, I wouldn't let go because I was afraid it would fall apart. Delicious.

                      Also, I went out to get myself a new jacket. I found one just my style and material. I tried it on . . . and it was a bare centimeter too tight in the arms. It almost fit perfectly. I bought it anyways. Because I am loosing weight, and I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon. Before, I would never have done it. Primal living breeds optimism about health. I finally found something that works, and I love it.

                      One third done, and looking forward to 20 more days.


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                        Keep on going good luck!
                        feel free to take a look at my journal!



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                          Day 11 of 30

                          No, I didn't forget that yesterday existed. I'm not counting it towards my 30. I blew it. But I did learn some important lessons.

                          Ice-cream has no place in my home, and will be summarily thrown out if not consumed within a half hour of crossing the threshold.

                          I can't let myself get too hungry. Fasting will have to wait until I can handle it. When cold french-fries look that good, I've passed the point of no return.

                          I have to make sure that the meat for the next day is thawed. Too many slip-ups mean too much scrounging, and the meat is what will get me through the day.

                          It wasn't too bad. I just had two snacks and two meals not Primal. What disappoints me is that I know the exact moment I chose to let go of my willpower. C'est la vie. We live. We learn.


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                            The clutch---love it!

                            At least you've learned from it!
                            Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
                            Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                            Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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                              are you at least 80% primal? YES! I say you are, so no worries, lesson learned!
                              "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

                              "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith


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                                Day 12 of 30

                                Ah. Well.

                                I have to get it off my chest: I hate killing cows for no reason. I was raised in a near vegetarian family, and never learned how to cook meat. I did my fashionable stint as a vegan in high school, still didn't know how to cook meat. I got married to a carnivore, and because I love him, I have been trying to learn how to cook meat.

                                There are a dozen cows in heaven, nearly choking on their cud--"Look at her! LOOK! Oh, my . . . HEY! I died so you could eat me, I'm not thrilled that's the best you can do with me!" Then they all go to group therapy.

                                Seriously. (Okay. Not so seriously.) But I really need to learn how to cook meat so that it's actually edible. Thank goodness for the internet and people's overwhelming desire to share their knowledge, even if no one seems to be listening. All I need are a few dozen idiot proof methods for turning raw cow into edible cow, and I should be good.

                                And thank goodness for a wonderful husband who offered to cook tonight.