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  • I'm looking into dissociation as an issue for me. I don't tend to care about feeling negative feelings; I shove them away and am perfectly happy doing that, but I don't think it's serving me well. Part of the whole endorphin picture for me, I think.

    I still go back and forth whether I do better with low, no, moderate, or high carbs. When I eat a lot of carbs, I crave like crazy. No doubt they set me off, doesn't matter if they're all "real food" or not, whether I think it's good for me to eat them or not. When I eat a lot of them, I feel no better in any way, and my energy crash happened before I ever gave any thought at all to reducing them for the first time. But I still don't feel intuitively that it's the right thing for me to be low carb forever. I'm just at a loss.
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    • I've just done a very quick catch-up on this thread as a newbie and it's very interesting.

      I was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome a few years ago and it's been a long journey into successful management. At my worst, following a viral infection that triggered many dormant symptoms, I used a wheelchair due to joint and muscle pain. I now exercise 5 times per week and am raising a 7 month old.

      Following the birth of my son I had a worsening of some symptoms in addition to increased blood sugar/POTS issues, fibro issues/ painful thickened fascia, and general exhaustion beyond what a new parent should feel. I got severe TMJ for the first time. I've also had pre-autoimmune symptoms for a few years. Pain has been poorly managed with opioids for various reasons and EDS pain is difficult to treat as it is.

      I started transitioning to Paleo a month ago. I've discovered that eating lots more fat and fewer starches really controls my blood sugar, my pain is much less (now painkiller free!), my digestive issues have gone, my oral inflammation is much better, my knees hurt less and I don't feel peckish and shaky all the time. I'd started getting an acute fight-or-flight response for no real reason, ectopic heartbeats and palpitations at night- this has now gone PROVIDED my blood sugar is kept very stable and I've supplemented with magnesium (more on this below).

      Other things that have saved me that I wish my doctor had been able to tell me about:

      Magnesium oil. Lots of it. Every day. There's a link between magnesium deficiency and EDS/fibro/chronic pain in general. Magnesium is also depleted by sugar consumption (I was a terrible sugar muncher before!). Using mag oil means my tight, achy hypermobile muscles can relax and repair more rapidly. I feel like I've taken a muscle-relaxant when I use it and it's drug free.

      Vitamin D 5000IUs daily, but only once magnesium has been used daily for 2-3weeks. I initially made the mistake of taking vit D straight away and felt very overstimulated. Turns out this was an indication of magnesium deficiency, as it is required for our bodies to synthesise vitamin D.

      Pig thyroid supplementation.

      Kelp capsules. I had developed painful fibrocystic breasts and signs of low iodine but this is no longer an issue thanks to kelp.

      I may well have repeated some things that have already been mentioned but I know how much I have appreciated being able to find useful info on forums! As always, make sure you consult a GP/practitioner before making any lifestyle/supplement changes.

      These are just the things that have changed my life for the better :-) I'm 100 times more stable emotionally and physically than I think I have EVER been and I hope someone finds this info useful!

      Sarah x