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Stop the Soy Kims 30 day Primal Challenge

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  • Stop the Soy Kims 30 day Primal Challenge

    Well going to post in here as well as on my own blog.

    This is a good test for me to cut out my soy which I love so much and make sure I focus on health and wellness.

    I will keep posting as I go along. Drinking my almond milk in my coffee right now - not bad. Had coconut milk yesterday, that sucks I think. I would rather just drink it black. I could give it up totally but i love it so that just isn't going to happen.

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    day 4

    well it is actually day 4 for me as I started on my Monday.

    It has been a stinker of a week. I am tremendously bummed as my husband got the flu, and now I have it. This year has been bad as I ususally never get it but it is like having children, every time he gets it, I get it.

    So my primal challenge yesterday was not to train. Usually I am a dumb arse and train regardless, and just "harden up". But I want to be 100% asap so I used the rule of dont do stupid shite and went to bed early, drank heaps of fluid and just did some mobility stretching and foam roller lightly when I woke up. Today still not 100% so will wait until I am before I jump back into hardcore stuff.

    Monday I did hill sprints listed in his section 8 x 30 seconds in the park with baby lambs everywhere. awesome. each day i have done mobility work. Tuesday I was starting to feel bad so did a low intensity session on the elliptical and some pilates.

    Hopefully will be AOK to get back to the gym on the weekend.

    Nutrition pretty easy as havent felt like eating much haha. Using stevia in my tea instead of splenda and drinking my almond milk coffee. Was going to eat some tempeh last night as couldn't stomach much but instead had some chicken soup - organic - paid the extra $5 for the one with no additives from the health store. off to buy more now.

    sunshine - trying to get at least 15 minutes at lunch sitting outside and did get out earlier in the week in the park when I could

    no shoes - will try this on the carpet inside today when at work and when stretching. will not be dumb arse and go outside when sick with no shoes. again the rule of not being stupid.

    oh i did have some diet ginger ale. that is not primal so that is a vice. once feeling better off the diet soda

    took my vitamins and supps.

    learn something new - started a new book called tribes. i have a hard time relaxing so one of my goals over the weeks is to read 15 minutes of fiction at least at night.



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      Day 6
      I resisted the temptation. I thought gee for my 20% I could get a coffee with my soymilk and then I thought no for the whole 30 days I will put a nix on my soy for now and see how I feel.
      I am finally starting to feel the end of my flu and back for an easy workout today. Glad again I used the rule of using my brain - I didn't go to boxing today as it is super high intensity as I don't want to get sick again.
      rules for yesterday met

      1- eat fruits and veggies. back on normal food - yeah! so had veggies with each of my 3 main meals. Had a variety of turnip and beet with lunch in my soup which was tasty. for fruit i had some berries with my dinner.

      Play and sunlight- got outside for my walk with the lambs again.they rock.beautiful sun it felt like summer is here. I even got off the track and did a hike in the mud (should have worn my junker shoes) and just went at a light pace. Did some yoga when home. Had an afternoon nap.
      These are not my usual things. I like hard core intense training so trying to do some more slow paced activity and enjoy it!

      Healthy fats and protein- had some almonds and sesame oil in my salad, fish oil caps, salmon for dinner. wasn't the fanciest of dinners but quick and I was tired. I like plain fish. I just grill and eat. Tastes fine to me.

      Sleep- got 6 hours. my usual

      Learn something new - read an interesting training program with some new ideas from a top trainer. reading my Tribes book. It is good.

      water- drank when thirsty

      avoid poisonous things- yup. splenda in coffee. only one coffee actually. the lack of soy is making me drink less.

      you know the one thing that made me get better quick- organic chicken stock. I went and got some more a big bag, cost stinking $10 but no msg, from free range chicken, nothing bad added and I sipped on it all day. That was my magic ingredient when I had the flu and couldn't seem to get better.


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        Day 7
        Wow it is raining hard out today. Woke up so early even though it is my sleep in day. Think I will head to the gym as got backed up in my workouts this week as getting over the flu.

        Yesterday how did I go

        1) eat lots fruits veggies - yes with all meals. I always do this so it is easy. Lean protein was fish with some olive oil and whey shake smoothie I had for breakfast which was delicious. I put in flax, berries, and it was thick and creamy like a dessert. Snacked at work when busy on raw veggies and almonds. Again this is my usual.
        2) Avoid poisonous things - drank my coffee with my almond milk. Had a couple glasses of wine with dinner but it is my weekend and that is my pleasure I enjoy. Had two or Jase's organic corn chips - not good. But only two. I never reach 20% undesirable foods barely like 5% I like healthy things so much so I'm not going to beat myself up about it.
        3) move at slow pace - did 20 minutes elliptical after my workout. Still not back at 100% so just getting back at it.
        4) lift heavy things - I did marks weights workout. Again just took it easy as first weights back after being sick. Did the five wide chin ups again so time to move on. Also rocked the decline pushups with 50 again so will also move on. I find this little workout quite fun and I like doing the functional movements - good as well as I want to work on my handstand and I suck
        5) sprint - already done this for the week on monday
        6) sleep - got 8 hours at least. such a nana fell asleep early as such a stinker week
        7) play - treated myself to my once a month massuest at gongli massage - he rocks! Otherwise at work so not much play time
        8) sunlight - there is no sunlight as pouring rain but took my vit d
        9) no stupid mistakes - didnt go out last night and did a lighter workout for me as still not 100%. Usually I push it and end up sicker
        10) use your brain - read some interesting articles off marks blog in my down time at work



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          day 8 and day 9
          day 8 - did a nice long run in the sun. did a new boxing class which i had a blast
          ate yummy brussel sprouts and tuna in olive oil for dinner. my shake in the morning had berries, gogi berries, acai powder and cocoa nibs. antioxidant super charge and spinach! felt good just looking at it
          lunch - eggs. lots veggies. heaps

          1 - eat fruits and veggies. was a bit slim on this one today as really only a shake with almonds for lunch as on the go. somewhat primal I guess in that when busy people did what they could. will have a big serve of cauliflower and carrots tonight. damn broccoli so expensive now. lean protein - shakes, boiled eggs, fish tonight. really yummy organic tamari almonds today. mmmm. berries and acai at breakfast
          2- avoid poisonous things. a bit of sucralose in shake today. i'll live. felt like a diet coke but drank water instead. Had a bit of jase's veggie burger which had some soy. Not the best day today.
          3- went to boxing today at a new class first thing in the morning. loved it!
          4 - lift heavy things. lifted some boxes. tomorrow is that day
          5- not today
          6- got 6 hours sleep
          7- play - boxing was like play lots of interaction with others, watched a movie with husband. i dont do this option. good rest and relaxationa
          8- got some sun today. had a tanning booth as a treat for 15minutes. also got e real sun too
          9- didn't train twice today as dont need to. fought the urge
          10 - had a good chat with a friend i needed. did some clever primal cooking


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            day 1o and 11

            day 10 - was mad at self that yesterday not the best. had 1/2 protein bar for lunch as had been so busy never got a chance for lunch. dinner was out as we had staff and had to work on a project at night as well. i did as best i could. got gluten free carb free prawn stirfry. probably in veggie oil but have to think of 80/20 rule and enjoy my dinner which i did. had two wines and a small miso soup. ok move on. did a walk outside in the sun and 30 minutes of pilates before breakfast so a great way to start the day!

            1 - eat fruits and veggies. this is always easy for me. berries in morning shake, acai berry powder, big ass salad at lunch that is my normal. a few raw carrots and peppers as snacks this morning. protein - whey with breakfast, chicken breast with spicy sauce for lunch, probably fish for dinner that is leftover. drank lots pure water
            2- avoid poisonous things.
            resisted the urge to buy a coffee as i really felt like one. made one at home with almond milk. decided to forget the almond milk as every time i make it, it is a bit of a process, the nuts aren't cheap, and the stuff seems to go off really quickly in the fridge since it has no preservatives. i dont have time to be making it fresh daily. so tomorrow i will give the coconut milk a try or maybe some cream. i never have done well with dairy so dont know if i will stomach it. otherwise it will be black coffee.. at least until the end of my 30 days. no poisonous things today. all goodness
            3 - did an hour of cardio with hubbie today. we were both really tired with work and have a massive weekend coming up so no the time to push it hard out. was good though to get some elliptical in, get away from work and listen to music
            4- lifted lots of boxes today at work
            5- no sprints today
            6- got only 5 hours last night. i wake up so early
            7- play - working today and busy - going to have a bit of a break and relax with hubby, will do some stretching tonight - some meditation
            8- no sun today sadly. so take my vit D
            9- didn't push it when exhausted, listened to body. made sure i ate good lunch today as yesterday got off track with business
            10 - read my book. finished a list of stuff at work that was bugging me


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              day 12 and 13

              we hubbie and i have been working our tails off lately getting ready for big event this weekend. it has been good in a way enjoying the fitness plan of putting things in based on how I feel and how the day goes. Such as if I wake up and it is sunny and beautiful then I go outside for sprints/jog/walk. If it is raining then head to the gym.

              1 - eat fruits and veggies. yup always. made raw veggie snacks for hubbie and me to eat while working - carrots, celery, peppers. had some berries for afternoon snack and a few more at night. I love berries. Especially frozen for my sweet tooth. Had some yam today as felt I need some as training a lot and big weekend coming up with work. Looking a bit skinny lately. Protein - went to my organic store and my favorite fish lady at the deli gave me fresh cooked snapper to take home. I had done such a big morning workout I had some for breakfast wtih some veggies. I always thought fish in the morning was wierd but on holiday I had it a lot in the islands and it fills you up and is very light. For lunch no protein as very busy and running late but had a substantial brekkie so taht is ok - had a big ass salad with some avacado. Dinner - very late - was fish again with some more raw veggies as so busy no time to cook. Cooking eggs now for brekkie as with work might be on the shakes today.
              2- avoid poisonous things. ok i succumbed. i decided my one coffee bought out a week I got a dash of soymilk in. I have been trying so hard but I had no almond milk - the coconut milk made me fee sick (my stomach was not good) and I didn't feel like trying something new today. Maybe next week. I might just keep the soy as part of my 80/20. I am not drinking like a cup of it. only a dash and i will get them to use one that has no sugar in it. the cortisol i loose from stressing over it is probably worse than that as the rest of my diet is so healthy it is not even funny. everything else fine - no grains or sugar. that is easy for me.
              resisted the urge to buy a coffee as i really felt like one. made one at home with almond milk. decided to forget the almond milk as every time i make it, it is a bit of a process, the nuts aren't cheap, and the stuff seems to go off really quickly in the fridge since it has no preservatives. i dont have time to be making it fresh daily. so tomorrow i will give the coconut milk a try or maybe some cream. i never have done well with dairy so dont know if i will stomach it. otherwise it will be black coffee.. at least until the end of my 30 days. no poisonous things today. all goodness
              3 - finished my sprints with 40 minute rocking jog with the lambs - was heaven so sunny and awesome
              4- lifted lots of boxes today at work
              5- did my sprints today outside on the hill. 8 of them. hard. busted my tail. didn't bother with stop watch as last time. just ran to the top then jogged down, rest 10-15 sec and repeat. think the lambs were wondering what the h*ll is this crazy chick doing. wicked workout
              6- just 6 hours, barely
              7- play - at work all day but my jog was kind of play and nice visit with sister in law as we got ready for work
              8- lots of sun - cool!
              9- cant think any
              10 - nothing specific but working all day so must have used something

              decided i am going to up my fish oil to double and my vit D. After food poisoning last year my gut and allergies got worse so need to love my body. Going to see what double for the rest of the month makes me feel like.

              over and out.


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                day 13 and 14

                1 - eat fruits and veggies. yup berries in shake as per usual and a few frozen at night to munch on. raw veggies snacked on throughout day at work - dinner big salad and some cooked carrot and parsnip (the only cheap thing at the store today oh and mushrooms too) protein - shake, chicken
                2- avoid poisonous things. bite of one of jase's chips (his sunday treat) and it is my Sunday so I had my treat - a few glasses of wine with some chocolate. just a small piece. that is my favorite treat. always feel guilty with my treats and usually it is an effort to make me have anything I consider "bad" but getting over this the last year and making sure I have a Sunday treat guilt free -

                3 - worked all day long on feet, cleaned house
                4- got up early and did a bw workout - proud of self as super long week at work and usually dont train sunday but since took sat off went in, had whole gym to self - awesome. did workout in bare feet. up to staggered pushups - smashed that one shoulder weaker still from past rotator injury
                handstand hold - only 60 seconds. side abs with lift too easy but the one arm one leg plank hard for me. did pistol squats off box. did 15 but will repeat and make sure form is awesome. felt my butt burn. what else did i do --oh staggered pullups. those dudes are killer. only did 3. am i supposed to be using the towel to lift up? so use weight from both sides? have to check into this one. wish there were videos of all the exercises not just the beginning ones.
                5- nope
                6- just 6 hours, barely, fell asleep on couch last night we so tired. sad.
                7- play - at the end at the gym i played on stuff and did some dancing (I used to dance) no one was at the gym but me so I didn't care. no one to tell me to put my shoes on either, ha. super fun. danced around in store too. i love my job. its fun.
                8- yes got some sun today
                9- yes really monitored my workouts this week to avoid burnout and get over my cold
                10 - yes lots of ideas coming - got to work jotting them down planning things

                up at the crack of dawn 530am. feel really good and productive. when i sleep so early i wake up early. hate this almond milk in my coffee. we dont have a kind you can buy and my homeade stuff tastes sour again even though i just made it. this week i will try black and/or cream for the remainder of the challenge. off to boxing soon. five more minutes of reading emails. it is a crazy week so have to fit in things when i can.

                decided i am going to up my fish oil to double and my vit D. After food poisoning last year my gut and allergies got worse so need to love my body. Going to see what double for the rest of the month makes me feel like.

                over and out.


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                  day 16

                  wicked boxing class - lots of energy so did a trx workout at night with med ball slams, a few sled drags, lots back work in circuit style. had fun.
                  yummy salmon dinner and heaps veggies.

                  today1 - eat fruits and veggies.
                  tick - spinach and mushroom and tomarto with egg for breakfast, lunch fresh asparagus yum with parsnip and turnip. didn't feel like protein at lunch. my stomach is sore today so just went with what I felt like. got some fresh broccoli and fish for dinner, acai powder and berries at snack

                  2- avoid poisonous things. guess so

                  3 - boxing this morning very early.
                  4- some pushups at boxing class
                  5- not today but interval work in boxing
                  6- bad sleep only 5 hours
                  7- play - will see.
                  8- yes got some sun today at lunch read my book
                  9- think so
                  10 - boxing combos - i sucked with bads, had to really think about what i was doing

                  my stomach is bloated today... think just been a long week of work. will try to get to bed early tonight


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                    day 17
                    day 16

                    extremely hectic day. hubbie at funeral. so busy was making my breakfast shake and got called and didn't get a chance to eat until 2pm so did IF but not on purpose
                    eat fruits and veggies. - made up with big ass salad at lunch. shocker with veggies. some celery during the day dinner - carrots and beets as only thing in fridge and very late at night. Protein - fish and more fish. only thing again in fridge need to get groceries

                    2- avoid poisonous things.
                    ate a rice cake. only thing in morning as so busy. guy i worked with had it. i dont even like them. i really didn't think about it until after i ate it, i was just hungry and busy. coffee, tried cream today. sat in my stomach much better than coconut milk (not doing that again) but still was so rich didn't know if i enjoyed it. it was well, average. also ate two husbands corn chips - so very average day.

                    3 - yes elliptical for an hour light and abs - lady at gym giving me tips on form for the elliptical. could not be bothered. she said i could get a better workout by staying lower and pumping harder. I was really trying just to de stress and listen to my music and NOT train full on like I always do. so said thanks and did what i wanted. booo.
                    4- lots boxes lifted
                    5- not today
                    6- bad sleep again only 5 hours. need work on this
                    7- play - no time play today
                    8- no sun today and forgot vit d.
                    9-think so
                    10 - yup. visited with family and little nieces

                    what a full on day. glad its over.


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                      day 18 i think


                      eat fruits and veggies. - big salad for lunch as per usual - snacks of carrot, celery, bit of cooked beet I had in the fridge. I like beets, and turnips and brussel sprouts. all the wierd veggies. always have, even when I was little. berries at breakfast. not really much dinner. not hungry and late after yoga so just had a shake with some almond milk protein - fish, shakes

                      2- avoid poisonous things.
                      had two wines with friend today in afternoon but today was first day off in ages. not really poisonous but realised not good during the day as made me so tired. needed more real food yesterday - - eating was a bit sparse as again busy. definitely need to go shopping today. cream in coffee. again too heavy in my stomach - i always liked nothing in me though before running.

                      3 - yes jog before and after sprints. also 1.5 hours bikhram hot yoga. thoroughly enjoyed this
                      4- lots boxes lifted as per usual
                      5- YES> kick arse did 8 sprints up one tree hill and down again. windy as nothing else. laughed like crazy as felt like I was going to blow over. felt that monday sprints better than thursday sprints as could feel energy lower. think going straight up and down is better too as less time in between sprints and can push higher intensity. really want to try sprints on a track - not sure where one is
                      6- 7 hours sleep. tired. puttering around reading emails late.
                      7- play - bikhram definetly play - visited with friends
                      8- sun with wine in avo
                      10 - i hope so

                      what a full on day. glad its over.


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                        day 19 and 20

                        eat fruits and veggies. - salad at lunch. not much on the veggies front today - this was definitely my 20%. got taken out by friends to celebrate our wedding so had a coffee with some soymilk as my one treat per week, and too much french champagne - yum but know why i dont drink much anymore feeling shady today! also had one mojito bought for me from friend. at least did lots of dancing to burn it off. protein - shake after training, fish at lunch delicious and some chicken when i got home as no dinner.

                        2- avoid poisonous things.
                        no. had some soy, some alcohol, but my 20% so get over it

                        3 - yes elliptical 35 minutes and some skipping/boxing/foam roller
                        4- no
                        5- no
                        7- play - visited with friends, danced
                        8- yes nice sun all day
                        9- i guess
                        10 - day off, not much brain work today

                        today is my rest day - we have been working super hard so deserve it. had coffee with cream (last of it) not going to do much today but maybe some reading and a movie. need to listen to body and catch up