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TenaciousD's Journal/Primal Challenge: The Journey To and With Happiness and Health

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  • TenaciousD's Journal/Primal Challenge: The Journey To and With Happiness and Health

    I am a 29 year old 6'0" male who weighs 198.6 pounds, with roughly 22% coming as fat. Although I have come a long way--weigh?--I hope to both banish my unhealthy adipose tissue and institute a more healthful way of being and mindful way of living.

    Short story: End of college, me at 300+ pounds giving the commencement lecture. Seeing the pictures the next day I committed to losing the weight. In different large chunks I took and kept off much of it. I've struggled at the 190-200 pound mark for several years, though, and hope to get myself to a more healthful weight and body composition. I've been toying with primal living for a few months and am looking forward to the 30 day challenge to really test it out.

    Best of luck to all!

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    Welcome and congrats for losses thus far!
    Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
    Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
    Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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      rocket sauce!


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        Best of luck. Sounds like you've come a long way so far. Hope you find this is the path to drive you to your goal.


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          Small Seasoned Curlies

          So far, so good.

          I've done low-carb diets before, mostly in the Atkins-esque mold. How great it feels to focus on quality real foods and less on peeing on strips and eating steakums! In the past my lowcarb diets have been successful but very draining. I lose weight but I spend so much time creating faux carby foods that I never lose the hunger for very sweet foods, very starchy foods, and very ... unfoods. My diet is now much more paleo (although I'm very-MDA in my approach to dairy and have quite a bit) with an occassional protein shake tossed in because I already spent a boatload on these tasty suckers and can tolerate them. But I no longer think about pizza or cookies, pasta or cakes; now I look forward to my grilled seafoods, my hamburgers, my omelets. It's wonderful. And it's working! I'm down five pounds, feel full, am happy and energetic. If the next two weeks are similar, sign me up long term!