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    Thanks AuntPol and yep, we are ALL surrounded by grains! And I have always been a grain lover, fortunately I can stay away from hurts my gums. Speaking of popcorn, I have another sale tonight. I’m so tired of selling are my kids, poor guys. But it is all for a good cause.

    Thanks for the jerky suggestions Neadergirl. I am looking forward to making some. And I know what you are saying about the way people ate. I have eaten way worse as an adult that I did as a child, and I have been far less active. I used to be able to snack then I’d run it off somehow. And yes, I do believe that I have seen that website. I have a bunch of sites bookmarked...trying to get motivation and recipe ideas. I’ll go take a look again just in case I haven’t.

    As for today, I am having major carb cravings. On my drive into work I pass a place that I used to get all kinds of bad SAD foods and my brain was running with a lunch idea. I caught myself and reigned in my thoughts, but it is sticking with me for some reason. I am not even wanting to go work out on my break like I usually do...but I will and I am sure I will feel better after. I am working with 29 years of bad eating habits that are going to be hard to break.

    I cooked extra last night. I made a pretty large frittata with sausage, peppers, onions and spinach. This will last me the rest of the week and my kids liked it this morning. I sliced it like a pizza and called it breakfast pizza, which went over well. I gave them some cantaloupe with theirs but I did not have any, as I am trying to lower my fruit intake for the week (maybe that is also why I am having carb cravings). The trout that I got last week ended up being more than I thought...and I still have some. That is what I am having for lunch with some sautéed (coconut oil) veggies (zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, onion and bell peppers). Not sure what is on the menu for tonight but I have an orange for a snack today. Just got to get through this day…wonder why I’m having a difficult day?!


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      Well I did make it to work out and as I suspected, I felt good after I was finished. I still think I need to step it up a bit. I have not had a chance to do any of the "lift heavy things" workouts that are suggested by Mark. It is very hard for me to get into working out....until I have finished a work out. Time to get creative and try some of the examples that Mark's viewers have been posting Also, the weather is just perfect to be outside....I am in South Texas and it is in the mid and upper 70's...just beautiful!

      I have been getting more sun than usual, by being outside in the afternoons for popcorn sales. Feels good! I still need to purchase some supplements for vitamin D and some fish oils. Speaking of purchasing, I made it back to the store to gather and hunt...found some really good deals on some red peppers...I’m going to stuff them. I also found some chorizo with simple ingredients...that will be a good change to my egg concoctions in the morning.

      Here is what I am having today:

      B: Sausage egg and spinach frittata, with tomatillo sauce, yum!
      L: Sliced roast beef (lunch meat, nitrate free) and a big salad
      S: half of an orange or celery with cashew butter (any thoughts on cashew butter?)
      D: Trout...again! This time with some mango and pineapple salsa and sautéed veggies

      Well, I am gearing up for my vacation...I will be out of here in 4 days! Very exciting. This is my first trip out of the states...and I am going to enjoy it!


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        I'm in Texas too! Splitting time between San Antonio and Houston. Isn't this weather amazing?!? Great job with your food and enjoy your vacation! Did you say you were going on a cruise? Cruise buffets are perfect for primal eating! Lots of meats and veggies!!


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          Have a great vacation and enjoy yourself. Have you tried kettlebells? I really like them. They give a great workout. The recipes posted today on MDA look delicious!!
          If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
          If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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            Carla, I live in the Corpus Christi area but I was born and raised in San Antonio and have family in Houston. As a matter fact, I am going to be staying at my aunts in Spring, TX (North Houston) this Saturday night before I head to Galveston for my cruise. It is great to hear that there are some healthy options on the cruise...many people have told me this so I hope I can stick to my guns or at least keep the SAD foods to a minimum!

            Thanks Neandergirl! I am sooooo excited...2 1/2 more days and I will be sailing the seas. I look forward to writing about it in my journal when I return. And no I have not tried the kettlebells...I have seen many people writing about them...what exactly are they? I will also look it up. I plan on stepping up the exercise when I return home from my trip...I just need it...I sit at a desk all day and I really think I will see more results if I step it up!

            I just had a moment to get on MDA...and have not looked at the recipes yet. I also have been so busy at work that I have not eaten a thing I am not sure if looking at the recipes is a good! I saw that one of them was pizza crust! YUM! I have so much to do here at work before I leave so I do not have the time to work out on my lunch break as I usually maybe I can get some sort of "play" activity in tonight with my kiddos. Not sure what I am going to eat today either....I brought the very last of the trout (finally!) and I am sooo tired of it!

            Speaking of tired I have not been adhering to one of the PB rules…getting enough rest. I get busy doing things at home and before I know it is late. I need to try some herbal tea in the evenings and see if it helps mellow me out…you know, start an evening routine.

   to another day!


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              They're weights shaped like a ball with a handle. They come in a variety of sizes - I picked up a 10lb and 20lb. That should suffice for now. I might go for a 30lb one later on. I got mine for a good price at an outlet store we have here - you know, like a Big Lots ,with a large variety of items. They're a good workout. If you don't want to pop for a kettlebell workout on dvd, see if you can borrow one from your library. It will do the job. You'll feel it in your arms!!
              If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
              If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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                The Library is a great idea! And now I know exactly what you are talking about. I have seen people working out with them at my community center. Looks like fun!

                Well, I am off to my adventure as of noon tomorrow! I am so excited and have so many things to do before then. I am going to cave and get my kids the "easy junk food" for while I am gone. I have just not had any time to prepare meals and make a decent trip to the store. I told them that we are all three giving it a go as soon as I return. They are still excited and they understand why we need to make these changes.

                I ended up not eating the trout yesterday...I could not bring myself to eat another piece of trout! I ended up eating some chicken and salad from a local restaraunt. I did have some bad dressing, I am really wierd about salads. I do not like the taste or texture of most dressings. As a matter of fact all I ate when I was on a SAD diet was 1000 Island and Ceasar. When I eat salads now I am using the Ceasar still...just about a small spoonful and a squirt of lemon. I figure that is not too bad.

                I am planning on making stuffed peppers again tonight but with Mark's recipe of primal meatloaf...that stuff is awesome. Tomorrow I am goiing to make a big breakfast with the kids...bacon and eggs and the last of a batch of homeade salsa.

                Well, until next week.....


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                  I'm sure you've left already but I know that you are on your way to a great vacation and I'm sure that you're enjoying yourself already! Hopefully, Gram and the kids are going to get along fine on their own. I'm cooking a large rib eye right now w/peppers, vidalia onion, and garlic in butter and EVOO. I'm going to have to make stuffed peppers this week now since you've mentioned them....YUMMMMMM. I'll used ground bison and a mixture of cheeses with chopped peppers, mushrooms, and onion. I'll have a bite for you. Ciao for now.
                  If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
                  If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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                    IM BACK!!! I had the most awesome time! Other than missing my kids I did not want to come home!. My favorite place was in Jamaica! I got to see some of the most beautiful things! If anyone wants to see some of the pics my facebook page is under We went zip-lining in the Jamaican jungle, swam and tanned at the Jamaican beach, snorkled at a ship wreck and reef in Grand Cayman, went to the underground caves in the Yucatan penensula! I could go on and on with the adventure me and my friend was great and I can not wait to do it again. The kids did fine and had the house decorated with streamers and balloons when I got home.

                    I went ahead and indulged ont he ship with whatever I wanted but it turned out that we were so busy and active that I didnt really indulge that much and got plenty of excersise and sunshine. I only gained 3 pounds over the entire trip! I am very proud of myself because it could have been much worse! There was so much food. Im ready to get back to eating a matter of fact I started back yesterday. I need to go to the gorcery store and stock back up on veggies...there is littterally noting in my house!

                    Today I brought some chicken and spinach, a hard boiled egg and some apple sauce....hope it holds me over till dinner. Glad to be back!


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                      Originally posted by PrimalChristian View Post
                      We went zip-lining in the Jamaican jungle, swam and tanned at the Jamaican beach, snorkled at a ship wreck and reef in Grand Cayman, went to the underground caves in the Yucatan penensula!
                      That sounds like a dream!
                      Welcome back to reality.


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                        Welcome Back!!
                        If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
                        If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~


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                          It felt like a dream...It was an amazingly wonderful trip. I can not wait to do it again! I am still in lala land over the going to hang on to this feeling as long as I can. We are already planning another trip. I do regret not getting any of the jamaican jerked pork and or chicken...never even thought about it till it was too late. Guess I will have to hunt down a primal recipe for it.

                          I went back to excersising yesterday and it was pretty easy considering I have been away from my routine...but like I said in a previous post...I was pretty active over my vacation. As a matter of fact I weighed in today...was feeling good...and I am 2 pounds below what I was when I left on vacation! Wow...looks like I needed the stress free relaxation!

                          Today and yesterday I just grabbed a few hard boiled eggs to go and some fruit for breakfast. Today we are celebrating boss' day at work so we will be going out to eat...thankfully it is a seafood place so I am covered. For dinner I have a few cornish hens thawing...never made them before so this should be interesting! Any suggestions?


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                            Originally posted by Neandergirl View Post
                            Welcome Back!!
                            Thanks Neandergirl!


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                              Yea!!! I went to officially weigh in and measure where I work out at and since 9/4/10 I am down a total of 15 lbs (from 219 to 204)...10.13 lbs being fat pounds which puts me from 37.60% to 35.40%, and check out the numbers in lost inches below!

                              Bust -0.50
                              Waist -2.00
                              Abdomen -4.00
                              Hips -2.00
                              Thighs - 3.00
                              Arms - 1.00

                              Here is what I have eaten today. Last night the cornish hens did not cook fast enough so I had salmon patties.
                              B: Hard boiled egg, blueberry/apple sauce
                              L: Garlic and tomato grilled red fish with veggies (cauliflower, brocolli and carrots)
                              S: Not sure I will have one....I might before I head home from work
                              D: Cornich hens and spinach are waiting in the fridge

                              Im excited and feel so refreshed and ready to rock and roll when it comes to getting healthy!


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                                You are rocking it, Girl!!! Those are excellent results. The happy thoughts are helping too...
                                If you want to be somebody else, If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
                                If you want to be somebody else, Change your mind...~Sister Hazel~