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    Alrighty then ... I saw the challenge to skip my next meal (which would have been breakfast) and I took it. I ate my lunch and snack, but went to a friend's after work so did not eat dinner. She offered split pea soup for dinner and freshly baked pumpken bread for dessert and I declined, gratiously. I did accept the cup of herb tea, though. I had a closed fist of raw almonds when I got home.

    Why is my belly bloated, I wonder? It got bloated at Michele's ... could it have been the herb tea? Could it have been my lunch (seven hours later) making its way down? Hmmm ... I don't know ...


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      I am not hungry. I am going to plan meals and then see what happens from there.

      B - eggs with roasted red pepper, cooked in buttah
      L - last of rack of lamb on a bed of fresh spinach, dressed with fresh lime juice and EVOO
      S - raw organic carrots
      D - apple and walnuts sauteed in butter, mixed with pureed winter squash

      This is not a great day. It's not a bad day, either. It's just that, some days, I bound out of bed excited to move. Today, I am sluggish and a bit stiff. It was cold last night and it took time for me to warm up and relax enough to drift off to sleep. I woke up with a dehydrated headache so what do I expect? I will move at my slow pace and get things done. Everyday can't be a thrill.


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        eh ... I did have the eggs and peppers for breakfast. Lunch was noshing on an apple with one hand and the pureed squash, butter, walnuts and cinnamon on a bed of fresh spinach being eaten off a fork, in my other hand. I think I am done with apples. Again. I will give away the rest of what I picked last weekend. I think it's not just Golden Delicious ... I think any apple will do this too me if I have too many. I will let this clear out of my system and then, perhaps, have one apple a week.

        Dinner was one of the *chops* left on the rack of lamb, and the rest of the artichoke hearts.

        I am going to brown a boneless pork loin roast in bacon grease and then put it in the crock pot to cook overnight, while I sleep. I'll season it with seasalt and fresh cracked black pepper and put in a little water with lots of sliced garlic. It will be ready when I wake up so it be breakfast and the rest will be wrapped up for, as of yet, undetermined meals.

        The work day was fine. I am preoccupied ... don't have a lot to say.


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          B - 1 cup of coffee with cream, pork loin roast
          L - fresh spinach, organic carrots, 2 hard boiled eggs, roasted red peppers, 1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds, tahini dressing
          S - 1/4 raw almonds
          D - last lamb *chop*, brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar

          I have noticed a decline in calories. It's not that I have lost interest in food but, rather, that I am eating so well that I am satisfied and not wondering about the next meal. I had crept back up to two cups of coffee a little while ago but I realized that it's really the first sip that is so delicious ... the rest of the cup is soothing ... and I don't even want the second cup but drink it because it is there. That's crazy ... finishing something because it's there ... reminds me of living wth the dorm dawgs when I was in the military ...

          My left knee is hassling me. I suspect that it's scar tissue from surgery that got agitated. A regular day is 8 flights of stairs. That's just what I do to get to my car - to work - to my car - and home. The day before yesterday had me on 21 flights of stairs. My hamstrings and glutes love it; the knees ... not so much. The right knee doesn't have scar tissue (they sucked all the tattered tissue out) and does not hurt, thus my theory for why my left knee does. In any event, I will not be sprinting anytime soon. I have a variety of injuries that have not healed well keeping me from working out but that's lame. I know how to do a modified workout and I like to workout ... so the truth is, I'm in a groove ... just have some bad habits that need to be replaced.

          Today, I will do wall push ups and various crunches w/ and w/o the ball. It's a start.


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            I added 10 olives to my salad for lunch. This is going to be so delicious! I feel sorry for the nurses eating over-salted canned soup or teeny microwave lunches, in the name of losing weight, and living for the sugary, fruity yogurt at the end of the break. I've always eaten healthy and they've always commented on it ... but now some have commented on my losing weight and they don't really see the difference in what I am eating ... they don't get it. I won't tell until they ask because they won't hear me; so why waste anyone's time?

            I have a nice fatigue in my traps and delts (which just goes to show how soft I have gotten). I haven't done the crunches yet because I've been preparing food and light housework. Guess I'll go do those now ...
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              Two things I have learned this week: that salad yesterday was fabulous and should be a staple, eaten at least once a week. It tasted great and stuck with me all day. And, since I have an increasing amount of food giving me trouble, take the first position of having the offenders infrequently and in small portions.

              Also, I am trying to be a tea person but, truth is, without milk and sugar (or some juice in my green tea), I just don't like it as much. Also, one cup of coffee yesterday was just fine but I really want two today and, damn it, I'm having it. For most of my adult life, I have stopped viewing big things as absolutes (philosophies like politics, religion, etc). However, I see that way of thinking still surfaces with tiny things like what I eat and drink. Most of the time, a new day is a new start. Yeah, if I eat a huge bowl of yummy plain full-fat Greek yogurt, I am going to suffer some consequences. I've been there, done that, and now think of its feel and flavor as a lovely memory because the experience is not worth the outcome. Maybe I'll put a dollup of it on top of something again, but I highly doubt I'll ever eat a large bowl. It's uncomfortable and it's always been. On the other hand, I drew some hasty conclusions regarding apples and had to change my hypothesis a few times. That's a food that, maybe, I can have once or twice a week ... and then none the following week ...

              I suspect that fruits and vegetables that give me agita could be had once a week, in small portions ... maybe even twice. Dairy (like milk and cheese) need to be held down to rarely. My definition of rarely is: so infrequently that it's hard to quantify it. So, yeah, I have cream in my coffee but that seems more like a fat than a dairy product. I have not noticed any symptoms within 30 minutes of consumption, either.

              I need to go food shopping. Funny, when I had rugrats at home, I was all over that. Gawd forbid we not have a huge variety of things to eat! My sons would always say that there was nothing to eat but that's because I never did keep a bunch of crap in the house. There was, however, always real food. Now, not so much ... it's just that living alone and eating this way knocked food down on my list of important things. It's not that I don't like it, au contraire! It's that what I eat is so delicious and satisfying that it is above digression. So I've seen a trend with me ... I shop and have great stuff but, as the week winds down, I have a teeny selection from which to pull together good meals. I obviously need to tweak this system. I can't buy too much or food will spoil. I suppose, as much as I don't care for shopping, that I might have to start going to the store twice a week.

              Alrighty then ... that said, I need to figure out what to eat today.

              B - (last two) eggs scrambled in butter with shredded cheese from the freezer (it's almost gone!)
              L - soup made boiled down broth, organic carrots (done!), roasted red pepper (done!), brussel sprouts, and meat
              S - 1/4 raw almonds
              D - the last of the lamb that I still have not finished, cauliflower in butter with curry powder


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                Good morning, Ms. Debbie.

                Thank you for the words. I don't have time to feel bad for myself, I've got to study up on my job! lol

                Hope you have a great Friday.
                Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                  Yesterday was strange. Not at work; that was the usual busy Friday. I got home late but that was because of a major traffic tie up on I-84. Apparently, a motorist pulled a gun on a cop ... for the last time. The cop shot him, dead. I can't form an opinion until I hear more of the story. Regardless of the details, the outcome is tragic. So I got home around 9:00.

                  My dinner was not quite what I had planned but it was good: melted some bacon fat in a skillet, put the last piece of TJ's herb-crusted lamb in to heat up and dumped in a 10 oz pkg of thawed cauliflower. The cauliflower browned in the grease and picked up bits of lamb-flavored herb ... it was all quite tasty.

                  Here's what was strange. I was in bed by 11:30 and it took me three hours to fall asleep! And I woke up hungry! I need to pick up my son and drop him off at work, so I don't want a quick meal on my Saturday morning. My coffee with cream must be satisfying my tummy because the cold, hollow feeling and growling have gone away. When I get back, I will have a leisurely breakfast ...

                  ... and I thought the cyclical insomnia was gone for awhile ...


                  Okay. Enough moaning.

                  I am aiming for brunch and supper today, as opposed to breakfast, lunch and dinner, as I have a very busy day planned. We'll see how this turns out.

                  Brunch - cabbage cooked al dente' in sesame oil with raw almonds (think I will run them through the chopper first) and leftover pork loin roast

                  Supper - wild salmon, seasoned with herbs, cooked in EEVO and a bunch of fresh baby spinach wilted in the pan

                  As rumbly as my tummy was, nothing jumps out at me. It's hard to come up with ideas right now. *shoulder shrug* Whatever.


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                    My brunch was not cabbage but inspired by zenamerican, I cut up an avocado, added some leftover shredded pork loin roast, and topped it off with a boiled egg. It was delicious.

                    Only ... I am perplexed. It's only four hours since I've eaten, and I'm hungry again! What the hell? Oh well. I have things to do and if this headache and hungry tummy don't subside, I will eat something. I am not trying to will my body into obedience anymore. I did that for decades and look where it got me. I just want to make sure I'm reading my body's cues correctly. Maybe some water and a nap are all I really need.

                    I went shopping at Chamomile's in Danbury today. My first time there. Walking past all the *green* cleaning products, I immediately got a headache and facial pressure. Green or not, it was still too strong for me. (It subsided a few minutes after I was past that section.) I went on to the body stuff and picked up some Kiss My Face patchouli moisturizing body wash to keep in the shower, and some coconut oil for afterwards. This winter is supposed to be milder than last year's but this is still the northeast, and it still gets cold and dry. I picked up some ground elk and Spanish Olive salsa to create a chili sans beans. There was a lot of substitute stuff like spelt bread and snacky foods. *shoulder shrug* Well, "healthy" and "natural" are open to interpretation, right? Truth of the matter is, for the teeny amount of product that I bought, and the amount of money I parted with to do so, I won't be rushing back next week. I can get a lot more of what I want at Trader Joe's.

                    I need to keep looking around to find someone that sells fresh eggs from their own chickens, the good ol' fashioned way. Maybe I'll even find someone that is looking for people to go in on a side of beef or something. You never know ...

                    stranger things have happened. =)


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                      Alright. I just poured a liberal amount of sesame oil in a pan, threw in a closed fist of raw sunflower seeds, a bunch of shredded cabbage and a lot of fresh cracked black pepper. My stomach is happy. My headache will take time to clear. I am going outside.

                      OH! I forgot to mention! I saw some new definition in my thighs today when I was putting on lotion. Woo hoo!


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                        My younger son stopped by for a quick visit before heading back down to school with his girlfriend. He opened up the conversation, how frustrated he is with his impeded workout (he's healing from ACL reconstruction, and ahead of schedule ... but you know how it is) and that his body does not seem to respond to food the way it used to. I gave him a brief outline (the poster is on my fridge) and sent him the link to MDA in an email. I better finish The Book so I can loan it to him.

                        I am listening to and cooking dinner: a large yellow onion, sliced, in olive oil and butter is tender but not yet completely transluscent all around the outside of the pan and a big piece of wild salmon is browning in the center. I have some baby brussel sprouts in the fridge that are going to be tossed with balsamic vinegar as a salad. This is gonna be delicious!


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                          Last night's dinner was delicious and it's still with me. This is one of my old before-primal ways that I like: waking up without an appetite. I like to ease into my morning, not hit the ground running. I can ... I definitely can ... but I prefer not to.

                          I am going to wait until I am hungry to eat. I like that best. Even when I was trying to follow CW, I thought eating should be a response to a natural urge. But real life in the modern world means we have schedules, so we can get business done. I have an assigned lunch time at work. There's a little wiggle room but, on the whole, it's at 1:30. I don't get off work until 7:30, and that's if we're on time, so waiting until I get home at 8:00 (or later) is not usually an option (if I ate at 9:30 am or earlier). I hope that, as I continue to lose weight and early-stage diabetic symptoms, that it won't be a big deal. When I was slender, before I had kids, IF was a regular part of my life (for the wrong reasons, I admit, but still ...). I think what I like best about eating primal, even more than losing weight, is that I feel so good on so many levels that I lost my obsession with food.

                          I am having my second cup of coffee with half 'n' half (TJ's was out of cream when I went in on Friday night, after work) and am going to make a crockpot of broth with the herb-crusted rack of lamb bones I saved.


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                            I just made some pesto in the blender and mixed up 2 or 3 T into a can of tuna. It's been about 17 hours since my last meal.

                            I went to the track for the first time, in about 2 months. The sky is clear blue and the sun is bright but the temperature is crisp, in the forties. I had been fighting a fatigue that has been slowly lifting since I started eating this way. Slow improvements with some detours along the way, but never a feeling that I should abandon the path.

                            I was about half way into my 9th lap when my left knee started acting up. It bothered me earlier in the week, a day after I went up and down 21 flights of stairs (I only use the elevator if I have a patient) but, only doing my usual 8 flights that day, I was fine the next. SO, even though I had intended to do an hour (which at my decreased speed would have been a bit more than three miles), I stopped. All these years of thinking I would discipline myself through my body's inner wisdom has not done me much good so I am trying very hard to listen and respond appropriately. My glutes and quads were very happy to keep on going, but I obeyed my knee. =)


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                              Holy cow! I just cut the longest ramble here and put it on another forum. I guess my wires got crossed. Ahem. I am here at MDA and the topic is taking ownership of my health ... keeping an open mind ... and possessing a willingness to change. Whew! Glad I got that out of the way!

                              I have been gathering information at Boy! There are so many places that I can relate to that!

                              For all of the Grok family's hunting and gathering of food, I have Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Hannaford's ... but for information, I am just as much a hunter/gatherer.

                              I have many flaws, but a couple of my greatest strengths is that I am open-minded and accept ownership for my own choices. This equates to my being a good listener with strong critical thinking skills (but a willingness to accept that anyone else's opinion is just as valid as mine, regardless of the fact that it is in direct opposition to mine) and a full sense of responsibility for my choices. I may not always like the choices that are offered, but I evaluate them ... make a choice ... and get on with it. I don't whine and bitch and moan because the world doesn't spin the direction I want it.

                              I am becoming a bit of a junkie here. I have spent WAY too much time on the computer, at this site, lately. When I got back from the track this morning, there was a brief power outage. That meant no shower (ugh!) and no computer. I read some more of The PB. Then the power came on, I showered and ... well ... got on the computer.

                              I think my brain needs a rest and my body could straighten the place up.


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                                I had about a half a cup of frozen blueberries with two or three T of half 'n' half. I was slightly hungry and reading "blueberries and cream" somewhere on this site made me want to try it. It was okay ... not bad at all, but not great. This was probably around 3:30.

                                Around 5:30, I ate some cold, leftover pork loin roast. *shoulder shrug* Mmmm ... maybe about six to eight ounces? Based on the amount next to two decks of cards ...

                                I'm satisified; not hungry ... don't have an appetite.

                                Oh! I drank a 1 liter bottle of lime seltzer.


                                B -- eggs scrambled with onion that was sauteed in bacon grease
                                L - chili made with broth (made from leftover herb-crusted rack of lamb bones and fat from pork loin roast), ground elk, and a jar of Frontera's Spanish Olive salsa. Sliced avocado.
                                D - string beans and bacon