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    August 22

    My goal was a new and healthy life style. My original research started with Dr. Jay Wortman. I recommend this site

    This is a profile from the Gov't of Canada.

    I had always told my sons that when it came to the body do what our ancestors did 50,000 years ago. After reading Wortman's site and article in Readers Digest I googled "What did humans eat 50,000 years ago and ended up here. It was time to practice what I had preached.

    I'm looking for controlled weight loss, better cardio and strength. I'll discuss strength in full on Monday when I do my weekly "strength tests".

    This certainly appears to be a very supportive community. I look forward to getting to know you.


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    Aug 23.


    egg and cheese omelette, coffee black no sugar.


    Lettuce salad and salmon salad. Blue berries with a touch of cream for dessert.

    Snack raw almonds about 20-25


    Cooking a BBQ porkchop with ceasar salad. It will be a toss up to see if it is strawberries or blue berries for dessert.


    Spartan 300. Time: 14 minutes 28 seconds.

    50 hip rotations

    50 pushups

    50 crunches

    50 lunges

    50 squats

    50 stride jumps

    Next goal is to get under 14 minutes.

    Hope you all had a great weekend.



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      The big surprise was I lost 4 lbs. and I 'm down to 228.

      Not a big gaining week in my strength test as my left arm didn't seem to have the jam.

      Exercise last week this week

      Lats 220 220

      Hamstrings 110 125

      bent over row 205 245

      triceps 135 175

      bench press 205 205

      dead lift 335 365

      forearm fl. 185 205

      forearm ext.205 225

      shruggs 255 275

      biceps 165 185

      squat 305 315

      B omlette and coffee

      L. lettuce salad and blue berries

      Dinner... undecided.



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        Conclusion of Aug 24.


        pork schnitzel, roasted cawlifower tossed in olive oil and a lettuce salad

        According to fitday. I'm only at 1000 cals today. I can't lose too much more weight before Sept 5 because I'm already measured for the tux I'm wearing at my son's wedding.


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          Hi Vick,

          Since we're sharing our concerns with each other...I'm wondering...are you eating enough? I guess if you're not hungry then you're probably ok...but it doesn't look like you're eating very much.


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            (Mainly my concern is for the tux.)


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              I think so... thanks for asking. I do eat when I hungry and I'm drinking water when I'm thirsty.

              Two weeks ago I had 2 "previous normal days." My wife and I had just started to use fitday. Wow no wonder I'm over weight.

              My cheese omelette always carries my until lunch. Before it was a scramble egg sandwich, now I don't use bread.

              Last week there were a couple days I felt hungry and it shows when I count the carbs. If I keep around 1500 plus I feel great, but the occasional day I don't seem to pack much away and still feel ok.

              Today I was on the run so for lunch, it was carrots, a stock of celery, a venison pepperoni stick and some cheese and apple.

              Dinner was a cabbage salad, baked halibut and strawberries for dessert.

              Just over 1600 calories today.

              WOD. Took my wife to see "Time Travellers Wife". Good flick by the way.

              When the time comes I have no idea how I will pack away 2,500 calories on this low carb lifestyle. That is another 50% volume over what I ate today.



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                I liked the book so I'm hoping I'll like the movie. That's sweet that you took her.

                Venison pepperoni stick...I've never heard of that. It sounds good.

                Keep up the good work.


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                  My one son and I deer hunt in the fall. Some of the venison was made into pepperoni. Still have a bit left in the freezer.


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                    Hi Vick. If you are wanting to eat more calories, try adding more fat, or larger portions of protein?

                    Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
                    Current weight: 199
                    Goal: 145


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                      Thanks. I do want to lose about 50 lbs... (closer to 40 now) by next June. I was looking at that lb. per week as a nice safe easy maintenance type of loss.

                      It gets "embarrassing" when ones pants falls off and drops to their knees.

                      I had bought some bacon to have with my breakfast but I found that I was a litle hungrier with it rather than without for some strange reason. Maybe I should have given it more time.

                      I just checked on fitdays and the protein is around 20%. I'll maybe beef that up a bit.

                      I've never watched a weigh scale or counted my food intake before. However I felt it was important to begin with so I could at least make sure I was getting all the proper nutrients etc. and to monitor results.


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                        B. 2 fried eggs sunny side up, coffee and cheese

                        L. tuna salad, lettuce salad,

                        S. some nuts and cheese

                        Dinner home made salsbury steak (wonder where I got that idea.) ceasar salad, green beans

                        Over 1900 cals today.

                        WOD Spartan 300. 11 minutes 44 seconds.

                        I'm really pleased with that time. Rest of the week will be no arm work out just 1 day I do some sprints and I'll get in two: thee mile walks.

                        This link is a three minute motavation movie I've started to watch once a week. If you haven't seen it, I hope you enjoy it.



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                          B. cheese omlette with some green onion. coffee.

                          Lunch was left over hamburg, ceasar salad, and green beans. That was a filler. No snacks, dinner was pork shiskabob, with a vegetable stir fry.

                          WOD walking with sprints. My one muscle was sore so I took a bit of a walk through a small bush to work it out. I saw the perfect tree. I honestly don't remember the last time I did chin ups. Shades of Le Corre.



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                            It sounds like you're doing very well. Protein is the best.


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                              I'm still working on that. Trying to find the foods to up the protein and cut back on some of the fat.

                              I wonder if a few scotches will help?