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    I also had a really really bad pop habbit ... 2-4 2-liters bottles a day & sometimes more..
    just the sound of pshhhhhhhh from someone opening a bottle or can would drive me insane and get the mouth watering..

    I slowly weened myself down and was only doing one or 2 a week when I started PB then went cold turkey it was bad bad bad..

    I find that if I am craving pop or sugar it is usually because I havent eating enough fat and protien, so eat some fat and mix up a really strong lemon or lime aid with stevia (NuNaturals brand is not bitter like some of the others )
    This really helped me with the cravings and has saved me just that little bit of sweetness.
    I carry a lime aid all day and a water.
    I always take it when I know I will be around someone drinking pop or lots of sugar sweets and goodies.

    To help the headaches Ice tea or coffee w/ stevia or lemon

    or a little chocolete 85 %

    DO NOT limit any fats, eat all the avocado you want right now!! Do not limit anything you are craving that is PB
    it will help w/ the sugar cravings.. it will level out and you will have no more cravings it is amazing.
    After sugar and caff. are out of your system for about 2-4 weeks then balance fat intake, you will know when this is
    you will be able to walk by a pop or candy display and not even think about it...

    I have been off all sugar and pop almost 3 months and have no desires or cravings for it.. GL
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      Thanks for the tips... im in love with Avocado!!!! lol mmmm yummmm.... so tasty...

      I feel slimmer for some reason awelll i dont know why.... i havent lost weight but i feel tighter in my skin if that makes sense.

      Im craving fat at the moment to its kinda weird. Maybe my body is going through some changes. Ill keep you all posted


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        From memory, I think I marinated the drumsticks in some oil, cumin, chili flakes, salt and pepper. Cut up some onions and tomatoes and place on the base of the slow cooker then add the drumsticks. Add half a cup of red wine/chichken stock and let it cook for 5 or so hours. It was that simple.

        I have a feeling it could have been a Primal Cookbook recipe. I've been really digging the recipes on this site,, so hopefully that'll give you more inspiration.


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          hi all,

          Well I have posted pictures of my Breakfast and lunch

          B) 3 Eggs Half Avocado and some bacon strips

          L) Salad with avocado, tomatoe, mixed Greens and turkey again!!!!! a small dressing of Dijon mustard dressing

          D) 3 egg Omlette with mushrooms, half avocado and bacon strips

          Things are going good realyl happy at the moment and cant wait for the results to start kicking off....

          I purchased a new fry pan(skillet) aswell for $100 which is non stick as my old one sucked and i couldnt make omlettes on it because it always stuck and never worked out properly. This new non stick fry(skillet) pan kicks butt. It made a nice omlette and i didnt even have to use the spatual i just wriggled it free with the handle of the pan.

          Very happy and many more omlette variations to come

          I have felt not to bad but dont want to push it to hard yet with all the hard training if i am coming off a high carb diet and dont want to get realyl tired and drained.... slow and steeady and wins the race
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            What brand of skillet did you purchase?


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              Yum, that bacon looks goooood !!!!


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                Hay Mog,

                It was a tefal gourmet Series masterchef pan 26cm..... it reatails for 129.95 and got it for $89.

                Never have i cooked an omlette so easily as i did last night.... I baked the bacon and made it crispy.... mmmm Yummy


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                  Thanks. Its lookin good...I am about to go get some lunch, now I'm thinking bacon...

                  Hows the un-coke-ing going?


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                    I thought I would post todays lunch.

                    300 gram scotch fillets steak with mushroom sauce
                    beans, carrots, colloflower and sweet potatoe.

                    Is sweet potatoe ok for lunch in this small portion? Or are they completely out?
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                      Originally posted by Mog View Post
                      Food porn from day 1. awesome!
                      HAHAHA. I actually laughed out loud haha!


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                        good man i had massive headaches for 2 days and felt drained.... starting toget my mojo back but everywhere i look theres coke Zero around!!!! GRRRR.... ill get there i hope


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                          You will!! It is well worth it.....Hang on it will pass and you will feel so much better!


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                            The weekend went off without a hitch. I did have some fries/chips with some seafood this weekend but i thought it was a well earned effort on my part. i reckon i was 95/5 in eating this week so i cant complain

                            Today's Meals

                            B> 3 egg omlette with shredded chicken(from slow cooker), mushroom + 1/2 Avocado with Cholulo hot sauce
                            L> Naked Burrito with lettuce, guacamole, chicken, hot sauce, and a little sour cream. NO Tortilla!
                            D> Same as breakfast (I am loving these omlettes with hot sauce)
                            Desert> 1/2 Cup of my special coconut milk/apple/cinnamon pudding!!! (See photo) its the BOMB!!!

                            I am very happy with the progress + I feel Fitter and more energized when walking and running intervals to the gym.
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                              Jayson....good to see you here man. I am with you. I turn 30 in Feb and it's time once and for all to cut the fat. Steak and Eggs!!


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                                What's the recipe for your coconut milk, apple, cinnamon pudding? Hubby and I are always looking for new ideas especially ones that don't always involve bacon and eggs. I'm from Perth by the way.