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    Wed. Nov. 10
    B: 2 eggs fried in CO/ghee, kale sauté in CO/ghee, peppercorn goat cheese, coffee + HWC
    S: almonds and avocado
    L: salad with tuna, EVOO
    D: wasn't hungry ??
    S: greek yogurt, macadamia nut butter,coconut oil
    Another dental appointment -- filling and cap placement, so some freezing. I wonder how that will affect me, if at all. Minor freezing. I'm concerned about something I'm feeling when I chew, an exposed nerve or something, I'm hoping it goes away over the next day or so.

    Stayed up too late fiddling on the internet.
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      Thurs. Nov. 11
      B: 2 eggs + whipping cream scrambled in ghee/coconut oil, broccoli, goat cheese, 2 x (coffee + HWC)
      S: almonds and coffee + half-and-half
      L: chicken caesar salad
      D: this week's stew + a bit of cream, baby bok choy + onion sauté (butter), 85% chocolate
      got to bed earlier, before 10, and read til I had to put the book down

      Walked halfway from work to subway mostly uphill. It felt good and I want/need to work in regular "Move slowly."
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        Fri Nov 12
        B: 1 egg + table cream, zucchini-butter sauté, 2 x (coffee + HWC), almonds,
        > one coffee only -- no cream. or
        L: lettuce, radicchio, chicken drumstick, walnuts, balsamic/EVOO dressing
        S: almonds (because they were there, not because I was hungry) :meh:
        D: last of the stew, some table cream,
        Challenge today: only one coffee at work before lunch. The appeal of it for me is getting up to do something, and the cream helps bridge the time from breakfast to lunch. I'll just have more at breakfast going forward.

        After having read about others' experiences and successes with intermittent fasting, I find myself thinking "oh I could just skip that meal and call it an IF." Oy! Let's just focus on the change in what and how much I eat, then get some move slowly and lift heavy things in there. I will not try IF until the spring (at least) I think.
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          Sat. Nov. 13 beautiful day, not so primal
          B: coffee + cream
          morning grazing ... protein drink (still bleck), lara coconut bar (testing for days of travel later this month), 2 other bars (also testing, also bleck)
          afternoon grazing ... almonds and lettuce
          D: BBQ pulled pork, a piece of bread, cucumber + tomato salad, coleslaw, glass of wine, 4 squares dark chocolate
          need to prep a quick, easy and primal breakfast to go for Saturdays. I could do berries and full fat yogurt, or you know just not pay attention to the thoughts, "Well I didn't have breakfast, so I can have ..." and pay attention to hunger's presence or absence <sigh>
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            Sunday Nov. 14
            B: coffee + cream, berries and greek yogurt, almonds, 6 sq. chocolate
            L: leftover pulled pork, cole slaw (dressing drained)
            D: lamb chops, tzatziki, baked sweet potato + onion, salad, 2-3 g red wine, 3 sq chocolate
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              Wow ... nothing posted all week. Manana syndrome really had me in its throes this week I guess.

              Yesterday I ate even though I wasn't hungry. This morning, again I'm not hungry. I'm considering waiting until I actually feel hungry to eat. I'll have my morning coffee with cream, some coconut oil, and keep some leafy greens and berries handy. I never thought I'd hope to feel hungry :?:
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                I'm dealing with some major stressors -- mom with terminal dx, siblings being hostile or distant toward parents, partner's old business failing while building a new one, and two major work projects. I have taken comfort in the usual, ubiquitous SAD suspects over the last 6-7 weeks. Surprise, surprise -- I don't feel comforted. I'm feeling draggy-tired, foggy, stuck and a little paranoid. Ain't wheat and sugar grand?

                So because none of that shite is going anywhere fast and because how I've been living and eating isn't working, I'm going back to primal tomorrow. I think I'll include tubers and roots this week, and at most one serving/day of berries with full-fat yogurt or cream to minimize the speed bumps of grain and sugar withdrawal.
                Breakfast: 2-3 eggs scrambled in ghee-coconut oil; sweet potato, peppers and chard sautéed in same,
                Lunch: lovely med-rare roast beef in a BAS
                Dinner: salmon maybe? veg tbd.

                Also, working on building more "moving slowly" into my life; the commute to and from work (12 km one-way) provides several good opportunities.

                I've ordered some amino acids and supplements per Joan Mathews Larson's Depression Free Naturally. I'm hoping a return to primal and "goosing" the neurochemicals will restore my clarity and energy.

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                  Sorry to hear about what is happening in your life. I went through a bad few months and similarly turned to my old comfort foods, which didn't comfort. Good for you for going back to primal! How has added roots and tubers impacted you? I greatly increased my starchy carbs about 10 days ago and am feeling much better.
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                    I took the amino acids for 2 weeks. They seemed to have raised my mood and have caused some nausea 1-2 hours after consumption. I skipped breakfast and stopped all morning supplements for 2 days and had no nausea, despite the rest of those days having been laden with the three horsemen of the CW apocalypse -- wheat flour, seed oils and sugar.

                    Back in the saddle with dinner tonight and I'm all set for Sunday.

                    Wrapping up Sunday:
                    Kicked the grains again today.
                    Must have been a good day food wise ... It's 9:50 pm and I *want* to go to bed.

                    Got a plan for tomorrow.
                    B:eggs & chard
                    L: out (probably some resto-version of a BAS)
                    D: steak or burger, or maybe some salmon, probably raw crunchy veg.
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