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Rewriting My History (Indiana Joan)

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  • Rewriting My History (Indiana Joan)

    Today was Day 2 since starting the PB. I really don't know exactly what I'm doing (haven't bought Mark's book yet... ) but I figured it can't be rocket science. I fully intend to buy the book. It's just that I have bought soooooo many books only to discover there's something not quite right with the concept (i.e. The China Study) so I'm trying to learn a little about this before I commit another $26.

    Since I already gave up the gluten grains (wheat, rye, barley) and all dairy 7 months ago, I have a pretty good start with the PB. However, there was still something not right with my digestion and elimination. I was still constantly bloated and gassy and still had awful constipation. I always figured it was because of eating too many sweets and/or rice and alternative grains but I just did not like the thought of giving up sugar and starches too even though I understand and believe 100% what Nancy Appleton preaches. But I finally got to the point that I had no choice. It's either give up the sugar and grains or suffer. I chose not to suffer. What I didn't expect was to feel SO GOOD after just ONE DAY.

    AMAZING, simply AMAZING. After just ONE day I can't believe how incredible I feel already. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! My stomach feels so FLAT. There's NO inflammation going on in there! There's no gurgling and I'm not gassy at all! I also had the first "normal" BM in a long, long time! Amazing!!!


    B: 2 eggs fried in EVOO
    Laura's Rib Eye Steak fried in bacon grease

    L: IF (was not even hungry!) WTF!?!?!

    D: 2 chicken thighs cooked in plenty of juicy broth
    steamed cauliflower w/Earth Balance 'butter' (palm oil)

    Snack: So Delicious coconut almond non-dairy frozen dessert

    WOB: Lift 5 lb. weights for 15 min.

    I decided my PB name is Ayla, after the little homo sapien chic in a clan of Neanderthals in the "Clan of the Cave Bear" book series.

    I might also add that I've been reading "The Law and the Promise" by Neville Goddard (1905-1972). The book is ions ahead of its time and is much like The Secret. This has helped because the mental work is actually more important than the physical work and I believe Neville is helping me get my head on straight to make this life change happen. I am definitely rewriting my history here, for all to see.

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    Welcome to Primal. It sounds like you are on the path to a better you. do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

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      Welcome, I also recently started "going primal". Since I started almost 3 weeks ago my chronic stomachaches have stopped and not returned. Good luck.


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        I just want to say that your name - Indiana Joan - is AWESOME!
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          Why are fats so complicated? Saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, Omega-3's, 6's, 9's, what to store in the fridge, what not to heat?

          I don't know where I got this list but I keep losing it so I'm posting it here as my reference. I hope this helps someone else along the way too.

          Contains anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.
          Rich source of Vitamins A, D, E & K
          Enhances immune function and nourishes the heart.
          Ghee is clarified butter.
          The milk solids & water have been removed.
          Because of this, ghee can be heated to a higher temp than butter, up to 375 F.

          Lard is rendered from pigs.
          Excellent source of Vitamin D.
          Very stable fat.
          Lard is the preferred fat for frying.

          Tallow is rendered from cows, sheep & bison.
          Good source of antimicrobial palmitoleic acid.
          Great for frying. Very stable fat.

          High in lauric acid, which is antimicrobial and antifungal.
          Can use in high heat cooking, up to 375 F.

          OLIVE OIL
          Expeller pressed, unrefined contains Vitamin E & other antioxidants.
          Contains: 10% Omega-6, 2% Omega-3
          Moderate heat, up to 325 F.

          SESAME OIL
          High in magnesium & antioxidants.
          41% Omega-6
          Can use in medium to high heat.

          PEANUT OIL
          34% Omega-6
          Medium to high heat.

          These oils are rich in Omega-3’s.
          Flax: 58%
          Hemp: 25%
          Never heat these oils.
          Store in a cool place.

          CANOLA OIL
          10% Omega-3
          Canola does not have a notable amount of health benefits.
          Do not heat above 120 F.

          Lack fat soluble vitamins found in lard and tallow.
          Most are rancid even before cooking (due to processing methods).
          Almost always made with GMO crops.
          Most processed foods & restaurants use these oils since they're cheap.
          Use these oils sparingly.
          If you can find cold-pressed versions of these oils, do not heat above 212 F.
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            I've done a lot of thinking lately about oils. Why extract something from the whole and eat just a part of the whole? It's not good to drink just the juice of fruits or vegetables, so why is it okay to eat just the oils of something? Some things just don't make sense to me and the more I research, the more questions I come up with.

            When I think back of my great-grandmother, she didn't go to the store and buy a bottle of olive oil which is supposed to be so wonderful and healthy. In fact, I don't even remember hearing of olive oil until maybe 30 years ago.

            So for now, I'm resigning myself to NO OILS. I will cook with animal fats (lard, tallow) since great-grandma definitely would have used them but that's my limit. It will be an experiment to see what a difference it makes. The only thing I need to come up with is something to pour on my salad... an oil-less dressing.


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              Hey there Indy!! (sorry, couldn't resist!) I am liking your approach on using lard, tallow..... keep us posted on how it does for you!

              As far as a dressing.... what about warm bacon grease, dill, garlic, pepper and touch of sea salt?

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                No oil? Hmmm, tricky for salad, yes. I've had salad before with a very light red wine vinegar / garlic powder / salt / pepper dressing before. Normally I add olive oil as well but I don't always have some at work, so I make do with the vinegar. It was OK.
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                  Interesting to note, I found reference to the fat content of human milk... 46% SFA, 46% MUFA, 8% PUFA. I'm not sure at what stage this refers to because I also found that the longer a woman breastfeeds, the higher the fat content. What was interesting was the ratio of the fats. I'm sure this also depends on the diet of the mother but these numbers are probably averages. But the question remains in my mind: why all the fuss about getting ample PUFAs in our diet, especially in the form of fish oils, when PUFAs found in nature are the most insignificant amount?


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                    Ya know.... that sounds like a Primal chant in the making.... MUFA PUFA, MUFA PUFA, SSSSSFFFFAAAAA!!!! LOLOL

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                      Interesting about the oils! Since I'm relatively new at this, I'm trying to keep things as simple as I can, so I don't overwhelm myself with conflicting information, which I've done before and gave up my heathly eating attempts for easy convenient choices as a result more times than I can count. I'll continue to use oils, mostly ghee, olive oil and coconut oils and flax, until I find good enough reason to not to.
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