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    Day 1 of consuming only foods I can deem Primal. It was grocery day and what a blast! I am shooting for sustainability so my grocery list for the week includes:

    One coconut (probably getting a few next week. Amazingly filling!)
    Four avocados
    2 cups of raw almond (currently soaking for homemade almond milk)
    3 packs of genuinely nitrite free, organic hotdogs. (Looking to improve meat choices soon, budget is limited at the moment. These include organ meat so I think I'm on the level aside from the diet of the animals)
    Free range, flax fed chicken eggs from Trader Joe's. Hoping to eat some raw, I've looked into it and it's really not that risky or terrible even if I do eat salmonella.
    2 cans of tuna
    2 cans of lemon pepper herring (the least harmfully preserved of the flavored fish there)
    1 can oysters
    4 zucchini
    3 red peppers
    Have lots of green apples
    1 head of kale
    1 head of collard greens
    Might steal a carrot from the wife if I get desperate for some sugars
    4 cans of peas (will rinse)
    2 cans green beans
    1 artichoke
    2 big melons "Tuscan style cantaloupe"
    1 jar of hot salsa (how am I going to use that?! Spicy smoothie?!)

    And I think that's it. If I can make it through the week on that without snapping and making a pot of pasta, I'm probably amazing in ways I hadn't yet fathomed.

    Ate the whole coconut tonight. Drank the oil and then ate most of the meat. Part of it was rotten so now I know to squeeze them better to check for rot. Still very new to coconuts. And I couldn't finish the last two pieces, they will be part of breakfast.

    What's breakfast? Meat or veggies? Still have no clue of dietary routine. Planning on spreading out most of the multiple items to one or two a day. I prefer to eat food types alone, so I'm probably not going to be combining items in a sitting. I doubt Grok would have grabbed some zucchini and left it sitting around while he went and speared a fish to eat.

    This seem pretty balanced? Looking to include squid chunks next week.

    Exercise consisted of several sets of push-ups, about two minutes total of sustained leg raises laying flat on floor, feet about 6" off the ground, many random sets of chin-ups in our old-school door frames ad-lib not to burnout but to weakness. Tomorrow I'll hit the hills with walk-sprint-walk goodness. Tried it out a bit yesterday and it felt sooo great to just pound the ground like that.
    Crohn's, doing SCD

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    Yesterday (day 2) was shot to hell by pizza. My brother in-law decided to throw a voting party. He did make clean choices but it was still a carb-load, so I really can't expect to have made any progress at this point. I did eat well other than that though. Raw zucchini, half a melon and such. Had an avocado and some hot dogs for dinner, along with a can of oysters.

    Couldn't get away from it all to walk or run so I just did more chin-ups int the doorways and some push-ups. Felt good, though.

    Alright, day 3.

    Breakfast was a glass of home made almond milk (thanks for the recipe!) and the other half of the melon. Also, a boiled egg.
    At college I found a decorative apple tree that was booming with teeny bitter apples. I probably ate about 20 of them, they're the size of standard marbles.
    Got home and used some almond milk in my vita-mix to pulverize a few cups of kale and collards. Made about 15 ounces worth (only about 4 ounces was milk) and I drank it down fast. Chased it with a can of herring. Ate a Trader Joe's chewable multivitamin (the standard once-a-day type) for good measure.

    Feeling a little cloudy but not nearly hungry as I usually am. It's got to be the melon carbs and fats/oils keeping me full longer.

    Going to my exercise hill now. I sprinted recently and have been working out so I'll probably just let it be about a half hour of medium cardio.

    Dinner? Don't know yet. Will probably update tomorrow. Expecting a rinsed can of peas to be in the picture.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      Did 33 minutes of creepy cardio in the dead trees of autumn.

      Did four sets of push-ups 13 - 12 - 9 - 5

      Did many random sets of doorway pull-ups. At least totaling twenty.

      Carried two full 5 gallon water jugs around the house until I was rolling sweat, did a few outside curls, then lifted them above my head and did one set of six lifts/pushes into the air. Also put them butt-to-butt and did symmetrical curls, maybe four of those.

      Feeling great now.

      Dinner was half an avocado and 5 hotdogs. Also a small portion of mixed wild whole grains to avoid withdrawal for now. Getting off grains soon, just want to give my system a few days to adjust.
      Crohn's, doing SCD


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        Still on track. Not feeling it is necessary to maintain this journal on a daily basis but will be frequenting the site.
        Crohn's, doing SCD


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          I feel strange updating daily, is a good place for jotting stuff down to remember though.

          Hehe creepy cardio.


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            Okay. Still largely on track. Wife scored some cake, ate a bit of it. Not beating myself up or eating anymore cake for awhile.

            Exercise is mostly muscle-building now that the sky goes black at for o'clock.

            Meat is so fricking expensive. Even going with the ghetto options is not feasible in the long run. We only have 80 dollars a week to eat on and my portion is already bigger than hers. *kicks a rock*

            Not giving up though. Currently enjoying acorn squash, coconuts, melons that are often moldy and go in the trash, free range grass fed hot dogs, squid, chicken, etc. Oh, still lots of zucchini and red peppers, apples and sharp cheese. No money for drinks so it's water most of the time except kombucha on grocery day. I miss bananas. Still have oatmeal for breakfast. No way around it. The funds just aren't there and oats go the farthest for the dollar.

            If I were rich I could be so healthy...
            Crohn's, doing SCD


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              It has been made clear that optimal nutrition is not available to the poor. I cannot afford to eat what grok ate and what's out there in the ground is too polluted. I cannot make this happen without being wealthy and that will never happen. Good luck to all of you who have the luxury of being able to buy this type of food on a regular basis.
              Crohn's, doing SCD


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                As I reported in my other thread, the closer I get to at least cutting carbs and eating real food, the better I'm doing. Down to about 180 and holding so far. I don't know how to get below this. But I really feel great and look better, too. Thanks Primal.
                Crohn's, doing SCD


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                  Still Primal-ish!

                  Avocados, pecans, red peppers, green apples and zucchini line my tract, along with turkey, tuna and coconut milk! Still loving hummus, and getting by with sharp cheese. Not eating much sugar at all, maybe 15g per day thanks to canned green beans (I rinse them!) and natural sugar in things like canteloupe and mango which I eat sparingly. I count the carbs and estimate the veggies, but still have some homework to do. Pretty sure I'm under 100g carbs most days. No bread. Been months of tightening up my grip and learning to say NO to treats, using lettuce to eat mother-in-law's burgers and accepting that it's okay to be hungry sometimes. Avoiding contaminants like phosphates and nitrites, etc. Drinking well water. I look in the mirror and I look younger than I did at 25, and I'm 29 now. Stick with it.
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                    Huge glass of water
                    A belly full of coconut milk

                    Two lunches at work=
                    Green apple
                    Can of Tuna
                    Many pecans
                    Red pepper
                    One whole canteloupe melon
                    Avocado and red pepper w/ dark lettuce mix salad
                    Pile of salmon
                    Coconut milk

                    Hmm. I'm going to miss some nutrients this way, huh?
                    Crohn's, doing SCD


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                      Woke up this morning and I weighed 173 pounds at morning dehydrated weight. And I can see my abs now. Primal for the win!
                      Crohn's, doing SCD


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                        Went about four weeks hardcore, finally snapped and ate some swedish fish. I think I need to incorporate some potatoes into my diet to curb the carb cravings. I thought I was getting enough carbohydrate from my zucchini, apples, avocado and other foods but apparently I'm not. I definitely feel amazing overall and weigh less than I have since before high school. Also, I had no idea how sore a real sprint would leave me. Four days of ache!
                        Crohn's, doing SCD


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                          Still winning. About a pound a week seems to be the going rate. I don't eat breakfast at all now. Once or twice I had a spoonful of coconut oil in the morning but the effect was pronounced. Probably too much energy. Perhaps I'll replace coffee with coconut oil! Anyway, lunch today was a romaine heart, two avocadoes, some pecans and almonds and...something else, I forget. Dinners have been getting interesting. I've been frying my greens the last few days in 1/2 coconut and 1/2 olive oil. I add about a pound of meat, then a bunch of kale and whatever else I see laying around, be it avocados or frozen fruit. It's always good. I had leg cramps, but they went away when I started adding salt to my dinner. Taking 5,000iu Vit D and a magnesium, calcium and zinc supplement along with my usual weak Trader Joe's 1-a-day. Definitely feeling better on the supplements than without, but it's not too big of a difference since I was already feeling so good already! I've been climbing trees, doing random body-weight-on-arms exercise (sort of sitting pushups in chairs, on the elevator rails, anywhere that looks good) and totally have added muscle while dropping fat. My 34" waist pants aren't fitting anymore and I think I need to get some 32" pants soon. Still debating whether red peppers cause me any harm. Fell off the wagon once or twice with a piece of pizza or a free cupcake at work, but felt sick for the day and got zits thereafter. I am less and and less tempted to eat grains as time rolls on. Need to get back to the organic grass-fed beef place for some more meats. Loving life and feeling better than ever. Sometimes I forget how nasty I was used to feeling.
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                            Lately I feel less hunger overall. I really don't feel like eating at lunch, so I've been nibbling a little and finishing the rest at my second lunch. Still climbing trees, getting stronger and have lately been getting some sun. Waist is stable, but I see more muscle all the time.
                            Crohn's, doing SCD


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                              So cool to hear about your sucesses! I identify with having a hard time with the expense of eating primal. I do okay, luckily my husband has a well-paying job even if it may not be stable (/sigh), but it's still been tough to see how much grocery bill went up when I started buying way more antibiotic free meats and way less cheap pasta products.

                              I get leg cramps, too, if I'm not careful to use salt, and iodized seems to help even more. I've been making a point to drink well water at least every other day also, down here in Olympia the artesian well is only about two blocks from my house. I can actually taste the magnesium in it, so I've been putting off dropping a bunch of money on supplements. My Safeway Children's Gummi Vitamins jar is still mostly full and even though I now bemoan how much sugar is in them and wish they had some other stuff....I'm too cheap to throw them out. =/
                              “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” -- Joseph Campbell