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    It's time right now. I've made a decision. I'm going for it!

    Well, actually, I made the decision two days ago, but am finally posting today.

    I'm starting a 30 day PB challenge. I hope it can carry on much longer, though.

    I actually discovered MDA back in January or February (can't remember exactly now), based on a link on Leo's Zen Habits site. Once I started reading the PB 101 info, I was hooked. After getting as much info as I could from the site, I started gradually changing my diet to primal.

    I was, at the time, feeling overweight. I guess, technically, I wasn't overweight (I was 187 lbs at 6'2" tall), but the term "skinny fat" described me pretty well. While I had been pretty fit at one time (in 2000, at 36, I had gotten down to 8% body fat and ran a 1/2 marathon), over the past 10 years, I had gone up in weight and gotten out of shape.

    People always think Iím fit just because Iím thin, but when I looked in the mirror or ran around the back yard with my kids, I could tell I wasnít (at least not as fit as I wanted to be). I was wearing size 36 pants, and they were tight. I had always worn size 34 and was even down to a 32 at my fittest. I wanted to get back there.

    So, when I started my initial primal journey, my goal was to change my body composition, not necessarily lose weight. I wanted to get lean and, honestly, I was hoping to carve out some nice abs (vain, I know, but true nonetheless).

    And it worked (mostly). As I gradually gave up sugar, grains, legumes, and watched my carb intake, I was able to lose about 8% body fat (went from over 21% to just over 13%) and lost 26 pounds. That was in July.

    I was also doing a workout program called Convict Conditioning that focused exclusively on bodyweight exercises.

    I got stronger and leaner, but never really saw the results (in the mirror) I wanted. I never really felt the surge of energy that so many people report either. I felt okay and lost weight, but still was tired a lot of the time. Maybe itís the dairy I never cut out. Iím not sure.

    Then I started to slip. I started making excuses for having a couple of cookies or some pie. Then came breakfast cereal a few times a week. Then, bread and pasta. And exercise seemed to go out the window.

    I think a lot of this had to do with a combination of the kids starting back to school, with their crazy-busy schedules, and the stress of my marriage falling apart.

    Leading up to the separation from my wife, I couldnít focus, didnít exercise at all, and started ďeating my stress.Ē Itís the way I deal with stress. Some people lose weight. Not me. I eat. My will power went to hell and I started gaining weight. And I started getting sick.

    I hadnít been sick at all since I started PB, and now I was sick as a dog with a sore throat and a cough that lingered for weeks (still have it). Then came the acid reflux. Iíd never experience much acid indigestion, but it started suddenly one night, and Iíve been taking medicine to deal with it for over a week.

    That was a wake up call for me. My body hasnít dealt well with the stress and I canít help but feel my diet and exercise habits have played a role.

    So I made a decision on Sunday, 10/31, that I was going to go completely primal for the next 30 days and see if I could get back the health I had lost.

    For the next 30 days, Iím giving up grains, legumes, and dairy. Dairy is new for me, so that will be a challenge, since cheese had become a big part of my diet. But Iím hoping I see some additional benefits from going without.

    One thing Iím not going to do is track my food on FitDay. I think that was valuable to me when I was starting since I was focused on losing weight. But I got way to obsessed with it, and Iím not sure itís going to help much when weight loss isnít my focus.

    I know this is going to be a challenge. Iím going to have to find another way to deal with stress that doesnít involve food, but I think being accountable to this group will help me stay on the straight an narrow.

    Wish me luck!

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    Day 1:

    So yesterday was the first day of my primal challenge.

    Got up at 4:30 and did 45 minutes of walking on the treadmill.

    B: 3 Omega-3 eggs
    S: Almond butter and a small salad
    L: Bigger salad with some rotisserie chicken, some dark chocolate
    S: Almond butter and an apple
    D: Tuna salad

    I also messed up a little on my first day. I broke down and had a couple of beers while out with some friends.

    Oh, well. Today's another day.


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      Welcome! You're doing great. Good luck with your challenge, keep us posted on how it goes!
      ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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        Well, wouldn't you know it. The second day of my primal challenge and someone brings in cookies from Paradise Bakery. Man, do they look good. And I so love baked goods like cookies and pie. But I'm doing good passing them by so far.

        Will power, don't fail me now.


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          Day 2:

          30 minutes walking on the treadmill

          B: Smoothie with spinach, coconut milk, and frozen berries (not my best ever - I was out of protein powder so the flavor was lacking)
          S: Almond butter (I'm addicted to the stuff)
          L: Salad with romaine and tuna salad on top
          S: A couple squares of dark chocolate
          D: 2 turkey burgers and some mustard greens. Frozen berries for dessert


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            Had a hard time falling asleep and my son threw up twice during the night (too much Halloween candy, it seems) so I didn't get much sleep.

            While I was up in the middle of the night I did fix myself some breakfast (3 eggs and some sausage). Normally, when I'm really tired I reach for carbs - usually a bowl of cereal, so at least I avoided that.

            However, this morning I'm still tired, I'm longing for a bowl of cereal, and I don't have many good primal alternatives. I'm going to have to get to the store today. Need some primal snacks I can reach for when stress levels are high.


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              Day 3:

              I was feeling pretty lousy all day. Stayed home from work since both me and my son were sick.

              Early B (at 2:30 am) - 3 eggs and some sausage
              B: 3 more eggs
              No real lunch. Just snacked a bit during the day (almond butter, dark chocolate, grapes)
              D: Homemade chicken soup (a good use for leftover rotisserie chicken)


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                Day 4:

                Still feeling pretty lousy in the morning. Felt a little better later in the morning, so I had 3 eggs for a late breakfast. Didn't have a real lunch, though. Pretty much just snacked on almonds, almond butter, prunes, etc. For dinner, a bowl of chicken soup and some dark chocolate.

                Went to the doctor that night as the symptoms were making me a bit nervous, but it was nothing serious. They put me on antibiotics.

                In the past I would have eaten yogurt to improve gut flora while on antibiotics, but having given up dairy, is there a good alternative food or do I just need to go the supplement route?


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                  Day 5:

                  Felt quite a bit better this morning. I actually was able to make it into work today. Unfortunately, that didn't last since my daughter got sick at school, so I worked from home again, after all.

                  B: Smoothie with berries, banana, coconut milk, spinach (I've got to get some more protein powder. The smoothies definitely need the added flavor)
                  L: Nice big salad with a mix of lettuces, a homemade balsamic vinaigrette, some celery, tomatoes, tuna salad.
                  S: Almond butter and celery, some prunes, and a couple grapes
                  D: A baked pork chop and some dark chocolate

                  Tomorrow, I'm hoping to start my workout routine again.


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                    Day 6:

                    I did something really dumb today.

                    I had to get up early (5 am) for a meeting (on a Saturday). I gave up coffee at the end of 2009, and had drank probably drank 5 or 6 cups all of 2010. While at the meeting, though, I decided I'd have a small cup. Then, for some reason, though, I went back for another....and another. When I left the meeting I was so buzzed on caffeine I could barely think. I can't remember the last time caffeine had affected me like that. I had been a coffee drinker for so many years, I had built up quite a tolerance, so it was quite interesting to see the effect it could have on your body. It's hard to believe I used to drink coffee all day long. It really messed up my morning and bothered me well into the afternoon. I'm now really glad I made the decision to give it up, and this strengthened my commitment.

                    B: 2 eggs - scrambled
                    S: Banana
                    L: Finished the big a** salad from yesterday with some more tuna salad
                    S: Almond butter and celery, prunes, almonds
                    D: Beef roast and carrots
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                      Day 7 (11/7/10):

                      I'm on-call at work this week, so I had to get up at 12:30 am to help with some maintenance on our servers. I was up until about 4:30 am (about 4 hours after the time change). My stomach kept growling so I snacked on prunes and almonds when I'd get hungry. In the past, I would have reached for a box of cereal to feed my carb cravings. The benefit of the change manifested itself the rest of the day when I felt fine all day, even having only gotten 3 hours of sleep.

                      Still trying to get over this cold that's hanging on. Can't seem to get rid of a nasty cough, so I haven't restarted my workouts yet.

                      B: 3 egg omelet with some mustard greens and mock crab
                      L: some left over beef roast
                      S: Almonds, prunes
                      D: More beef roast & carrots


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                        Day 8 (11/8/10):

                        B: 3 scrambled eggs w/spinach & sausage
                        S: Almond butter
                        L: 2 Jimmy John's tuna unwiches (lettuce wraps)
                        S: Apple & almond butter
                        D: Left over roast beef, carrots, and some acorn squash


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                          Sounds like you're doing good and staying on course. Now that you're feeling better it will be easier. Just got over something myself. The joy of having school age kids. You've done it before so you already know all the bennefits that come. Keep it up.
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                            Day 9:

                            Boy, does it seem like I ate a lot today. It felt like I was grazing on something all day. Probably way too much fruit for one day, but it tasted good, and at least I stayed away from processed food.

                            B: 2 1/2 hard boiled eggs (almost had to choke them down - just didn't taste good in the morning)
                            S: Almond butter
                            L: Tuna salad (can of tuna & some mayo)
                            S: 2 bananas & some almond butter
                            S: Apple & some roast beef
                            D (late): 4 egg scramble with bacon, spinach, and green peppers (I could only eat a little over 1/2 of this. Think I may need a break from eggs for a while). Some dried plums for dessert.

                            My cold is almost gone. Just have the cough that is still hanging on. Otherwise, felt very good again today.


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                              Day 10:

                              Finally feeling a lot better. The cold is almost gone. Even managed to get a light LHT workout in this morning.

                              Ate a lot of bananas today for some reason. Mainly just because they were handy when I was hungry.

                              B: Banana
                              S: Banana & almond butter
                              L: Roast beef & cooked carrots
                              S: Banana & almond butter
                              D: Chicken breast and a load of steamed broccoli (mm mm good)
                              S: Dark chocolate & some chamomile tea