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    OK, so I need to set a goal for myself. I have to have something to strive for. My ultimate goal is to just be as healthy and I can. But I need something more tangible. I need a realistic goal that I can watch myself get closer and closer to and ultimately obtain. Well, I have it. Just last month there was a huge bike race through Ohio called Pelatonia. Lance Armstrong rode in it and everything. Itís a race to raise money for The James Cancer Research Center. My goal is to ride in the 2010 Pelatonia. That will definitely require a lifestyle change. My goal is to lose 1 pound per week for 52 weeks. I am currently 5í8Ē and 220lbs. That will put me at 168lbs, which is healthier for my frame. Hereís my driving force, since my will power is weak, I will rely on friends like you here and family. This ride will cost me $1,000 for a 100-mile ride. I donít have that. But you can make a donation to Pelatonia on my behalf in any denomination you wish. That will off set and hopefully exceed the $1,000. When I see that I have support of friends and family, thereís no way I can fail. Once the registration opens up for next years race, I will sign up. Then thereís no turning back. Iíll keep you all posted on my progress.