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    if you're reading this (and it's unlikely that anyone is), just know that my preferred shift key is broken. i'm also not very consistent when it comes to journalling.

    my current stats:
    133ish lbs (scale says anywhere from 131 to 134)
    bust: 38"'
    waist: 31"
    hip: 41"
    thigh: 24"
    upper arm circ: 10.5"
    u.s. size 11 jeans

    i decided to try a primal diet for a few reasons. first, it is intuitive for me. i was raised to believe that anything god made must be superior to something manmade. so milk and bread were always whole, red meat was common and fatty, and margarine was considered strange and unacceptable. before going primal i ate a higher-fat organic diet, with an emphasis on whole foods. i've long considered grains to be a filler rather than a healthy addition, so cutting them out hasn't been too difficult for me (though my kids and husband probably feel differently). the second reason is that i just like to experiment with different diets for the fun of it. cutting out grains and finding new ways to make food is a welcome challenge. the third reason is that both of my older kids had awful cavities as toddlers. both had to go under general anesthesia for dental surgery around 2 years of age to fix extensive cavities. if cutting out grains *might* prevent my baby from going through what my older kids had to endure, then it's worth the try. i'm also working on improving my vitamin D levels, and dosing my kids with vitamin D as well.

    I have no real health issues, other than occasional fatigue (but what mother of 3 young kids doesn't feel tired once in a while?) and a lower tolerance for lactose. I'd like to get down to a 6/7, roughly 115-120lbs again, which is where i was before my first pregnancy. I know it's possible to lose weight while nursing, but i'm not really going to try at this point. my short term goal is to be able to do 5 proper consecutive pushups by the new year. right now, i'm doing push-ups from the counter and futon.
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    I'm reading it and it's only a minute old! So, HA! All typing challenges forgiven, of course.

    Thanks for summarizing your primal start. Always interesting to hear how people get here. I mean not just "how did you find the site?" but from their earlier lives/habits to here.

    Kids and husband eh -- have you encountered any major challenges on that front yet? I remember you posting about the cavities in another thread... I sure hope this helps. Wow. Amazing.

    Some gals have less luck losing weight while nursing than others. I know I didn't lose any last time. Probably it was a combo of my diet and activity level, and low milk levels. Either way, if you do happen to lose weight along the way to feeling more healthy, that'll be convenient.

    Push-ups -- great goal! Good strategy too.
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      so you are! I've lost some weight after each babe. i was 165 lbs while pregnant this last time, so the weight loss has been in the 30lb range in the last 6 months. he was 8ish lbs at birth.

      no major challenges. i try not to let food be an issue in our house. i certainly don't tell dh what to eat, but i don't buy many grains anymore. once in a while, we'll have white rice with dinner, or i'll make some popcorn on the stove. i bought a loaf of gluten free bread last night, and the kids have eaten the whole loaf already. but they knew it was a treat, and not to expect it again. we may come to a point where i'll sit down with the family and have a discussion about the health impact of grains. but we haven't talked about it further than " bread isn't in the budget." but i do let them cheat a little at birthday parties, or the rare times that we go out for pizza (once per month or less).

      my first was due dec. 22, i think it's nice to be pregnant in the winter! do you know the sex of your baby?
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        I'm reading too, sorry if that disappoints you. I think it's so nice when parents go primal, especially when they have young kids. Most of us didn't grow up completely primal, so it's lovely that our kids will get what we didn't have growing up.

        It doesn't sounds like you have much weight to lose. I'm sure if you are consistent with your meals and exercise the weight will fall off eventually. I'm still nursing my 19 month old, but only twice, or three times a day now as my supply is really low. I think I can probably get really close to my goal whilst I'm still nursing, but I'm planning to wean him off when he's two anyway.


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          This is girl #2. my husband is onboard with the primal way of life, so getting my toddler's diet transitioned has been not-bad so far. I don't mind her having some non primal snacks or meals at school or the grandparentals... 20%.

          So now basically I'm the primal laggard in our family! When I get my appetite back and can exercise again, I'm convinced everything will be different health-wise.

          And yeah, considering hot flashes, winter pregnancy was the way to go both times. thanks for the well wishes!
          "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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            Ms. fai, the only thing i'm consistent about is my lack of consistency. but, i'm not sweating it at this point. i'll worry about it later when the babe's a little older. good for you for nursing until 2. that's a much better start than the vast majority of us have had!
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              Well, as long as your inconsistency is getting less consistent, that's progress.


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                i have a renewed feeling of "i don't want to be doughy anymore" feeling. must remember to eat more protein.
                from convict conditioning:
                60 consecutive counter-ups (pushups off the counter)
                36 shoulder stand squats
                38 short bridges
                23 lying knee-tucks
                4 knee pushups

                woah. i tried to do a wall-supported head stand and i nearly killed myself. i'm going to work on the dolphin pose before attempting to do that again!

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                  my waist is 29" today. kids were playing with my tape measure a few days ago. i wonder if they stretched it, or if i actually did lose 2".
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                    You could check with a piece of paper. 11+11+8.5=30.5... so if the end result looks to be about that he same as the 31.5 mark on the tape, then yes, you're shrinking!
                    "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                      i just measured the tape measure against a wooden ruler, and yes i actually did lose 2 inches!
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                          See, can't blame the kids after all. ;D

                          How does one pronounce your user name here?
                          "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                            seer-sha. i seem to remember it's gaelic for "liberty". dh says that it was a common name used in the IRA. oops, oh well.

                            woah what a difference protein makes! apparently, i haven't been getting enough. now that i am getting enough i can actually "workout" a little without feeling tired. i had been so focused on eating enough fat, that i neglected to watch my protein intakes.
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                              Swinging by to say hello. The only thing I was going to comment on was how to pronounce your screen name, but I see someone already beat me to the punch. I like that bottlenose dolphin stretch. It would be a good one for me because it doesn't put my back in flexion.
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